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    My 1st New Mexico Muley

    I finally got lucky and drew my first New Mexico mule deer tag. I made a trip up to scout the area in July with the family. Besides learning the area I wasn't able to really zone in on any area to hunt so I made plans to try and come down a little early to get in some more scouting before the...
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    Windage issue at 200 yrds

    I zeroed my T/c inline in at 100yrds. Shooting under 1/2in groups. Went to shoot 200yrds and is shooting a constant group over a foot to the right. Anyone ever have this issue. Going to check scope alinement but, even if off a little a foot off seems alot.
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    Camp fire restrictions

    Does anyone know if they are going to keep the camp fire restrictions through season regardless of the rain? We 100% depend on a fire to cook on our pack in hunt.
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    A few Bucks to Hunt

    A few LF Old Mexico Bucks. We Have Battled One of the worse droughts we Have ever Seen this year. Regardless of the drought a few Deer Seemed to Grow some Pretty good horns this yr.
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    2 Roockies Doubled Up

    We Couldn't Have had a Better Hunt. Got on Bulls Every Day and got to Hunt Almost the Whole First Season. Both Got our first Bulls Ever and Call Both of them in Personally to Add to The Experience. My Buddy Called his in Day 3 and Shot him at 40yrds. When we Went to Retrieve His Bull Their...
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    2 way radios

    Anyone have any suggestions on good radios that have good range in the mountain's and will operate on regular batteries. Thanksfor any feedback
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    Magnus Stinger Broadhead

    I Have shot them in The Past on Hogs. Very very Accurate But, Did not like the Blood trails. When I Shot them I only Shot the 2 blade Head. I Am Planning on Using them for Elk and was Wondering if anyone Have Seen Better results on Blood trails with the 4 blade Stingers ( Bleeder Blades) over...
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    Worth Buying A Bear Tag?

    Drew The Early Bow Season In 6A. Is There Enough bears of any Size worth Buying a Out of State Bear Tag For. Really Don't Care to Ever Shoot a Young Bear So Just seeing If Its worth The investment or Not From those of You That Know the Area. Thanks for any Advice
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    Unit 50/51 Area

    Anyone Hunted either Unit During the Bow Season? Was major dry still when I got the chance to Scout. Any update's on how the Elk are responding to the Drought or any signs of the Rut ?
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    Roads On Private Land

    How do you know what Roads you can Use or Not Use for access on Private ranches to get on Public? Is there any way to know for sure. Had no problem going through the private on a scouting trip But, sure hate to show up come season to a Locked Gate with plans to hunt that area.
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    Requirements for ATV Use on Forest/BLM

    What Is Required for the Use of ATV's on Forest/BLM Land in New Mexico? I Have Seen the Required off-road Permit But, That is all I have seen that's required.
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    Bungee strap for tire chains

    Never had to mess with tire chains before. What's the best size bungee strap for a 16in factory tire chain. Received chains but, won't get back home till last min. Before I load up. Trying to order bungee cords now to have them. Thanks.
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    Unit 2B Weather Report

    Looking To Head Down around Aug. 10th to Scout and Looking for Someone Local for a Weather Report Before Driving 15hrs and Not Be able To Travel the Roads. I Know Its Early to Say Now but, Figured waiting till the Day Before Will Be To Late. Thanks for Anyone's Help
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    Headed up to scout Unit 2B for my sons youth hunt in August. How bad are the rattlesnakes that time of year?
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