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    101-109 mule deer

    Fingers crossed that it gets some snow, been doing some research and hoping for the best. Appreciate the input
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    101-109 mule deer

    Hey all, just pulled a 101-109 late rifle antlered tag in the First Come, First Serve. Never have hunted NV, and have been eScouting the units. Trying to stay away from the crowds in the Rubys, and spend more time in the Spruce/Pequop area. Anyone spent time in there during that late rifle...
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    Nevada archery 101-109 late

    Hey Guys, just pulled a late rifle tag for the unit in the First Come, First Serve. Was really looking at staying away from the crowds of the Rubys, and spend some time over towards Spruce or Pequop Mtn. First time hunting NV, so any info would be much appreciated! Thanks
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