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  1. buckspotter7

    For Sale Maven b1 10x42

    For Sale - New in Box Maven b1 10x42 binoculars. Camo Muley Fanatic Foundation custom. TYD - $800
  2. buckspotter7

    A zone pics

    I have a ton of older blacktail buck pics. Live bucks from north end of A zone. Most from places that you can’t hunt. Backyards, parks or private property. Some are really nice. I’ll post a few. If you have some post them up
  3. buckspotter7

    CA Mulies

    Only working a few days a week, so I’m bored out of my mind. Here is a few old pics(of pics) of CA mulies.
  4. buckspotter7

    My kid’s first Muley! 2019

  5. buckspotter7

    NE Elk

    My sister got one of the NE elk rifle tags. She is really excited, never killed an elk. I know a few of you guys have some experience up there. I'll be helping her for a week in September. I am looking forward to finding some elk. I've found a few pics of past bulls and there have been some...
  6. buckspotter7

    31 or 124?

    I was lucky to win a raffle for a wy commissioners tag. I was hoping somebody with better first hand info could help me out. Here is what I've got it down to. My original plan was to go with 31. I would bow hunt and hunt rifle season if I needed too. Then I happened to draw a good NV elk tag...
  7. buckspotter7

    NR Youth ?

    A NR youth antelope license costs $110. That is a great deal and I would love to take advantage of that and bring my son antelope hunting with us next year. My question is, can he apply as a member of our party at that price if we are going in the special draw? I am thinking that price only...
  8. buckspotter7

    Dye Creek?

    Anybody know if they are still hunting at Dye Creek Preserve? I guess MUM pulled out, nothing on there website anyway. I was thinking about a dove hunt up there. They used to have a good deal where adult payed full price and youth hunter was free. I did find where the Nature Conservancy(owner)...
  9. buckspotter7


    Anybody ever turn a WY tag in with doctors note for a refund?
  10. buckspotter7

    Worth 12 pts!

    My Dad and I had waited 12 years to draw a Book Cliffs rifle tag. Being 69 years old, I was worried about the chances of my Dad getting a good buck. To be honest, I was worried about either of us killing a buck worthy of a 12 year wait on one of our last hunts together. We decided to hunt an...
  11. buckspotter7

    Plateau Antelope tag

    plateau Antelope tag went for $3500 tonight at MDF banquet. Seems like I got a decent deal.
  12. buckspotter7

    How wide?

    This is the biggest buck I've ever seen on the hoof. I posted this pic a long time ago. I was wondering what you guys think for width? I know going away with ears tucked back is tough.
  13. buckspotter7

    WY 113 - Rochelle Hills

    My Dad was one of the lucky few to end up with a 113 tag. The rifle hunt opens Nov.5. He is 68 and always wanted to kill a big bull. I'm going along for support. We've done some research and headed out a few days early to scout. If anybody out there knows a little about that hunt, we would...
  14. buckspotter7

    WY Elk ?

    Just got the news that my Dad drew a Commissioners License for WY. He's 68 and has always wanted to kill a nice bull, but we usually concentrate on deer. I was hoping some of you die-hard Elk hunters could throw in your opinion on what Elk hunt to select in WY. He would be happy with a chance...
  15. buckspotter7

    More J12

    My daughter Katie, my wife and I had a great few days looking at bucks in Round Valley. That hunt is incredible! Katie passed up a couple of nice bucks in the first couple of days (28-29" 3x3, 26" ish 4x4, busted up 30 incher, etc.) It was so much fun looking at buck after buck. We knew the snow...
  16. buckspotter7

    H was good to me!

    I was kickin' myself for passing up a 24 incher on the 2nd morning when I bumped into this buck. He's 28" wide and made for the heaviest pack I've ever had on my back.
  17. buckspotter7

    Blacktail Velvet

    With the CA A zone archery opening next weekend, I thought I'd post some blacktails in velvet! Good luck to those hitting the woods (or brush) next weekend!
  18. buckspotter7

    Big WY Pics!

    With draw over and tags on the way. Let's post some of our better Wyoming animals pics and the area killed. It might get those lucky enough to draw a Wyoming tag pumped for the upcoming season! I'll start it off Region F Dad's 128 buck
  19. buckspotter7

    How many points will it take?

    Being that there are no past odds to go off of. How many points do you think it will take a NR to draw one of the "management hunts" on the Henry Mtns. or Paunsagunt? Any guesses on how many tags? I'm thinking Henry Mtns. - 10 pts Pauns. - 8 pts.
  20. buckspotter7

    WY combo trip

    Just got back from a great trip in WY where we hunted deer for a week and then moved south to hunt antelope. My wife took her first animal with a great 100 yd. shot right behind the shoulder. She did a great job stalking this buck and even belly crawled the last 50 yds or so to get into shooting...
  21. buckspotter7

    No A Zone Blacktails?

    The blacktail forum has been kind of slow. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I'm still looking! Here are some live ones though!
  22. buckspotter7

    Rapid Antler Growth

    Check out how fast this guy grew from June 1, to June 15
  23. buckspotter7

    How wide is he?

    Saw this buck several years back, wondering how wide you guys think he is? Kinda tough with the ears folded back.
  24. buckspotter7

    Fork This!

    Here's a big A zone Forkie
  25. buckspotter7

    40 Incher ??

    I think this is the biggest buck I've ever seen. He jumped the road in front of my pickup and my buddy took the pic as he trotted away after the doe. We figured 33"-34" frame with 3-4" cheaters on each side, not to mention matching drops. I scanned this off of a ten year old print.
  26. buckspotter7

    Big Rutting Muley

    Saw this big buck with cheaters a couple of years back in X-2
  27. buckspotter7

    Headin' Out

    I drew a great late tag in WY. I'm leaving Sunday and will be looking for one of these big boys by Monday afternoon!
  28. buckspotter7

    Backlit Buck

    This was the only shot I had, but liked the outcome
  29. buckspotter7

    Confused CA Buck

    I thought you guys might get a kick out of this little guy in the back. I don't think he's figured out where to stick his nose yet!
  30. buckspotter7

    Big CA blacktail/muley cross

    Here's a big buck I saw up in Siskiyou County. It's amazing how far east you will see blacktail traits in these muley-sized bucks.
  31. buckspotter7


  32. buckspotter7

    B&C Tule Elk Bull

  33. buckspotter7

    CA muley

    CA's X Zones opened this weekend, so I thought I'd post a nice wide CA muley!
  34. buckspotter7

    BLACK blacktail?

    Anybody ever see a deer like this? Terrible pic but he was a little buck and almost black.
  35. buckspotter7

    ruttin' 3 pointer

    It's too bad CA's A Zone doesn't last a week or two longer. The bucks are rutting pretty hard right now! This guy was on a mission to find a hot doe.
  36. buckspotter7

    WY Success

    We had a great couple of days hunting in 91 and ended up with a couple of decent bucks. That was after breaking down in Salt Lake City and losing four days. Last year I had a duffle bag stolen from my pickup while I loaded things from our SLC motel room at 6:00 a.m. I think I'll bypass Salt...
  37. buckspotter7

    An A zone buck from the past!

    I'm just trying to learn how to post photos, so here is a nice A Zone buck from a couple of years back that I enjoyed running into on more than one occasion.
  38. buckspotter7

    Best Deer Unit?

    Which unit do you think is the best deer unit in Wyoming?
  39. buckspotter7

    Area 91 antelope

    My wife, my dad and I drew antelope tags for 91, east of Farson. It will be my wifes first big game hunt. I was wondering if anyone had any info on how much hunting pressure on opening day and what kind of trophy quality to expect. I'd like for my wife's first antelope to be in the 13"+ range...
  40. buckspotter7

    Official P&Y Scorer?

    I was just wondering if any of you knew of a P&Y scorer that wasn't too far from the Sonoma County area.
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