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    Heading to Unit 80/81 this week

    Very tough to find a bull! The deer has even gone downhill the past 7 years too if you ask me...
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    Colorado deer Poll

    New Mexico 2 spotters Killed a 3 1/2-4 1/2 year old buck (big ol fork) on the second day of the 3rd season Took him out of the gene pool you're welcome CO lol had a blast with my bro and pops though and that's what it's all about
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    My sons 4th season buck.

    Awesome buck congrats! One day I'll have enough points for one of them 4 th season tags!
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    WIN a Day Pack ... Easy to Enter

    I want to win
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    Unit 52 Bull Tag

    See a lot selling for $2,000 -$2,500 here at all the hunting shops here in Albuquerque. A bit over priced for the low quality in a unit like 52 but people are buying them nonetheless
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    Unit 52 muleys

    I hunt 52 every year for elk, deer, antelope, turkey, yotes, sheds ect... and I haven't seen a buck in the past 3 years during any of the hunts I've been on. Few does here and there but nothing to say this unit has a good deer herd whatsoever! A bit disappointed actually in the elk herd as well...
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    Colorado Back Door - Deer

    No luck for me. Got a 491 code... Another year of waiting... possibly 2
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    2016 Turkey Little bro opening youth weekend! My dads 2016 turkey My 2016 NM Turkey My 2016 Colorado Limited entry turkey My dads 2016 antelope! My little bros 2016 antelope! Nosler Partition recovery My 2016 Antelope! My little sisters 2016 elk (her...
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    Thanks Vin, appreciate it. I was pretty surprised when it came out! Unfortunately things got busy with school this fall and I ended up not posting the rest of the season. The fam ended up with 3 antelope and 2 elk in total for 2016. Ill post some pics up later. Thanks again!
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    where do antlers end up

    ^ That's not the case all time. Found a huge deadhead in '15 that the G&F did not let me keep. About a 190" typical 4x4 muley. It was a mountain lion kill and fairly fresh too! They do not let you keep the big ones from what I have heard and from my own personal experience but the smaller...
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    What the Heck????

    Sounds a lot like 52... Saw way too much of that stuff this weekend!
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    Lighted nocks

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-10-16 AT 06:48PM (MST)[p]Not sure whats up with your set up but the nocturnal are supposed to be activated when the string accelerates the arrow as well. Some of them are not waterproof though. Got caught in a early wet snow storm this season and got soaked. 1 out of the 5...
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    Elk Growth on Game Cam Part II Pulled another one of my cameras and was actually surprised on the amount of activity I caught on the cam in just one week. I put this cam off a well used trail and got 466 images in 6 days! These are a few of my favorites! Lots of younger bulls...
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    Fit of Kuiu pants

    I know that the Alpine pants definitely run a waist size bigger than the rest and I know that was a problem that Kuiu was aware of. So maybe they fixed it by now??? Also even though they say you won't notice the knee pads... you still do because I tend to get a bit sweaty on my knees in warmer...
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    Quality boot help... Zamberlan Boots? Crispi?

    I've been in the market for some new boots and I'm considering getting some Zamberlan Outfitter GTX boots. I've been recommended Kenetrek boots but they're even more pricy and seem a bit bulky and a touch on the heavy side. Also have heard mixed reviews about their durability after 1 full...
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    A bit late in the post but took my bow to the local shop "The Bow Doctor" and put new strings on it because it was way overdue for some new strings. Went with Hotwire custom bowstrings because they were highly recommend from a friend. Great quality craftsmanship on these bowstrings and can't go...
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    Elk Growth on the Stealthcam (Early July) Just got myself a new stealthcam game camera and couldn't wait to test it out. I put it on a waterhole in the low country earlier in July for a couple days and I am very impressed with the results! Probably shouldn't have set it on the 3 shot burst...
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    2016 Turkey Season Sorry for the super late post. Been swamped lately but here is this years turkey season. The short version. Turkey season is one of my favorite hunting seasons and other than shed hunting, I really can't imagine a better spring sport. This spring was like many others that...
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    2016 Shed Season Part 3 Here is my last post of my 2016 shed season! First brown spike shed I've ever found. Looks like I can scratch this off the shed bucket list. Hardest ones to find in my opinion Nice 6 that got chewed up Better view Young bull dead head Here?s a small brown 5 pt...
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    2016 Shed Season Part 2 Spike bull Chalky! This ones been sitting here a long time Another Chalk Chewed up small brown Hard white 5pt First side to a small set Second side Together again About a 6 mile round trip that day 5x6 dead bull I stumbled upon one evening. Too bad you can't...
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    Hogwire custom bow strings

    Finally drew a decent archery tag in my home state of NM and noticed my bow (bowtech destroyer 340) needs some new strings. Seems like these Hogwire bow strings are the way to go. Anybody out there running hog wire bow strings on their stick launcher? If so what do you think of them? ElkSniper
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    2016 Shed Season Part 1 Another great shed season is in the books and I can honestly say that I'm addicted to picking up sheds. Shed hunting is the ultimate spring hunting season! Well? other than turkey season. Picking up sheds is very fun but turkey season is king of the spring hunting...
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    Hardscrabble Jacket - WIN It!

    I want that jacket!
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    [p align=right]Thread Views Counter....[img src="/cgi-sys/Count.cgi?df=monster5-ElkSniper2016.dat|display=Counter|ft=2|md=5|frgb=100;139;216|dd=D"] Alright, another awesome year is in the making for my family and I, and as always, I will try my best to share it with all of you through this...
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    Bino Cases

    Also a fan of badlands. Not sure about them being loud but then again I have the newer design and I don't think it's that bad at all. As far at too much work taking them in and out... It beats those hornhunter, s4 lock, Sitka in accessibility.
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    Best Hooded Down Jacket

    LAST EDITED ON May-25-16 AT 00:55AM (MST)[p]Not a fan of the Kuiu down. Immediately had problems (small tears) with it and sent it back. Also feel they go a little cheap with the down feathers and I really think they are cheaply made in general. It's the only product from the Kuiu line that I...
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    Solo Camera Recommendations?

    LAST EDITED ON May-25-16 AT 00:44AM (MST)[p]I'm also gonna try filming a few hunts this year for the first time. I'm not running anything really special Nikon d3300 DSLR and I do like the video it takes. Also planning on getting a gopro for my archery elk hunt this year.
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    Gobblers and Elk!

    Jims, Im thinking that they're pure merriams because we're located in the very northern part of NM. From some of the past birds we've killed, I think they have different colors much like a black bear just like how some are blonde/ black/ brown ect... That's my guess any way. The majority of the...
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    Gobblers and Elk!

    2016 Colorado tag is filled! Cashed in all my points to draw my first Colorado Turkey tag and it was well worth it!
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    Gobblers and Elk!

    I was finally able to get my 2016 gobbler yesterday! Shortly after I got mine we found another one gobbling and my dad was able to get his 2016 gobbler. Both really nice sized birds! Gotta love these Northern New Mexico Merriams!!!
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    Gobblers and Elk!

    Thanks guys! He sure was a beautiful white tipped marriams! Here is a pic of my little brothers gobblers from this year. He lucked out and got a double! Still working on getting my dad and myself some birds before the season ends the 10th. Also drew a CO tag that ends the 22nd.
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    Good day of hiking for me..........

    Wow great day for sure. Seen a lot of sheds from the island recently but I think you have had the best luck that I've seen!
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    What species is this ?????????

    >>We've got them in Taos too! >> > >You don't have pics elk sniper >???????? What the heck haha > Was on my way to one of my classes at UNM-Taos one day and saw some deer. To my surprise they were whitetails! A small spike/fork buck and a doe. I have heard of people also seeing some by the...
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    What species is this ?????????

    We've got them in Taos too!
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    Congratulations to passthrough and elksniper

    Thanks Miguel! Enjoyed following your incredible year on the HAC! Hit us up this spring and we"ll get together for some for some sheds/turkeys.
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    Gobblers and Elk!

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-12-16 AT 06:06PM (MST)[p] I've Turkey hunted my whole life and agree 100% with all you guys on how similar it is to elk hunting! The rush from calling in one of these birds is a lot like calling in a screaming bull but yet at the same time its unlike anything else. I hunt NM...
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    Congratulations to passthrough and elksniper

    Thanks everyone! Had a blast sharing another great year of doing what we love! Thanks Wes, and Congrats again on a bull of a lifetime!
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    Super Bowl Sunday ram.

    Very nice! Congrats!
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    Help Me Pick Contest Winners ... Please

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-01-16 AT 09:27PM (MST)[p]NMBIGHORN... Isaac, Thanks for the vote man! 1Mikey ... Thanks Mike appreciate it! Not sure if my dad told you but the story of your bull and video are up on my HAC. Check it out when you get a chance!
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