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  1. silverstatehunter

    132 Grant Range

    Anyone been around the Grant range maybe Troy Peak, or Timber Mountain area in for early rifle deer? My brother and I are debating weather to really focus on this area for a good buck or head up north with the other hunters in 131. We are serious hunters that wear our eyes and boots out. Will...
  2. silverstatehunter

    2012 Desert Bighorn

    Hey Guys I just wanted to share my opening day NV sheep in unit 212.
  3. silverstatehunter

    212 Ram

    Just wanted to share my Ram that I got opening day. I was after a different ram that I had seen scouting earlier in the year but was unable to re locate him before the season. I found this ram 2 days before the season and decided to stick with him. He was a warrior and has scares all over his...
  4. silverstatehunter

    212 Desert Sheep

    I finally drew a desert sheep tag. I feel like I have marked, mapped, and located every spring in the unit. Im looking for any help, tips or starting points. I would like to take a ram with a bow but considering NDOW just double the quota to 10 tags I might stick to the rifle. Thanks guys and Im...
  5. silverstatehunter

    President of Cal fish and game

    LAST EDITED ON Feb-20-12 AT 07:10PM (MST)[p]I just thought you Cali Residents should see this. I was in San Diego today and saw this on CBS8 news at 5pm. They are trying to petition to remove this guy because he legally shot a mountain lion in Idaho. That sounds really stupid to me. Its a shame...
  6. silverstatehunter

    My late Elk

    Just got back from the 111-115 221,222 late Elk hunt. Killed a nice 6x7 bull on Opening day. Not the biggest bull in the area but I sure as heck wasnt going to pass him up. Sorry about the crappy pictures I havent downloaded the good ones yet.
  7. silverstatehunter

    Emigrant Wilderness?

    Anybody ever hunt the Emigrant Wilderness? Brown Bear pass or one of the forks of Cherry Creek? I will be moving to Cali probably next year (2012) and I want to check out a few places this summer/fall. Thanks
  8. silverstatehunter

    Nv Bull elk.

    Here is my brothers Elk taken on Nov 7th near Ely. It was an awesome hunt! We saw around 30 Bulls a day and decided on this guy two days before the season. It wasn't the biggest Bull we saw but after hiking the mountains we decided this guy would be a little easier to pack out, plus there was no...
  9. silverstatehunter

    111 Bull Elk Down

    My brother closed the deal on Sunday Nov 7th. Almost had him opening day but we didn't want to push the envelope and run him out of the country. Not the biggest Bull up there but he should score right around 350. Thanks for all the help from you MMers.
  10. silverstatehunter

    Gun during archery season?????

    I can't figure this out. Are you allowed to carry a Rifle with you during Bow season if you have a Mountain Lion tag? The reason I ask is I am going Solo into the rubys for the next week or Two and have seen numerous Lions there before. I have a Lion Tag and would love to pack my rifle into base...
  11. silverstatehunter

    New iphone rangefinder app

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone has tried this new rangefinder app for the iphone and if it would work for bowhunting. Or if there is any other iphone rangefinder app that someone has used.
  12. silverstatehunter

    221 Cow Elk

    Hey guys I have a friend that has a cow elk tag in the Egan Range (221). And I'm not real sure if we should focus more around the Ward Mountain area or farther south around Shingle Pass. This guy was hit really hard by the economy and needs the meat if you know what I mean. Any help or other...
  13. silverstatehunter

    Last day for Nevada apps!

    If your feeling luckly you want to put in for Nevada's draw today is the day. The online application closes at 5:00pm PST. Good Luck
  14. silverstatehunter

    Last day for APPLICATIONS

    Hey just wanted to shoot out a friendly reminder that today is the last day to fill out your apps. It closes at 5:00pm
  15. silverstatehunter

    Coyote Question

    Hey Guys, Can a non-resident hunt Coyotes without a hunting license in Arizona. My state (Nevada) allows both residents and Non-residents to hunt them at any time of the year as long as they do not sell the pelts. I am going houseboating at Lake Mead next month and may walk up a canyon or two...
  16. silverstatehunter

    Tough question

    LAST EDITED ON Mar-17-10 AT 12:37PM (MST)[p]I consider myself pretty knowledgable about Nevada's hunting info, but I realized I have no clue as to what the answer is to this next question? I realize I may need to call NDOW for more info. This is a really tough question to explain. Can a person...
  17. silverstatehunter

    NV unit 211N sheep Question

    Hey Guys, I posted this in the Nevada forum also. I have done a ton of research on unit 211N for the desert bighorn sheep. What is the deal with this unit. It holds one of the biggest populations of Desert Sheep (estimated at around 270 animals) There has been 16 rams taken since 2006 and the...
  18. silverstatehunter

    Sheep Question

    Hey Guys, I have done a ton of research on unit 211N for the desert bighorn sheep. What is the deal with this unit. It holds one of the biggest populations of Desert Sheep (estimated at around 270 animals) There has been 16 rams taken since 2006 and the biggest ram taken is a 148 class Ram. My...
  19. silverstatehunter

    Ruby late buck

    Here is a last day late season buck that my 81 year old grandpa took. He and I stalked this buck for about 20 minutes before finally finding a nice perfect dead rest. Trying to sneak up on this deer with an 81 year old man is like trying to get close while wearing a Cow Bell, we were so noisy I...
  20. silverstatehunter

    Wolves in Unit 077!!!!!!!!!

    Just talked to my friend who took a cow elk in unit 077 near Wells, He saw two lone wolves in the course of 3 days. Both were shadowing the elk heard he was hunting. The wolves were bigger then any dog he has ever seen. He said they were easily over 100 pounds.
  21. silverstatehunter

    Wolf Tag

    Anyone know anything about the wolf permits. I tried to find info on the Idaho fish and Game web site and haven't found a darn thing. I am doing a combo Bear Hunt/Fishing trip down the Middle Fork of the Salmon in Mid Septemeber and would love to have a Wolf permit. Idaho needs all the help it...
  22. silverstatehunter

    anyone every try a FOB

    I was looking into fletching my own arrows to save some money and buy the arrows in bulk and came upon this FOB product. It looks really interesting, but I would love to see if someone has ever hunted with them. Here is a weblink to there site. I would love to hear a few reviews. Thanks...
  23. silverstatehunter

    First time hunter for D7 or D8

    Hey guys I am trying to help one of my friends get a tag this year, and really he just wants any buck. which unit is better for Quantity. D7 or D8 or anyother suggestions. I am an avid hunter and don't mind working hard to get him a buck but I don't live in Cali so I need a little help. Thanks a...
  24. silverstatehunter

    Homemade longbow kit

    Has anyone made their own longbow? I was thinking about buying a kit. I know that Yew and Osage make the best bows, but I am not sure if I should use that for my first bow. I currently shoot a PSE but I would like to go traditional. Any info or tips on making a longbow or what kit to get would...
  25. silverstatehunter


    I posted this in the Idaho forum but figured everyone needs to see this. If you have seen a wolf or even scat, kills, or heard a Wolf, report it to fish and game. At least some of them are trying to solve the wolf problem. I know there are now wolves in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, Colorado...
  26. silverstatehunter

    Peak Deer Rut

    Is the peak rut in November or December? I have been hunting the middle of November for a couple years and have not really seen any heavy rut activity. Last year I was hunting mid november and saw 2 average forked horns and a nice 4x4 with ten does. I am just debating if I should go before or...
  27. silverstatehunter

    Rafting the Middle Fork Salmon

    I have a raft permit for the middle fork Salmon River September 18th next year. We are on a DIY raft trip and want to hunt Elk. We are planning on hunting the Burned areas, but I was curious how the Elk hunting was this september. It is in Unit 27. Are there Elk right by the river or do we need...
  28. silverstatehunter

    Report the Wolves

    I just wanted to remind everyone that Idaho Fish and Game wants everyone that sees a Wolf to report it. They are trying to help solve the problem. Here is the site to report the wolves. The more reports they get the better. You can also report any...
  29. silverstatehunter

    Buckblaster broadhead?????

    Has anyone ever used these buckblaster broadheads, they look devastating, but I have only heard one review. The review said the buck went 20 yards and there was a river of blood. I was thinking about trying them out. Any more reviews would be great.
  30. silverstatehunter

    unit 15 antelope

    I was just out there from saturday to tuesday and saws lots of bucks, My 80 year old grandpa has tag but has a really bad shake in his hand and missed at 9 different bucks he just could not hold the gun still. He said he doesn't want to go back so if anyone needs any info on where to go, let me...
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