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  1. WiscoKid

    Archery Hunting at 8,000-10,000 feet (advice needed)

    Hey guys, I started hunting mule deer in 2015. Since then, I have shot 2 with a rifle and 6 with a bow and arrow. I am usually hunting them either in open canyon country or above tree line. I have gotten some access to some land locked public in Colorado that I know holds some good deer. My...
  2. WiscoKid

    Almost forgot about this place!

    After recovering my password from an old email, it's nice to be back. I apologize if I didn't respond to some of the messages over the last year, but I hope to do better going forward. For me 2021 wasn't so bad. I didn't get many trips in but was able to take a nice late season archery mule...
  3. WiscoKid

    2019 Wisconsin Whitetail

    This year was a struggle. Extremely cold temps to start my rut vacation had temps around -8 on November 7 and 8. I had seen a few food bucks on the 5th and 6th and I had rattled in a giant to 30 yards but never had a clear shot before he busted. November 9th, I saw this guy cruising a bottom...
  4. WiscoKid

    2019 Hunting Adventures

    Looking forward to 2019. It started out with my Spring turkey tag, where I was able to tag my bird on the first day of first season here in Wisconsin. I will have a Unit 74 archery tag in Colorado, hopefully an archery tag in South Dakota depending on the draw changes, a Minnesota whitetail...
  5. WiscoKid

    Rico-Silverton or Hermosa/purgatory

    Hey guys! Hope all is well. I know we've beaten a dead horse on unit 74 high country archery bucks, but this is the year I will certainly draw the tag and have a good week to hunt. I'll have a day and a half to scout and set up camp and hunt Sunday thru Thursday or Friday and would love to hear...
  6. WiscoKid

    Family goes 3 for 3 on Wyoming speed goats

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-23-18 AT 05:39PM (MST)[p]I first want to say how much I love these forums for helping me to pass long evenings at the office while I'm "supervising" my employees. This was the first year I was able to meet up with a fellow MM member on a hunt. We have talked on and off for...
  7. WiscoKid

    Opening Day Archery Success in South Dakota

    Well the trip I was looking forward to the most this year was over and done pretty quickly. This is my 4th year in a row hunting south dakota and this is my 4th buck I have taken. This is my best one to date, so I thought I'd share! We arrived before light early Friday morning and we were...
  8. WiscoKid

    My daughter's first! EPIC Dad Moment

    My 12 year old daughter had had a tough 1st turkey season with all the snow in our area. The birds weren't making it out to the fields because they couldn't get through the crust. Finally, yesterday we went walking some ridges calling down into the valleys after the birds. We got some to fire...
  9. WiscoKid

    Would you rather bow hunt G or H for mule deer?

    Pretty self explanatory, but does a guy have a better spot and stalk opportunity in the terrain of G or H. Something north of 160" would be ideal, but which unit lends itself better to lower pressure back country archery hunting? I would love to hear opinions. Thanks guys!
  10. WiscoKid

    What do you dress your kids in?

    Staying with the youth thread, I am taking my 12 year old twins on an antelope hunt in Wyoming this year and they have some stuff but not a ton. With them growing so quickly I don't want to invest in something ridiculously expensive that they will grow out of in two seasons. What do you guys...
  11. WiscoKid

    Sheep Mountain Unit 161

    Good evening all, I'm still doing as much research as I can to bank up and use as much as possible. The what looks to be rocky outcroppings and sage/broken timber to the west side of sheep mountain West of Walden looks pretty conducive to some spot and stalk archery hunting. Has anyone...
  12. WiscoKid

    Uintah Basin Extended in 2018

    Good evening all, I was hoping to get some information with anyone willing to share (just like every other sucker on here right?) Anyway, I'm very interested in the last week of the extended archery in the basin. I am taking my kids on their first antelope hunt in Wyoming in October so it...
  13. WiscoKid

    Wisconsin Rut Buck

    Shot my #2 hit list buck in Wisconsin on Friday the 10th. Had had a very slow rut up to this point. Decided to hang and hunt on the edge of a cedar bedding thicket and he popped out at 18 yards at 4:41 pm. 144" 9 pt with a busted G3. It was the first time I laid eyes on him...
  14. WiscoKid

    Archery Hunt in 106/109

    Hey guys, I know that 106/109 is the creme de LA creme migratory hunt late, but I'm wondering if anyone has ever bow hunted it in the early season. Is it worth the trip? How are the bears? And could a guy who hunts hard and hikes harder turn up an early season 160ish Buck? Thanks!
  15. WiscoKid

    Archery Colorado Unit

    Hey guys, Thank you first and foremost for all the information thus far. I'd like to pick the brains of some bow hunters as to what they think is the best early season unit for archery mule deer. I'm currently planning for 44, and have received some good information and good tips from a few...
  16. WiscoKid

    Anybody want to talk Region Y archery hunting?

    Region Y is on my to do list. My buddy and I hunted combo tags for rifle a few years back and he shot a nice muley buck on the BLM in the bighorns this year. Wondering what everyone's experience is in Region Y early season archery. I'd like to take a 150+ with my bow, so I think doable with...
  17. WiscoKid

    Midwest Mule Deer Hunters

    Hey guys, love the site, I'm looking for some information from other Midwesterners like myself. I'm pretty new to mule deer hunting. I harvested a nice 4x4 in Wyoming a few years back near Kaycee (rifle) and shot a 3x3 each of the last two years in South Dakota with my bow. Bowhunting is...
  18. WiscoKid

    SD Mule Deer

    Shot my second mule deer ever with a bow the Monday following the opener. Found him bedded in the bottom of a canyon with another buck. Crept through some cows and down A draw to get within 30 yards. Cool hunt
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