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  1. Elkslayer1125

    Bird Mount

    Hey everyone, looking for recommendations on taxidermists near salt lake, utah counties who mount birds. I shot a beauty redhead yesterday and am going to have it mounted.
  2. Elkslayer1125

    2020 Buffalo Skull

    Just got my 2020 buffalo skull back. I think it turned out great, can’t wait for the shoulder mount to be done!
  3. Elkslayer1125

    2021 HAC

    Well, last year I really enjoyed doing the hunt adventure challenge so I figured I would give it another go this year. Still quite a bit of time before I have all of my hunts planned out but so far on the list I have Utah archery deer, Utah archery elk, and Utah buffalo. My Step Dad also got...
  4. Elkslayer1125


    I’m thinking about making the switch to the quivalizer by option archery. I’m currently running a Tight Spot 5 arrow with a 12 inch B-Stinger stabilizer. For those of you who use the quivalizer, what are the pros and cons and would you make the switch?
  5. Elkslayer1125

    Utah OTC Bison Adventure

    Well, back when these tags went on sale I knew immediately that it was a hunt I’d be interested in. I did tons of research on the Utah hunt planner and scoured over google earth. It seemed like harvesting a buffalo would be nearly impossible, but after watching my dad harvest a buffalo a few...
  6. Elkslayer1125

    New Mexico Buck Down

    Well here's a quick look at my 2020 New Mexico Antelope. I posted the full story and a few more photos on my Hunt Adventure Thread!
  7. Elkslayer1125

    WTB: Hornady 6.5 PRC ammo

    If anybody has a box or two of 6.5 PRC in 143 GR. ELDX they'd be willing to let go please let me know. I'm headed on a last minute antelope hunt (I leave on Tuesday). I'd prefer to take my 6.5 instead of the 300 Winchester but only have a few rounds left and I can't find it in stock anywhere. If...
  8. Elkslayer1125

    2020 Best season yet?

    Well, the hunt adventure forum has probably been my favorite forum for quite a few years so I figured this year I should contribute. This year should be really exciting as I'll be hunting multiple states with different family members and friends. Here's a breakdown of what tags I have and what...
  9. Elkslayer1125

    Wyoming Region G

    Hey Fellas, I know this is a long shot but figure I'd ask anyways. So my dad and I are looking to hunt Region G for deer this year as non residents. I have 10 points and he has 1. It looks to me like it will take at least 7 to draw. My question is if there is anybody out there who was planning...
  10. Elkslayer1125

    OTC bulls

    Well so far no LE tags for me, looks like I'll be headed to Colorado to hunt 3rd season otc bulls. Let's see some pics of everyone?s best OTC or general season bulls, it's never too early to start daydreaming!
  11. Elkslayer1125

    Cotton Thomas CWMU

    Hi all! I haven't posted in awhile but am hoping to get some help from a few guys. I'm looking to put my mom in for this elk tag. She'll have 8 points going into next year and she's never taken a big game an animal but has always wanted to shoot a nice bull. If you have any info about this unit...
  12. Elkslayer1125

    Unit 36/ Sawtooth zone

    Hey fellas, I'm trying to plan a rifle elk hunt for next season. My step-dad will be joining me and will be trying to tag his first branch antlered bull. Unit 36 is the unit I've been really interested in. According to GoHunt it has a high success rate-39%. But the research I've done leads me to...
  13. Elkslayer1125

    Hunting with a hinge release

    What are your thoughts on hunting with a back tension/hinge style release? I recently started practicing with a hinge release to help with target panic and my accuracy has been improving. I'm just worried about those situations when you have that small window of opportunity and have to make a...
  14. Elkslayer1125

    2016 archery buck

    LAST EDITED ON Sep-05-16 AT 02:19PM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p]I first saw this buck opening morning of the archery hunt and have hunted him ever since. I was able to get within 80 yards three separate times over the last couple weekends but was unable to seal the deal. This past weekend I was...
  15. Elkslayer1125

    Swarovski el 10x42

    So I just got a killer deal on a pair of these, 550$. But the guy who had them seems to have broke the focus wheel and replaced it with a homemade one. My question is will Swarovski put a new one on for me even though I don't have the serial number? Here are some pictures so you can see what I'm...
  16. Elkslayer1125

    Nice elk set!

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-16 AT 07:39AM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p]I watched this bull Thursday evening packing just one side. So on Friday morning I went looking and was lucky enough to find both sides.
  17. Elkslayer1125

    First bull!

    I managed to draw a LE muzzy tag with only 4 points. I scouted hard, 16+ days but struggled finding Big Bulls. The first few days of hunting were slow with not much rutting activity but on the 3rd day we had multiple Bulls within 50 yards just couldn't get them to come out into the open. On the...
  18. Elkslayer1125

    Pack Help!

    Hey guys I'm trying to decide which pack to get. I've narrowed it down to the Easton Fullbore xt 3600 and the Mystery Ranch Dragon Slayer the MR is 100$ More then the Easton is it worth it to pay the 100$ more or should I stick with the Easton? Thanks for any info!
  19. Elkslayer1125

    Scouting Pics

    Watched a good group of bulls this past weekend, this rain is really helping them put on the inches!
  20. Elkslayer1125

    Fishlake Bulls

    I was lucky enough to draw a fishlake muzzleloader tag with 4 points and would love to see some pictures of any Bulls of the unit!! Thanks!
  21. Elkslayer1125

    First buck with a bow

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-14 AT 03:34PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Aug-28-14 AT 03:32?PM (MST) This is my first archery buck and my 4th buck in the last 5 years. I was lucky enough to have my dad there with me when I killed him. I made a 20 yard shot and the buck only made it 50 yards!
  22. Elkslayer1125

    Book Cliffs Bears

    My dad this year drew a book cliffs spring tag and I was just wondering if you guys who have taken bears on the books would post some pictures and tell us how big they are?
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