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    Hornady Bore Driver FTX

    I’m looking forward to seeing how they perform on game. I suspect they’ll perform quite well with the interlock ring that Hornady uses. I’ll report back later if my son is fortunate enough to tag an elk next weekend (still checking to verify legal status). Otherwise, they’ll be my go to for deer.
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    Hornady Bore Driver FTX

    I’ve tried the Federal BOR several different times and have never been able to achieve any acceptable accuracy with the knight or CVA.
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    Hornady Bore Driver FTX

    Deer. I’d like to verify their legal for Colorado because I’d prefer to use them over the power belts. I’d assume they are legal since they’re full bore and not a true sabot. Hornady doesn’t provide any info other than they’ve reached out to the various state agencies for confirmation.
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    Hornady Bore Driver FTX

    105 GR by volume
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    Blackhorn 209

    The local Walmart’s in Kansas and Oklahoma have had them on the shelves recently. $36 a can.
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    Hornady Bore Driver FTX

    The new Hornady Bore Drivers are the most accurate full bore Bullets I’ve tested. I tried a few different full bore bullets this summer with disappointing results. These Horandy’s shoot 1 inch clover leafs at 100 yards with 105grains of BH out of my knight muzzleloader. I’m looking forward to...
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    Second Drawing

    I didn’t bother to apply because I figured there was zero chance of drawing. I’m betting colorado is losing out on a lot of application fees from people like myself.
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    Second Drawing

    I think it’s kinda cool that the kids get first dibs on leftovers. The current point system and point creep pretty much prevents these kids from ever having a realistic chance at drawing a premium tag. I’ve got a boat load of points but continue to chase the creep every year. At some point I’ll...
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    Second Drawing

    My son drew his 2nd choice 301 archery deer tag, so this will makes a nice addition to his unit 14 archery elk tag. We’ll be spending his 18th birthday in the mountains come September!
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    Second Drawing

    Has anyone received a notification for Deer yet? Hoping my two boys pick up tags.
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    WTB Colorado unit 14/214 elk landowner permit

    WTB Colorado unit 14 elk or deer muzzeloader permit.
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    Deadline Extended

    $$$$$ is the reason.
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    SOLD Primers & Bullets - Reasonable!!

    I’ll take them.
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    Tick tock Christmas in June

    3rd season NR
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    Tick tock Christmas in June

    Point creep was pretty big In 67 this year. I entered the draw with 16 points and figured that even after the tag reductions I had a high probability to draw, so long as the the point creep was not more than 1.
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    Tick tock Christmas in June

    I'm still waiting for 67 3rd. I had 1+ over what was required last year. Hopefully, the point creep didn't overtake me.
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    now that deadline is over, tell what you applied for

    67 3rd season deer.
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    Quick help please?

    I listed the preference point as a second choice, and it stated that I had to list the PP option as a first choice. I then removed the PP second choice and it took my application. I read later that if you fail tondraw your first choice you’ll automatically be awarded a PP.
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    Deer 67 vs 22 third season.

    I sent you a PM. thanks
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    Deer 67 vs 22 third season.

    Thank you Coloradoboy for the input. I prefer as much solitude as possible and like to park the truck to spot and stalk. Thanks.
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    Deer 67 vs 22 third season.

    I've about decided to cash in my points for one of these two units. A buddy of mine hunted 22 a couple of years ago and thinks I should apply there. Him and his dad killed average bucks but they had a great time and think they could have done better with a little more time. However, I'm not...
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    Colorado unit 67

    How'd your deer hunt turn out last fall. I'm considering applying for the 3rd season tag this fall along with my dad. We never intended to pile up the points that we have and are ready to cash them in.
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    Southeast CO later rifle mule deer hunt!

    Thanks for the story. I've always wanted to deer hunt that area, being that its a relatively short drive from Oklahoma. But, I've probably got too many points to use on this unit. I've thought about entering my boys into the draw now that they're getting close on points. You mentioned this deer...
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    Elk with 4 non-res points

    I'm in a similar position. I'd like to hunt 7 but only have 6 points. My dad has 3 points so we thought about applying together and averaging our points. How did the deer hunt in unit 102 turn out for you? I have max deer points and am considering this unit along with a couple of others.
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    Unit 49 Elk 1st Rifle-13 points

    I agree with your statement on unit 76. I hunted unit 49 in 2013 and it was a fun hunt. We seen over 80 animals at a time above timberline, but only seen one good bull (300+). I've never hunted unit 76, but have vacationed there during the summers and the quality of bull appears to be much...
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    How many non-residents are dropping out of the moose points game?

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-21-18 AT 07:58PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-21-18 AT 07:54?PM (MST) I'm trying to decide if its worth it also. I've got 13 points and it appears there are appx. 2200 non residents with 14+ points. I don't see how there's is a chance for me to draw in the next 25 years given...
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    First Time Pronghorn Tips

    I'd highly recommend giving yourself at least one day before season opener to locate a good buck that you may want to shoot. This way you can learn the area and hopefully find a shooter so that you don't have to pass several bucks the first day while you size them up. I've had good success...
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    european mounts

    The taxidermist woodshop makes a double mount driftwood for Euro mounts.
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    Zone t deer population

    I hunted this area with a buddy and his friend, who is a local, last fall. We ended up shooting good bucks on private towards the end of the week after coming up empty on public. We did see a few bucks on public, but nothing worth putting a tag on. The better areas where our friend had spotted...
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    Hope I get lucky!!! Colorado left over!

    Your experience illustrates the absurdity of the system. As I stated above, it's a system designed to be gamed and I bet your experience is par for the course. I understand the frustration with not being able to draw a tag, but the advocates for this system, admit-tingly, have fought for a...
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    Hope I get lucky!!! Colorado left over!

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-01-16 AT 09:19PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Aug-01-16 AT 09:15?PM (MST) It would be quite easy for the tags to be reissued to the next in line. I believe it is Utah that will re issue a tag to the next in line. Quite a simple process that in many cases would would make a...
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    Access to Lanowners Property

    Your correct that a landowner can not deny you access to their property if they sale you a landowner voucher. This was something I was unaware of myself until an outfitter friend recently explained it to me. He has a good friend who is eligible for premium tags in Colorado but refuses them...
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    Hope I get lucky!!! Colorado left over!

    Good luck, I'd wait in line as well if I lived in Colorado. Personally I think the it's a crock putting hard to draw tags in the leftover pile. They should be issued to the next potential hunter in line after the draw and perhaps help with the point creep.
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    160 grain accubonds in my 7mm rem mag have been textbook perfect for me. I've only shot one bull elk with it, but it simply fell over like all the deer I've shot with it. I've only hunted with this gun the last 4 years and have always heard the bullet hit with a resounding thump, something I...
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    eastern wyoming

    Just picked up a leftover region t deer permit myself. Really don't know much about the area but had an invite to tag along with a buddy and his friend who lives there. My buddy's friend( Wyoming native)seems to shoot some pretty good deer so I'll cross my fingers and hopefully find a good one...
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    baca county antelope access

    I've drawn an antelope tage for Baca county units 137, 138, and 144. My 14 year old son drew a second choice doe tag and I'm hoping to pick uo a leftover doe tag in the area for my 12 year old now that he has completed his hunter saftey. I'd reallly like to line up some private land before...
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    Cody Region Big Game Biologist

    The Cody office is the worst when it comes to talking to a biologist. I called back in February and was never able to get a return call form anyone.
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    Deer Hunting 76

    Thanks. I'm really interested in the southern portion of the unit in the wilderness where access is more challenging. Would love to hear from anyone who's hunted this area and their thoughts.
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    Deer Hunting 76

    I'm interested in a muzzeloader deer hunt in 76 but have a hard time finding good information regarding deer. Sounds like deer numbers are low, but that some good ones can be found at timberline in september. I'm particulary interested in hunting along the divide and would appreciate any...
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    7mm reloads?

    I worked through 1lb of RL25 last summer with the 160 grain accubonds. I found a more accurate load with IMR 4350(1gr over max). Ended up shooting a bull last fall through the chest and it exited out the back. Obviously, the bullet was not recovered, but I was impressed with the way the accubond...
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