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    Why would you target/practice shooting in your hunting camp?

    I live in decent elk/deer country, with the 4th season opening tomorrow for deer and elk. I have pretty good idea most of the time of the game in this area. Earlier today, I heard at least 500 rounds shot off as I was chopping wood. All of the shooting came from a nasty 4 wheel drive road...
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    Moose Hide

    My son should be able to shoot a cow moose this weekend. Just curious what to do with the hide. I don't think we want to get it tanned, especially since Rocky Mtn Tanners still owes me hide. Any suggestions?
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    Winter Kill

    Is it to early to say if the winterkill should be minimal in Colorado this year? I can't believe how little snow there is in Colorado right now. I know of several thousand elk in NW Colorado that I would have a hard time believing they were dropping any weight as they were enjoying mild...
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    Moose, Sheep and Goat Stats were finally posted.

    Good info to share.
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