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    223 Short Short?

    I came across a large quantity of ammo that I cannot immediately identify. The parent cartridge is the 5.56 or .223. It has been shortened to a case length of 1.265-1.295". It is loaded with .224 caliber bullets. It appears to be a neat little round but is shorter than the standard .223...
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    UPS Insurance Scam

    A word to the wise for those who ship guns (or anything else) via United Parcel Service. I had a gun shipped by them in June and they dropped the package so hard it knocked chips out of the stock in three places as well as breaking the buffalo horn buttplate. I filed the claim and royal...
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    Top 10 Reasons Why I Got Rid of Badlands 4500

    1. The reported "water resistence" is BS. The pack acts like a sponge. 2. The rifle/bow carrier is hands down the worst place to carry it. 3. Straps/buckles that just will not stay tight. 4. Side pockets that have no capacity. 5. A lifting strap that pulls out on the second trip. 6...
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    Idaho Elk Tag Voucher

    I have an Idaho elk tag voucher that is burning a hole in my pocket. It looks like the only remaining bull elk tags out there for the rest of the year are: 1) unit 4, 7, & 9, 2) the Selway Zone, 3) the Middle Fork Zone, 4) unit 39, and 5) unit 53. Any advice? I would go DIY and don't mind...
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