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    Archery deer 61

    Help for my 70 year old dad archery deer 61. we had a few other limited entry tags in other States this year That we never expected to draw. MY 70 year old dad drew the archery deer for 61 this year we really didn't have much of a plan to make it there because he said he didn't care but we...
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    Archery elk 76

    I am looking at cashing my dad's points in on 76 archery elk. We have hunted unit 61 A couple times for deer and that was our plan with elk we've also hunted 62 alot for OTC elk planning on hunting elk in 61. No experience with 76. After our OTC hunt my dad told me he don't think he can wait...
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    Fishlake or Wasatch archery elk

    My dad should have enough pts to draw either and I was curious what you guys thought. He harvested a nice bull an monroe in 2000 and was hoping to do it again but his age is catching up and he dont want to wait. He can get around pretty good but has a problem with long steep hikes. I know thats...
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    Archery Elk 10 or 61

    I have 19 elk points and wondering if its worth 3 more years to wait for unit 10. I hunted deer in 61 last year and seen lots of elk and a couple decent ones but not sure if 10 is worth the wait?
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    Unit 61 archery deer

    I am pretty sure I will draw archery deer in 61 this year. I have spent the last 5 years hunting OTC elk in 62 and went over and checked out 61 at least once every year. All of my trips have been north of north fork mesa creek. Hate to ask for info but if anyone has anything to help me get...
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    Bighorn Mounts

    Got a call from the taxidermist and he is going to be starting on my sheep. I was curious if anyone knows anywhere that i can get some material to start building the landscape. It will be full body laying on a cliff. So will need some large pieces of material to carve the rocks out of. If...
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