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  1. redwoood

    4 for 4 deer tags. My last one of the year

    Great deer and great year! Congrats!
  2. redwoood

    Let's see your biggest ever whitetail

    I've killed my biggest deer in the rut the last 2 years. BUT I had 1 target buck each year and the entire season to hunt smart with archery and rifle to get it done. I think a late season muzzleloader hunt over standing beans on a well managed property would be the best chance at a giant.
  3. redwoood

    Let's see your biggest ever whitetail

    I'll share my biggest nontypical and my biggest typical. Missouri deer.
  4. 20211118_070201.jpg


  5. 20201118_071629.jpg


  6. 20201118_071727.jpg


  7. 20211118_070253.jpg


  8. 20211118_070708.jpg


  9. 20201122_195447.jpg


  10. redwoood

    Binoc case/ one out there?

    I second Alaska guide creations. I carry my RF in the pouch on the front too.
  11. redwoood

    New deck

    Looks beefy.
  12. redwoood

    Wanted 6MM Ammo needed for a new deer/antelope rifle

    I've got a bit of brass...60 or 70 pieces once fired.
  13. redwoood

    2 Lions Plus Elk Mount

    @BridgerMT that is an amazing piece! How many hours do you estimate you have in it?
  14. redwoood

    Bundy Back In Jail

    Well......they sounded it out. Spelled accurately according to their native tongues.
  15. redwoood

    Are Valkyrie Broad Heads Worth It?

    Just bought some annihilators and they fly like field points. Have shot them out to 60 and they fall right in there with the field points. When I get another good day I plan to stretch them out to 100 to see what they'll do. I'm shooting the 100 grain for deer but I have heard the same...
  16. redwoood

    For Sale Factory 300 Win 300 WBY 308 204 Ruger ammo for sale

    Would you ship the superformance 300WM to Missouri $250?
  17. redwoood

    It's all in the eyes

    Very nice! Mckenzie form?
  18. redwoood

    1 lbs Retumbo powder

    Let me know if you'll ship if its still available.
  19. redwoood

    Nebraska Mule Deer or Whitetail Hunts

    " I've started a little outfitter business, mainly to keep my access to the ranch I spend most of my time on. (I know the irony of that)." I know exactly where you are coming from....only I'm in MO and it's a few hundred acres not several thousand. Best of luck to ya...although I'm sure you...
  20. redwoood

    SOLD 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC Ammo

    Pm sent as well.
  21. redwoood

    Funny Super Bowl Pic

    Supposedly he made some $ off of a bet he placed.
  22. redwoood

    2 Lions Plus Elk Mount

    Very nice! I need one.
  23. redwoood

    SOLD Sig Sauer Kilo 2400 ABS

    These rfs are bad ass! Love mine. Once you test it at different altitudes and angles and see that it is spot on your confidence goes through the roof.
  24. redwoood

    SOLD Barnes LRX 30 caliber bullets

    Back at you to confirm price for both lots.
  25. redwoood

    SOLD Barnes LRX 30 caliber bullets

    Pm sent on these and eldx
  26. redwoood

    SOLD Hornady ELD-X 30 caliber bullets

    If I'm too late for the whole lot ill take the 200s
  27. redwoood

    SOLD Hornady ELD-X 30 caliber bullets

    I'd take the whole lot.
  28. redwoood

    SOLD Berger 30 Cal 210g VLD Hunting

    I'll low ball you at $50 since you've got a $75 bid on gunbroker already 😉
  29. redwoood

    2020 Family Whitetail Success PLUS going to offer some hunts

    Ha...194⁶/⁸ the way I see it. But 191 the way B&C sees it. I'll most likely never beat it but I'll sure as hell try.
  30. redwoood

    2020 Family Whitetail Success PLUS going to offer some hunts

    Got the official score on my deer Wednesday.
  31. redwoood

    2020 Family Whitetail Success PLUS going to offer some hunts

    2020 was a great year in the deer woods for my household. Deer season is a year round thing for us; trail cams, food plots, shed hunting, hanging stands, and setting ground blinds. We are blessed with some fantastic deer hunting properties that we have exclusive hunting rights on as well as some...
  32. 20201122_195447.jpg


  33. 20201114_100143.jpg


  34. 20201105_172433.jpg


  35. 20201101_094758.jpg


  36. redwoood

    Trail Cam Buck Fight

    You win.
  37. redwoood

    Cleaning out my camo closet.

    I'll take the peloton 200
  38. redwoood

    Trade or Barter- Cases, Bullets,Powder and Primers

    Can I beg you to ship these? Need them for my 300. Would take the large rifle too if it makes it more worth your time! P.S. PRETTY PLEASE
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