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  1. Flyjunky12

    WTB....Berger 215's

    Anyone have any Berger 215's they'd like to get rid of? I'm looking for at least 250. I might have powder or primers to trade.
  2. Flyjunky12

    Sled Springs Elk

    Hey guys/gals, Instead of waiting for a "top 3" elk unit we will be burning our points this year and taking a first time hunter with us. My dad doesn't have a whole lot of years left for this type of country so I'll be "training" my future hunting partner during this trip and I'd like to put my...
  3. Flyjunky12

    FNG introduction

    Hey everyone, I didn't see a forum for new guys so I thought I would post a quick introduction here. I live on the east side of the cascades in Oregon, absolutely love it here. Like most here I've been hunting and fishing since I was a young kid. I'm all over the pacific states and BC chasing...
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