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    Ready to lose more of your public land?
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    What will happen?

    So, with the new IDFG rule preventing applicants from buying a capped zone tag for 5 days from when they go on sale, what do you think will happen? Do you think there will be fewer applicants for the controlled hunts and better draw odds because guys want to ensure they get their OTC tag...
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    Gun shop

    Who do you guys like in the Boise metro area?
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    Meat processing in Boise Metro?

    Looking for advice on processors in the Boise metro area. Ideally, prefer one who is open or can take in animals over the wknd and who does specialty sausages, pepper sticks, etc. Anyone have any good ones?
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    Need Swarovski help

    My Swarovski spotting scope has an adapter screw in the mounting plate that allows you to screw different mounts onto the scope. It's basically a very small female threaded screw that downsizes the mounting plate hole. Does anyone know where to get a replacement of one of these? I lost mine...
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    Deer winter kill

    Now that most of the seasons are winding down or done, what is everyone's experience with the numbers of deer seen or harvested? Were the winter kill forecasts after last winter as bad as predicted? Are there some areas that seem to have been worse hit than others?
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    PM sent.
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    Can somebody give me a basic rundown(or a link) on CWMU's and how they work? Are they the same as a landowner tag or are the two mutually exclusive? Does Utah have landowner tags as well? Etc...
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    Tezwa Expeditons--BEWARE

    Anyone considering booking a goat hunt with this outfitter should contact me. Don't fall for the phony, censored Facebook posts. They are a disaster. More problems than I can list here. Feel free to contact me if you'd like the truth about the operation and then you can decide yourself...
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    Full Moon?

    Would you hunt goats on a full moon? I know it affects elk and deer and, generally, I try to avoid it. But does anybody have enough experience with Mt goats to say whether there is an decrease in daytime activity during the full moon?
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    Fishlake archery Deer advice?

    Hey guys, Drew this tag thinking I might have a chance at the elk tag as well and figured I might as well have a deer tag in my pocket too. Long story short, didn't draw the elk. So now I have only the deer tag and would only be able the hunt the last week of the season due to a goat hunt...
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    Big Game Digest

    Does anyone know if you can request a print version of the CA Big Game Digest this year like you could last year? Can't find anything on the DFW website?
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    Swaro EL Range?

    Anybody own a pair? Never thought I would consider going this route but lately I see the potential benefit of having a rangefinder built into my binocs. For those that own a pair, how do you like them? Do they have angle-compensation? How ergonomic is the button for the rangefinder? Can you...
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    MT Wolf Poll-Please vote

    Poll to expand the wolf hunting season in MT--currently losing. Please vote.
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    Wolf Poll-Please vote

    You guys need to vote. You're losing.
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    Looking for an outfitter for an archery elk hunt in 590

    Anybody got any recommendations?
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    Elk bugle reviews?

    I need a new elk bugle this season. What's everybody using and how do you like it?
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    Taiga sleeping bags?

    Anyone have any experience with these bags?
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    Snap shot scope covers

    Anybody used 'em? How do you like them?
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    Need a meat locker in Cody

    Headed down into Cody for an elk hunt from MT and I'm gonna need a place to keep some deer meat while I'm hunting the WY backcountry. Anybody have some suggestions?
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    Online resources for antelope scoring

    Anybody have any good links or resources for field judging antelope?
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    HUD antelope decoy

    Anybody used one of these? Did it work?
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    Likely Table Archery Antelope info needed

    Drew this tag and am in need of any guidance anyone can give me. I suspect I'll be hunting waterholes and plan to do some preseason scouting but it's a long drive and would like to concentrate in areas that have a history of success.
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    Manfrotto Tripod help

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-28-11 AT 05:50PM (MST)[p]I just purchased a Swaro spotter and "Manfrotto" tripod from a guy online. At least, I think it's a Manfrotto. It came in a Manfrotto carry bag but I can't find the Manfrotto name on the tripod itself anywhere. Is anyone familiar with these tripods...
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    Another WY NR draw question

    Will somebody explain the Type 9(archery only) permit to me? Is is possible to get this permit for the areas open to the General Draw or are these permits only avail. in some units?
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    Looking for a last minute MT elk hunt

    Need weeks of 11/8-13(preferrable) or 11/21-26. PM's welcome.
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    Shooting Sticks--Bipod vs Tripod

    Been seriously considering purchasing some adjustable shooting sticks. I've tried the bipods that attach to the rifle stock but just didn't like the added weight. Not sure whether to go with bipod or tripod though. Are the bipods steady enough to make longer shots? Any input on the Bog Pods?
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    Rawhide Guide Service--MT

    Anybody used them? Reviews appreciated.
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    Rawhide Guide Service

    Anybody used them? Reviews appreciated.
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    Leupold 12-40 X 60 owners

    After much consideration and contemplation, I purchased one of these scopes and after using it today for the first time at the range, I'm a little disappointed. Not sure if it's a bad scope or if the performance was pretty standard. When using your scope at the range, are you able to see your...
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    Bushnell Legend or Nikon ProStaff

    I know these are not top of the line scopes but I'm looking for a decent scope that is reasonably priced to put on .204 for coyotes. Anybody have any recommendations on either of these scopes?
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    I need a good predator scope

    Just purchased a Savage .204 and need to put a scope on it. Not real experienced with the predator hunting. Most of my shots will be 300 yd or less. What does everybody recommend?
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    Is this a decent gun for yotes

    Not knowing much about predator/varmint calibers/rifles, I went down today and got talked into a 204 Savage. Now, I'm not sure I made the right call. Primary use will be shooting coyotes around the ranch that I see while driving around. I might go out a few times and try calling some in but...
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    NM Professional Big Game Hunting, Inc.

    Anybody used them? Looking for reviews, good or bad. PM's welcome. Thanks guys.
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    Looking for CO/NM outitter info

    Anyone had any experience with "Private Land Bucks and Bulls" Outfitters? PM's welcome.
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    Leupold vs Swaro spotter

    Just got back from Cabela's and was intent on picking up a Swaro 20-60 spotter. After looking through them and even trying out one of the Leupold Gold Ring 12-40's, I'm less sure now about the Swaro. I liked the Leupold and couldn't really see a difference in the store. Granted, the lighting...
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    440+" NM bull

    Heard rumors and saw a Blackberry pic of a 440+ bull taken in the Gilas last week. Anyone know the details?
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    Sitka Ascent Pant question

    I just got a pair of these pants and really like them so far. Apparently, they have a roll-up pantleg system with a strap that keeps the leg up for stream/creek crossings. I found the strap but, for the life of me, I can't find where it snaps to. I'm wondering if they forgot to put the snaps...
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    Sitka Summit vs Traverse

    What's the difference?
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    Sitka question

    Are there any significant changes in the 90% line in Sitka model years '07, '08, and '09? Or, are they essentially the same--aside from the camo options?
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