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    Gun identification help

    My Pap brought this back from WWII. Any idea what gun this is or it’s worth. Japan Thanks, B
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    Any one ever see this?

    Recovered this from a deer shot at 50 yards. Horady monoflex sabots. Looks damn near perfect.
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    wyoming deer outfitters-9 pts

    Looking for suggestions for a mule deer outfitter. I have 7 pts now but will have 9 by the time this comes to fruition. Not really keen on G or the high country (I suffer from altitude sickness) so considering other units. I also dont want to fight resident hunters on public (did that this...
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    280 AI -Nosler E-tip 140 gr.

    Finally found some ammo for my new 280 AI. anyone use E-tip ammo recently? How did it perform on deer size game? they seem to have good reviews but I've never used this ammo before. It's either this gun or my 06 with a 165 accubond. I know what the accubond will do but want to reach out a...
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    Wtb 280 AI ammo.

    Open to any ammo options.
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    UTV gun rack/case

    Does anyone have any suggestions for a UTV gun case that doesn't rattle your gun around? I'll be hunting in Co so I believe they require the gun to be in a case while driving. Thanks, B
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    WTB Unit 22 cow elk voucher

    Any thoughts as to where I can find/buy one. any leads would be greatly appreciated. B
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    HSM ammo/brass

    Never shot HSM before. How's their brass for reloading? going to buy some 280 Rem and fireform for my Ackley.
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    GMU 85/128/133/134 (Turkeys)

    I'll be in this region in 2022 antelope hunting on private land. However, turkeys are off-limits. I'd like to hit some public ground for fall turks though. I have some public areas picked out but have some specifics I'd like to discuss. Since there's not much public down that way, we can...
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    Another Unit 22 mule deer discussion

    I know, I know, this unit has been discussed at exhaustion on this forum over the past decade. But we've decided on unit 22 second season for the 2021 deer hunt. cashing in our points to try our luck the first week of November. I've already talked to several folks on this forum privately...
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    Caribou antlers (2 sets)

    Is anyone interested in these caribou antlers? the one set has been stained. Both taken in Alaska. Pm me or text/call me at 724-601-8073
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    Montana Rifle co. stocks

    does anyone know what kind of stock were used on the Montana's? Bell and Carlson? I'm looking to potentially replace a stock. since they're out of business, it may be futile at this point. I put a really nice ding in mine and it drives me nuts to look at (it wasnt done in the fields).
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    Sig BDX scope/range finder

    I Have the 1400 range finder. considering getting the BDX scope. Any thoughts? good bad, ugly? I was toying with another brand with a turret but have read a lot on these scopes and systems. I like the idea but wanted to hear from guys who have used them. Thanks, B
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    Swaro Z3 4x12 scope

    I bought this scope new last year. Other than the range, it has only seen one day in the field hunting. Selling it to upgrade to a Z5 18x with their turret. Anyway, it has the xmas tree reticle that can be used with their ballistic calculator and that worked out great. I believe I paid $880...
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    swaro z5 with turret

    considering this scope. any thoughts on the repeatability/accuracy with the turret system and swaro's ballistic calculator? Also, What are your thoughts sighting in at my elevation of 1200 ft. and then hunting at say, 6K feet? I realize the math works on paper but looking for some boots on the...
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    Winchester Tungsten

    Has anyone seen the model 70 extreme tungsten? it's on my wish list and is due out in Sept. was wondering if anyone has any info on this gun.
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    2021 - NW Colorado 10 pts.

    Me and a buddy are going to cash in on our pts in 2021. Friends of ours have hunted one of the units and have helped us get started. However, looking into hearing "general" trends and suggestions from anyone with some knowledge. I know most units aren't what they were even a few years ago...
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    unit 20 landowner tags

    I'm looking for a land owner tag for both mule deer and elk in unit 20; preferable two tags for each species. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. B
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    Unit 20 (comanche wilderness outfitters)

    Anybody ever hunt with them? info on private land in that unit? how about the surrounding units on the wyoming border? Thanks for any info. Just trying to get a feel for their outfit and the private land hunting. B
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    Goat Points

    What are your thoughts as to how many points it will take to draw a decent antelope tag? Not looking for any specifics but just general info. I know, you can hunt good antelope without any points. But I'm looking for better than average hunts on public land or pay for access in a limited draw...
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    eastern wyoming

    I'm hearing good things about the eastern part of the state for deer and lope numbers improving. This is from wildlife wardens and biologist. Can any one with boots on the ground confirm? would love to discuss. thanks. Thanks, B
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