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    Can someone explain Oregon?

    We have seen many folks from California up to Washington move to TexS to get away from the liberal governments and problems of the left coast. My new neighbors moved here from Washington to get away fro “the democrats”. Good folks but all these migrants from the left coast are causing our land...
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    Anyone from Cortez?

    I think we have what we need now. Thanks to those who pm’d!
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    Y’all keep fighting. I truly hope NM can right the ship. I have had many good times visiting NM.
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    Anyone from Cortez?

    Anyone on the forum from Cortex? Looking for some motel info for fall trip.
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    Gunman attacks kids camp in Texas; 250 kids

    Local Texas law enforcement had a two minute response time, immediately found the suspect and engaged him. Suspect was only one wounded and subsequently died of his wounds. Good riddance of anyone who would shoot at kids! Law enforcement officers and staff at the camp followed their training...
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    Anyone Know?

    Does anyone know when the draw licenses will be mailed?
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    True Roadrunner. FIL was in heated action in South Pacific too. He took a Jap round through arm while storming the beach at Leyte. Amazing generation.
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    Yes, a salute to the greatest generation. Both my father and father-in-law fought in WWII. One in Italy and North Africa and one in the South Pacific. Wish there were more men like them today!
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    Post One Photo Per Day

    Found this little devil by my horse lot gate early this morning. Can’t have it around my little grandkids so I did as the Good Book says and crushed it’s head with my boot heel!
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    Cinco de Mayo...

    yep, sure will miss his posts!
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Yes, a couple of the “hated Texans”!!
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    We had 23 points.
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    RIP OW

    I will miss his pics and posts!
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    Gadget, we applied for second season. Could not catch up to number of points required for muzzy or first season. Age and health are just beginning to be issues for us so second season here we come.
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    CC For Elk has Started!

    61 bull tag for me and hunting buddy!!
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    CO - Credit Cards: Any hits yet?

    My card got hit for $700. Looks like I am headed to unit 61 and out of the elk points game!!
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    Finally on the Wall

    nice work on the mounts!
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    Positive thoughts didn’t work

    Bummer BeanMan, hang in there!
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    7.3 with 200k and good body plus interior will bring more than 10k, probably closer to 20k!
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    Draw results?

    Well, I should know this week if I am out of the elk points game or have to wait another year. Good luck to all.
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    Slap Yo Mama Shrimp

    Looks good. Love me some SYM on fried taters too!
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    Yet another school shooting

    It seems strange to me that most of the loudest voices wanting to ban firearms because children were shot are the same voices that want to allow them to be murdered before they are born!
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    My Continental Divide Trail Adventure Thus Far

    What an adventure!! Keeps us updated on your progress up the trail.
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    Cold Weather Comfort Food

    CF deer steak with mashed taters and green beans was our supper tonight. Comfort food hot or cold weather!,
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    Getting back in shape

    Well I am now one of the old slow guys! Hope I can get in good enough shape to find a bull as old and slow as I am this fall😁
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    Oven-baked Street Tostadas

    Looks good. Maybe add a little salsa or pico.
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    Never From A Can!

    Wife prefers Miracle Whip, I am not crazy about either but tuna salad needs a little something. I vacuum seal and freeze tuna when we make a tuna trip. I can then thaw and fix it however I want. There was quite a bit of tuna for the salad, but there might have been a little bit that...
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    Never From A Can!

    Tuna salad for supper tonight. Grilled some tuna ends and pieces over a smoky mesquite fire, added eggs from my friends free range flock, green onions, celery, cilantro, Miracle Whip and don’t forget the pickle relish! Wife and MIL love it. Not too bad on scooper Fritoes!!
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    Post One Photo Per Day

    West Central Texas, just north of Abilene. We have been a 100 or more the past several days.
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    Post One Photo Per Day

    Nice sunrise over my back horse pasture before the dang temperature hit 107! Can’t wait for October or at least mid Sept to get here.
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    Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole

    So that is why I need to lose 15 or more pounds before heading to the high country to chase elk, I eat too much rice and taters!
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    Jalapeño Popper Chicken Casserole

    Looks great even if keto, whatever that is😄
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    Hows your ammo shelves

    I just would like to see powder, primers, bullets and brass readily available again!
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    Base map app

    I used OnX chip in my GPS and it worked fine for landownership. I have Basemap on my phone and used it last fall on a bear hunt and it worked pretty good. I still prefer an actual gps for navigation but the aerial photos are great on phone.
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    How Does Price of Diesel Affect Your Hunt Plans

    With all the threads about limiting NR tags and limiting scopes, trail cams etc, how will the price of diesel affect your fall hunting plans? For me and my hunt buddy we are going regardless if we pull the tags. The extra cost will curtail future plans though. High fuel prices will also...
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    Diesel prices soaring

    Diesel prices definitely making my planned trips more expensive. Shucks even the 38 miles up to my little ranch from the house is getting expensive! Don’t see any real relief for a couple years at least. And yes EvilNR the same folks were in office last time fuel prices spiked.
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    Sierra Mackerel Ceviche

    Ceviche is good snacking, especially with those big scooper fritoes!
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    Seafood Porn

    Looks wonderful! I love tropical fruit salsa with grilled fish.
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    Sierra TGK Anybody Load Them

    Trying to find alternatives to Nosler Accubonds to load in my son’s 06. Found Sierra TGK 165 gr bullets in stock. Never used them wondering how they compare load waist to regular Gamekings or Accubonds?
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