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  1. bowedark

    Fuel price and change to hunt plans?

    Life give you only so many good hunting season if you past one by that one less your life
  2. bowedark

    WY NR elk results ?

    I guess will all be hunting100......I got me bull tag
  3. bowedark

    confirmation email Utah draw

    Drawl results come out like molasses in the winter time tax season come like racehorse at the finish line
  4. bowedark

    confirmation email Utah draw

    Wbrim said All my emails came in on Friday evening How where are you holding your mouth lol
  5. bowedark

    confirmation email Utah draw

    I see some of you were getting emails on the draw any idea when all emails go out thank
  6. bowedark

    A new twist in the corner cross case

    attack attack No agenda to help the situation......just attack sounds a lot like republic strategy
  7. bowedark

    Corner crossing case

    1 thing about onX map... it about 7’ off the pins on the ranch or 5 acre on lots.... never can get it to match up using iPhone & GPS chip for the state
  8. bowedark

    muzzleloader only hunting seasons in wyoming

    Montana just came up with additional seasons for muzzleloader using your infilled tag started 12/2 or 3 not sure 11 days hunting late mules the bull will in their bachelor group
  9. bowedark

    New muzzleloader hunt in Montana

    Received a notice from Montana DNR about the new muzzleloader hunt I’ve always wanted a hunt muley in December The talk is November the later the better & you should the one’s that come out in December The new muzzleloader boast distance of 2 miles LOL this could be fun Anyone got any...
  10. bowedark

    Last day for preference points in Wyoming

    That not bad 28 years most will never make
  11. bowedark

    Wasatch Mid Season Bull

  12. bowedark

    2nd Shots

    Shoot more have more fun lol
  13. bowedark

    Wallows, they are starting to use them

    You wouldn’t know I have a half a dozen wallows that I could check out in the Wasatch
  14. bowedark

    Cold weather sleeping bag.

    Got 1 at Cabela’s -40 big man bag Been my best friend at night in the mountains for 20 years never been cold night, when hot hands came out I start throwing 1or 2 in the bag makes a difference Bag not cheap around 400 buck I use it about 60 days a year the fibers has not crushed Cabela’s sold...
  15. bowedark

    Outfitters setting up dummy camps

    Has anyone running to camps that the outfitter set up and don’t use during the season so-called dummy camp myself I’ve seen this and some of the wilderness areas Colorado Idaho when was run off in National forest in Wyoming this is my place to camp area. one area in specific that I’ve hunted...
  16. bowedark

    Alternate List

    Ok you told someone about it and I told someone else now they tell me my # high I won’t get a tag
  17. bowedark

    Is it time for an 80/20 split in Utah

    I’ve been applying for the same tag for 17 years for 1 of 3 tags on the 17th year one tag in my point pool zone with two applicants I won that tagI do feel for the other applicant as I have been there many times 2 weeks before the hunt I got sick and had to have surgery so I return the tag got...
  18. bowedark

    2021 Utah LE and OIL draws now online

    I’ve been applying for the same tag for 17 years for 1 of 3 tags on the 17th year one tag in my point pool zone with two applicants I won that tagI do feel for the other applicant as I have been there many times 2 weeks before the hunt I got sick and had to have surgery so I return the tag got...
  19. bowedark

    credit card hits

    Wasatch elk multi-season nonresident Wahoo
  20. bowedark

    Gnarly 2020 Busted Skull bull

    Would have like to seen the battle
  21. bowedark

    Montana Elk results are posted...

    I did not like the looks of the numbers...16,650 permits 17,000 tags I called the DNR that was 16,650 SPECIAL PEMMITS not just nonresident tags ... 17,000 nonresident tags there was over 34,000 applications that what got from the DNR
  22. bowedark

    Re: Preferrence Points

    I get two years of applications on my nonresident license I was thinking state’s get fed money for every hunting license they sell
  23. bowedark

    Strawberry River

    Is there a season on the snake or can I eat them anytime LOL
  24. bowedark


    Wasatch LE Elk hunting I will be camping off the forest roads in the Wasatch area. Are there larger pull offs and pull back into areas for small stock trailer/truck camper? Looking for basic info on the area as unfamiliar with the country. Drinking water? Do public campgrounds have water ...
  25. bowedark


    thank check e-mail Wasatch Mtns multiseason limited entrty any bull elk Aug- Nov wow never would think i would get a tag like this Any help
  26. bowedark

    Merge OIL points

    >Im a GIANT YES Lets do >it I would have 48 >points for a sheep tag! > > > > > that would give me 77 points on that sheep tag
  27. bowedark

    2020 draw

    new changes?????? anyinfo
  28. bowedark

    Nonresident elk results 2/21

    >When do we get to start >answering questions about where to >hunt in Area XXX? If I tell you I will get a game violation & a ticket LOL
  29. bowedark

    Muzzle Deer vs Lmtd Elk

  30. bowedark

    102 deer

    Looking at the point draw for deer 102 special draw, 7 out of 12 tags drawn 1 point below max. Hunted 102 in 2016 lots of opportunity. Shot last day nice deer but bigger on wall. Seen & shot bigger deer in gen units. Fun hunt seen more elk hunts than deer hunter.
  31. bowedark

    Wyoming trifecta

    LAST EDITED ON Jan-10-19 AT 07:20AM (MST)[p] 102 not that great, hunted 2 year ago lot deer seen & shot bigger deer, other units.
  32. bowedark

    Early Nonresident elk drawing comes to an end.

    No thank !!! draw early!!! 1st line up for the year.... tag or no tag.... may limit yearly opportunity to apply, Wy may become a designated hunt instead of one of the 1st on the list... Could help the point creep less app...... DO NOT CHANGE...... need to cash some points
  33. bowedark

    Where would you hunt?

    good story good buck great memories
  34. bowedark

    Region W

    wow you got photo
  35. bowedark

    Max Deer Points 87 or 102

    Hunted 102 last year. All season every day all day. Took off alone to get gas & water food & most of time after sunset I'm 66 so it ok hunt seen lot of deer 9 to 5 buck groups Big 3 & 2 point shot the last day heavy 24"4x4 + 1 fun but not great bucks have photo info if need
  36. bowedark

    Missouri Breaks Deer

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-18-18 AT 11:20AM (MST)[p]Seen both 2 wolves last year, no shot opportunity.......... loin in 16 it was stocking 2 bull elk could've nailed that one.............. both less than 100yd............that the only time in over 35 years your you never know.......... speaking of...
  37. bowedark

    Long Range shooting questions

    >You Gut Shot Him!!!.........He's Limping off >to Die Somewhere! > >Yep, that's what I meant. Are you sure you did not shoot one of the horn off him LOL
  38. bowedark

    Founder's bill is up on the website.

    So I hunted Wy 102 deer last year. now if you draw the tag I can not tell u were the deer hang out?????
  39. bowedark

    LE elk in 18

    I've looked at drawing odd's. Solo hunter Would like the early hunts rife muzz. EZ hunt would be nice. LOL Like to see lots animals.
  40. bowedark

    LE elk in 18

    Have 15 points/bonus whatever nonresident going in the draw. Any info???? Be 67 for the fall hunt need to cash in on a nice bull. can walk a good hard 6 to 7 hrs a day. Great how u all get the whole elk in the back of truck!!! All the I have take come out in pieces may be should start...
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