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    Elk tags

    Anyone received their draw elk tag yet?
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    Anyone from Cortez?

    Anyone on the forum from Cortex? Looking for some motel info for fall trip.
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    Anyone Know?

    Does anyone know when the draw licenses will be mailed?
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    Never From A Can!

    Tuna salad for supper tonight. Grilled some tuna ends and pieces over a smoky mesquite fire, added eggs from my friends free range flock, green onions, celery, cilantro, Miracle Whip and don’t forget the pickle relish! Wife and MIL love it. Not too bad on scooper Fritoes!!
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    How Does Price of Diesel Affect Your Hunt Plans

    With all the threads about limiting NR tags and limiting scopes, trail cams etc, how will the price of diesel affect your fall hunting plans? For me and my hunt buddy we are going regardless if we pull the tags. The extra cost will curtail future plans though. High fuel prices will also...
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    Sierra TGK Anybody Load Them

    Trying to find alternatives to Nosler Accubonds to load in my son’s 06. Found Sierra TGK 165 gr bullets in stock. Never used them wondering how they compare load waist to regular Gamekings or Accubonds?
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    Just for Wife and MIL

    Wife and MIl love tuna salad so I grilled up some tuna ends and pieces from a yellowfin then turned it into classic tuna salad served with Fritos scoopers. Turned out quite good!
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    I Think Wahoo is My Favorite Fish!

    Pan seared wahoo with steamed Swiss chard, corn and some peppers. Now if I could just get Texas Parks and Wildlife to stock wahoo in Lake Fort Phantom Hill the old Phantom Hunter would morph into the Phantom Fisherman!
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    Yellowfin Tuna Burgers

    Used some small pieces of yellowfin tuna from my last trip to Venice and made tuna burgers. Wife like them better than grilled tuna steaks😳 I fine chopped the tuna, added it to chopped red sweet pepper, hopped male enough, chopped fried bacon and grated cheese. Added a little chili powder...
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    First time cook wahoo!

    Just got back from Venice La chasing tuna and wahoo. Tried my hand at sautéing wahoo in butter with a Citrus Pepper seasoning. I must say it was excellent even if I did cook it. This was my first time to catch, cook and eat wahoo. It won’t be the last😋
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    One Less

    Found a big sounder last evening. Now there is one less fawn eating boar! Using him for coyote bait now.
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    CWD Regulations Question

    Looking through the 2022 Big Game Brochure I did not see any special restrictions on transporting big game carcasses from CWD units. I thought I remembered some special requirements on only transporting boiled skulls or skull plates with all tissue removed. Anyone know if there are any special...
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    Smoked some ribs!

    Don’t have many pics but I mesquite smoked some country beef ribs for a family birthday party today. Dang they were good even if I did do the cooking😁. This all that was left from three platters.
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    At least my version of it! Holed up in the house with a ice and snow storm going on. Made with feral pig blackstrap, onions, garlic, fire roasted tomatoes and spices. Gonna make a pan of cornbread to go with it. Wife says she will make an apricot cobbler. If this cold, icy spell continues I...
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    Biggest hunting dissapointment

    I have to fess up to a muffed shot on the biggest buck I had ever had in the crosshairs. Don’t know exactly what happened. Fence wire hit, bad case of the shakes or a combination. I drew blood but not much, only pencil eraser sized spots every few yards. Tracked him about 3/4 mile. Lost...
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    Sierra and Nosler Availability

    Does anyone have any knowledge or idea when Nosler and Sierra bullets for handloaders will become available? Sure would like to get some loaded to practice before next hunting season. Got enough to hunt with but would really like to tweak some loads and practice some longer shots.
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    Heading Out Tommorrow

    Heading to Unit 61 in the morning to spend a few days enjoying the high country and to look for yogi. My son, good friend and I have bear tags. Have not been in 61 in 23 years, anxious to see what has changed if anything. Will report back after we get home.
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    Fresh Salsa

    Made some fresh salsa out of veggies from the garden. Sure beats the store bought. Have to watch how many serranos I put in or the wife won’t touch it if it is “too hot”.
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    Fish sandwich!

    Made some fish sandwiches from hybrid striped bass fillets. Whipped up a chipotle cream with chipotle peppers and sour cream plus a few spices and lime. Was very good. Even passed my mother-in-laws taste test. I bet it would work great with any white meated fish.
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    Is It True?

    Just heard New Mexico reinstated a mask mandate. Friends that had planned on traveling through NM decided to go around because of supposed mandate.
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    Bear hide tanning

    I posted over in the bears forum but no replies yet. IF, we are successful on our Colorado unit 61 bear hunt in Sept. Where should we take the hide for fleshing and tanning? Any recommendations for somewhere in Southwest or Southern Colorado? Thanks
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    Where to send bear hide

    If we are successful in Colorado taking a bear. Where would be the best place to send the hide for tanning. My son already has his bear shot in his mind😳
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    Fun Fishing

    Caught a limit of hybrid stripers at my local fishing hole. Makings of some great fish tacos!
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    In Your Opinion

    The Colorado rifle bear season is the month of Sept. Is it normally better to go early Sept, mid Sept, or late Sept? Counting on drawing a tag and need to plan schedule for one of our group. Thanks
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    Windproof jacket recomendations

    I am in need of a light weight windproof jacket. The zipper on my old one has given out. I bought it at Sam’s Club years ago. What do y’all recommend?
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    2021 Regs

    Will the new proclamation and regs be posted today?
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    Who gets your dollars?

    Which gun rights organization do you support with your dollars? With the current political situation I need to support at least one of them. I have not supported any of them the last few years. Was a NRA member for over 30 years.
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    Alaska fishing adventure question

    Starting to get a little more serious about an Alaska fishing trip. Will be mainly halibut, salmon, rockfish etc. who do y’all recommend? I have been doing the Google search thing and have some possibilities but would like some first hand recommendations. Thanks
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    Season opens Saturday

    Our rifle season opens Saturday. My son and I have a couple good bucks on camera that we hope to see Saturday!
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    Dang buzztails

    Went up to ranch to get some camera cards and do some chores. Found these guys sunning by barn.
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    Application Question

    Antelope application period is open through May right?
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    Weed free hay near Crawford?

    Does anyone know where I can pick up some certified weed free hay near Crawford? Will be heading to unit 53 for muzzy season. Coming in US 50 then north to Crawford. Plan on hunting west side of unit. My horses will need 4-5 bales. Thanks in advance
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    Anyone had their refund credited to their card yet?
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    Bear Dreamin

    Starting to ponder trying a 2020-2021 spring bear hunt in Idaho or Wy. Any recommendations on an outfitter? Normally am a DIY guy, but trying to run baits from Texas is not practical. All suggestions welcomed.
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    Can someone remind of the antelope point application dates?
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    Boiling skulls

    The last two antelope skulls I boiled came out with dark spots around bridge of nose and up toward horn bases. My son?s deer skull came out fine. What do I need to do to remedy this next time? Thanks for your help. Phantom Hunter
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    Changes to Antelope Draw Hunts

    Anybody know what happened with the proposed changes? Did they pass Commision?
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    Valle Vidal Trip

    Just returned from a week of camping and riding with friends in Valle Vidal. What beautiful country. We camped at Cimarron Campground and rode out each day on our horses. My GPS said we covered 45 miles in three days of riding. Most of our rides were south and west of the campground. It rained...
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    Dish Network and Hunting/Fishing shows

    Dish keeps raising the price of our satellite subscription. Wife keeps calling and telling them no higher fees. So, Dish has taken away three of the four stations that showed outdoor programming on our program package. Is there anyway to get the hunting and fishing shows online without going...
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    Antelope Point Creep

    Seems as if there was quite a bit of point creep this year over last in the antelope draw. The unit we applied for took 6 points to draw in the special and last two years only took 2!! I looked at a few other units and saw similar point creep. Anyone know what drove the points up??
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