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  1. bowedark

    confirmation email Utah draw

    I see some of you were getting emails on the draw any idea when all emails go out thank
  2. bowedark

    New muzzleloader hunt in Montana

    Received a notice from Montana DNR about the new muzzleloader hunt I’ve always wanted a hunt muley in December The talk is November the later the better & you should the one’s that come out in December The new muzzleloader boast distance of 2 miles LOL this could be fun Anyone got any...
  3. bowedark

    Outfitters setting up dummy camps

    Has anyone running to camps that the outfitter set up and don’t use during the season so-called dummy camp myself I’ve seen this and some of the wilderness areas Colorado Idaho when was run off in National forest in Wyoming this is my place to camp area. one area in specific that I’ve hunted...
  4. bowedark


    Wasatch LE Elk hunting I will be camping off the forest roads in the Wasatch area. Are there larger pull offs and pull back into areas for small stock trailer/truck camper? Looking for basic info on the area as unfamiliar with the country. Drinking water? Do public campgrounds have water ...
  5. bowedark

    2020 draw

    new changes?????? anyinfo
  6. bowedark

    102 deer

    Looking at the point draw for deer 102 special draw, 7 out of 12 tags drawn 1 point below max. Hunted 102 in 2016 lots of opportunity. Shot last day nice deer but bigger on wall. Seen & shot bigger deer in gen units. Fun hunt seen more elk hunts than deer hunter.
  7. bowedark

    LE elk in 18

    Have 15 points/bonus whatever nonresident going in the draw. Any info???? Be 67 for the fall hunt need to cash in on a nice bull. can walk a good hard 6 to 7 hrs a day. Great how u all get the whole elk in the back of truck!!! All the I have take come out in pieces may be should start...
  8. bowedark

    wy unit 201

    Drew 201 tag going need some help camping mules or 4 wheeler
  9. bowedark

    Leftover tag

    Think there will be leftover mule deer tags this year, I think not, there will gen combo
  10. bowedark


    Utah gen deer is there points sharing. Say I have 15 points the next guy has 0 do we go in the nonresident draw 7.5 or what??? Points building up all over country going to cash them in a few states next couple years while still in can. Most likely will never use all the points. At 66 this...
  11. bowedark

    Merry Christmas

    that all just Merry Christmas to all
  12. bowedark

    12 points for elk

    What options do I have with 12 points for elk. Any unit that I have a good chance of harvesting respectable Utah bull. The force is not always with me. But I try to make the most of it. As a 63 -year-old man. I do have two pair of boots that are broke end quite well. And still be able to put a...
  13. bowedark

    BLM roads

    The road conditions on the BLM in Wyoming are in terrible condition. Other states I find the BLM roads are in better condition? Or Is it the units I hunt? I was wondering what up on this situation ?
  14. bowedark

    GPS apps for iPhone's???

    Say I'm looking for a GPS app for my iPhone. One that I could use when I do not have cellular service. I'm sure some you guys out there using them. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I do have three installed on my iphone they are 1. ( hunt by onX ) my understanding is that you have to...
  15. bowedark

    Nonresident hunters rights

    I have watched over the years. It seem that the nonresident hunter is losing his right and they is no one to stand up for the nonresident hunter. The Lobbyist, outfitters are make the rules. The rules say they are no tags in this unit for you!! But will let you apply for this (one) only. But...
  16. bowedark

    Wy Moose unit 22 & 26

    Wy Moose unit 22 & 26 3 of us are going to try to them burn our Moose points this year. 2 were thinking there going to draw unit 22 this year. One has 10 points the other has 12 as nonresidents I think 12 has a chance in unit 22 we are going try to go together I have 12 points nonresident and...
  17. bowedark

    Lots of tags left

    I was looking on Montana website they have close to 4500 tags available. That does include 850 big game combo tags 1900 elk combo and over 2100 dear combo. It looks like the their pricing themselves out for a lot of people. It doesn't make much sense to me to put for point in for the general...
  18. bowedark

    Shipping meat home

    I have a Moose tag again in Vermont hope to have Moose meat, horns to ship home. Going to fly out & back. Any help would be great.
  19. bowedark

    ebay mule deer

    For sale seen it some time ago I think ask price is 115000
  20. bowedark

    Moose draw today

    New Hampshire moose draw is today, has anyone else been checking the results??? They're not on the Moose page???? Results to be posted after 11 A. M.... May be this computer. I know they have a tag for me!!!!! Just want to see it in print on the New Hampshire's WebSite.
  21. bowedark

    Montana Super Tags?

    Does anyone know the story on the Montana super tags last year?
  22. bowedark

    why elk have long antlers

  23. bowedark

    Montana Alternate Licenses are out !!!

    Called the Montana Game and Fish, said that were sending out & re-issuing the first 50 tags,if your alternate list # is less than 50 sound like you have TAGS coming!!!! Congratulations
  24. bowedark

    I drew a Vermont Moose Tag

    As a nonresident only after 2 years of applying. HOT DAM I am excited I have already called the Vermont game & fish they said they be sending out a package with information about the areas that moose frequent state lands also of landowners who want people to hunt. The hunt is unit D2...
  25. bowedark

    Black Hills South Dakota

    You that hunt the Black Hills & do you see more Muleys or Whitetail?
  26. bowedark

    Which last the longest

    question which last longest a dozen arrows or the target? not counting arrows lost
  27. bowedark

    Lets see some muley buck photo

    Would like to see some muley buck photos!!!
  28. bowedark

    Montana's SUPER TAG'S

    BEFORE THE FISH, WILDLIFE AND PARKS COMMISSION OF THE STATE OF MONTANA In the matter of the adoption of new rule I pertaining to an annual lottery of hunting licenses ) ) ) ) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED ADOPTION TO: All Concerned Persons 1. On January 11, 2006, at 7:00 p.m. a...
  29. bowedark

    30 30 improved ????

    Have a Savage 24, 3030 top with a 12 Ga.underneath. The 3030 lacks distance. So thinking about turning the 3030 and to improve 3030. Talk a gun smith said that he could bore the chamber out to improve 3030. The difference in SPEED would be 2250fps to as much as 2700fps on 150g bullet...
  30. bowedark

    Merry Christmas

    THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS 'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The buck were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that St Nicholas would see that we need better tags in come year; The large children were nestled...
  31. bowedark

    Montana 05 season

    Montana late season rife hunt No Guides On Public Land Nonresident
  32. bowedark

    4 Wheelers!!!!!!!

    Should 4 wheels be allowed in national forests during the hunting season???? Have you ever been set up on old logging road that is closed off and here comes a 4 wheel?????? I have one. I think that a good way would be that a 4 wheelers not allowed in the national forest until noon that would...
  33. bowedark

    Montana re-issuing 50 TAGS

    Called the Montana Game and Fish today, said that were sending out & re-issuing the first 50 tags today,if your alternate license # is less than 50 sound like you have TAGS coming!!!! Congratulations Also asked if my number had a chance for September BOW HUNT, said they would be a good...
  34. bowedark

    2001 Bull

  35. bowedark

    2003 Buck

  36. bowedark

    2004 Bull

  37. bowedark


    Weeks ago the turkey was still gobbling.
  38. bowedark

    Photos 6/18/05

  39. bowedark

    Nonresident hunting Montana

    Nonresidents hunting Montana the elk herds are way down & about to bottom out!!!!!!!!!!!! Some days you can even find even a track, not even sign of old droppings. That would be after hours of glassing & riding your mule in the best elk country you can find!!!!!! The mule deer are in the same...
  40. bowedark

    Montana's ALS numbers

    Montana's ALS numbers Montana's alternate lists!!!! Did anyone had trouble with the ALS numbers??? Dale and I ALS numbers did not match are names. Looked it up on ALS numbers list and came up with the right names. Went back to the alternate list tried putting in my ALS number came up...
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