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  1. MountainSqwabler

    Colorado hunt

    With the upcoming colorado draw hitting any day, would anyone want to give out there honey holes so I don't have to go out and scout? With gas prices I'd also like to ask if I could use someone's truck and debit card.....maybe your rifle and shoot your ammo?
  2. MountainSqwabler

    Athlon talos

    I've got a brand new, once mounted Athlon Talos 6x24x50 $200
  3. MountainSqwabler

    BlazeVideo cams

    I've got 5 brand new in the box blazevideo trail cams from sale, with 5 brand new 32gig SD cards. $350 for all.
  4. MountainSqwabler

    How lucky can a guy get?!

    I have been going towards my bachelor's degree for the last year, and out of the blue I get an offer to be a hunting guide here in Colorado. I apparently won the lottery with my wife because she told me "do whatever you think will make you the happiest". To add too it, I didn't take the job...
  5. MountainSqwabler

    Arrow weight

    Quick question. So I have some grim reaper practice heads and they are at roughly 104gr leaving my total arrow at 419ish. With my 100gr field points I'm at like 415. All the actual hunting reaper heads are right at 100gr. Should I keep shooting those practice points? Stick to the field tips...
  6. MountainSqwabler

    Personal carry

    What's yalls personal carry in the woods?? Caliber? Semi auto or wheel gun (revolver). Why do you carry what you carry? I personally carry a CZ-P10C 9mm, and run just basic FMJ's. All I have to deal with in the woods are black bears and snakes normally....and the occasional a$$hat lol.
  7. MountainSqwabler

    Trail cameras

    What's everyone's take on trail cameras? I have used game cams before and I like the idea of them, but I hate the trashy hunter ethics anymore with guys stealing them. I know some guys use those protective boxes and log chains to prevent this, but sometimes like in Wyoming all you can attach the...
  8. MountainSqwabler

    2021 hunting season

    It was a busy 2021 hunting season. My wife shot her first big game animals, a small muley buck and then a big mature cow. She was tickled to death and is hooked now! I shot my 3rd season buck, he wasnt what i was hoping for, but he sure tastes good! All in all a great season with some great...
  9. MountainSqwabler


    So I recently got back into archery. I know what I'm doing for the most part. I recently upped my poundage and my old injury hurt a bit so I lowered it back down to almost the same that it was. Went as close to turning the screws as close to the same as I could. My question is, is my timing and...
  10. MountainSqwabler

    Unit 61 archery elk

    So I got the answers I needed about if I can draw and archery elk tag in 61. Now I'm just looking for some advice on the unit. Not after honey holes, just an idea of the land. I'll get out scouting when things dry up but wondering if anyone would be willing to chat and share some info! Have...
  11. MountainSqwabler

    Unit 61

    How many points does it take to draw a bull tag or either sex in unit 61 for archery or 1st rifle? I've looked at unit 40 for next year but I'm not happy with how much private there is.
  12. MountainSqwabler


    So I've got enough points to draw basically Any goat buck tag I want in WY and will be doing so this year. I heard that I can get the regular rifle tag and then also an archery stamp so I can go after a buck with my bow but if I don't succeed then it roles back over so I can hunt with a rifle...
  13. MountainSqwabler

    Unit 40 elk

    Has anyone hunter unit 40 elk archery? I've got the points and I've hear that the elk hunting can be crazy good. Looking for at public land, but willing to entertain a not stupid expensive trespass fee.
  14. MountainSqwabler

    Unit 40

    Has anyone hunter unit 40 colorado archery season elk? Looking at branching to a new unit closer to home and I have enough points to draw unit 40 for elk.
  15. MountainSqwabler

    Water holes

    I've been archery hunting for a good while in remotely the same area every year. I know of a watering hole that is on public land that some men have basically claimed and I know of no one else but myself who has even really hunted it do to these gentle man being rather rude and harassing if...
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