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    Comment by 'Trappermax' in media '0EBED270-80F8-4027-BE89-A50189DC678F.jpeg'

    I hunted 61 this year. I think I saw this bull. Massive 5 point. Congrats.
  2. Trappermax

    Let's See Those Bulls! Nice Daypack Giveaway

    After 28 years of applying I drew a tag in one of Colorado's coveted GMU's. After 4 tough days of tough hunting in early October, I killed this bull right at sunset. Thanks to Garvey Brother Outfitters. He green scores around 340.
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  7. Trappermax

    post up 320-330 bulls

    I shot this bull this past fall in SW Colorado. He is well over 330. Main Beams are long.
  8. Trappermax

    Unit 2 mule’s walker ranch

    I don't think GMU has the genetics. I have seen more big Muleys around Sterling and Franktown then is GMU 2. That having been said, an archery hunter sent me pic of a muley he shot in 2018 in GMU 2, had to be over 190. Seems like bucks in excess of 180 were taken on a regular basis 10+ years...
  9. Trappermax

    Unit 201 Early Rifle Adventure (pic heavy)- Enjoy!

    Very nice right up. When I was hunting deer with Angelo and Casey this past 2020 2nd season. Angelo said he had already seem some changes in the elk movement patterns. The wolves are there. They may decimate this trophy area like they did the areas east of Yellowstone. Put a lot of...
  10. Deer Mule.jpeg

    Deer Mule.jpeg

  11. Trappermax

    Unit 2 mule’s walker ranch

    Jimmy Horton of Hunter's Domain owns part of the ranch and is managing the hunting. PM me with additional questions.
  12. Trappermax

    Raftopoulus Ranch Unit 201

    How did you do? I have 28 elk points and hope to hunt the Muzzleloader in Area 201 or GMU 2. I hunted deer in GMU 2 in the second season with Raftopolous.
  13. Trappermax

    Wanda Walkers Ranch Unit 2 Colorado

    I found your post on Bowsite. Nice deer. Did see many larger? I think I will pay a trespass fee on Walker Ranch. Supposedly there are some nice bucks there and not harassed much.
  14. Trappermax

    Wanda Walkers Ranch Unit 2 Colorado

    Thanks for the info. I am sure it is a harder hunt then the 3rd season. They have a pretty good history for harvesting 180+ bucks in all seasons.
  15. Trappermax

    Wanda Walkers Ranch Unit 2 Colorado

    I hope to hunt there this year for big muleys. Anybody have any experience with the bucks in ML season?
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