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    SOLD Remington Ultimate Muzzleloader Barrel and Breach Plug

    New barrel and breach plug for Remington ultimate muzzleloader. I bought the gun new last year and never fired it before changing the barrel. $100 shipped.
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    2b January Archery

    We are leaving Friday for my son's 2b archery youth hunt. Has anyone been in there lately that could give me an idea of the condition of the main road to buzzard park? We have hunted the unit before but never in January. Thanks
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    Off Range Oryx Help

    I spent the last 3 days with looking for an oryx for my 16 year old son. We saw several just over the fence on range but we couldn't find anything off range. If anyone has any ideas on where we could find one I would appreciate it. We hunted the north boundry and the northwest corner and there...
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