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    Smoked Breakfast Fat Daddy!!!

    Pecan-smoked, bacon wrapped, sausage stuffed, Western and jalapeño omelet with pepper jack cheese breakfast roll............ Girls are gone to Denver for a week, shows and Rockies games. I can eat what I want!! Let you know tomorrow morning, after two hours on the smoker, how it turns out. I...
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    Bunch of Dumbazzes who obviously don't spend much time on boats. The guy with the camera could have helped by moving those rods into the cabin in about 2 seconds, and as soon as a fish hits the deck, cut off that terminal gear and clear out of the way!!!!
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    Last Night's Pork - BBQ

    Made a good pulled pork nachos for lunch also!!
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    Glassing chair

    Normally I just sit on the ground on my pad. if it is cold and wet or muddy, I like to be up off the ground. The wife has a bad back, so on our last trip to the PGA golf tournament I bought her one of these portable stools from GCI. She loved it, and I found it so comfortable that I stole it...
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    Last Night's Pork - BBQ

    SS: That looks amazing. A friend and I were talking yesterday about good Chinese food places to try here in IF. It has been too long, and I need to refill for sure!!
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    Last Night's Pork - BBQ

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    Mixed grill

    Love sharing the duties. Beautiful meal coming.
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    Pigs are Delicious!!

    Thinking that we need to order 3 naps, pronto!! Ate too much. Turned into pork carnitas while it was still hot and juicy, pork belly candy, pickled Vidalia onions, and guacamole with home made chips!! Vacuum-packed 3 more family sized meals, and enough BBQ pork for tomorrows dinner.
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    The true answer is "It depends!" Ones that actively follow the market, know true values and local trends, and provide good service and marketing can make you substantially more money than they cost. I have sold several homes myself, and it really is not difficult. In fact, the title company...
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    Breaded Pronghorn sliders.

    Very tasty!! Where's the eggs???
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    How is Bess 21,000 posts more than me?

    3/4 of them are just saying Hell F'N Right??? :)
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    So you think you're tough....

    Not only caught him once, but grabbed him TWICE!!! And alcohol wasn't even involved.
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    Double Decker Pepperjack Smashburger Tonight

    BBQ'ing under the patio, and watching it pour 2 inches of rain. Man oh man, we needed this here. Hope my son is getting a bunch of rain on his fires in Oregon!!!. Big sausage buns, so made long smashburgers tonight, pepper jack cheese, lettuce tomato onion, and bacon. Finished with Tots.
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    26 quarts of happiness

    New one on me; sounds delicious tho!
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    26 quarts of happiness

    Have been stocking mine up, lots of hot spicy Chile and stews already put up. Wife wanted to start making raspberry freezer jam today, and our local grocery is going to start roasting Hatch chiles next week!! Fun time of the summer.
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    Blaze Orange Clarification

    Less than 400!!!
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    Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream

    Seems to taste sweeter, and warmer softens the ice cream!
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    Utah Muzzy Scope Controversy

    If you want to limit harvest, increase opportunity, and control technology just follows Idaho's muzzy regs. Loose powder, flint or percussion only, no 209's, lead conicals or round balls (no sabots or hyperdynamic alloy bullets). Open or peep sights, if you need a scope to see, limit it to IDFG...
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    Friday Night Italian

    Girls wanted Italian tonight, but ruled out my suggestions of pizza, spaghetti, and anything with red sauce. That left me with white, and bread!!! Chicken and ricotta stuffed big pasta shells, lots of parmesan, mozzarella, and Alfredo sauce. Hadn't had bruschetta for a while now, so threw that...
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    Roadkill bulls

    My buddy survived this one late last night!!!
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    Apply for San Juan Trophy Bull Hunt

    Nice! Hope its everything you hoped for. Congrats.
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    RIP. Thx for the fine rifles and memories I have made with all of mine!!
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    Never trust a man without sweat stains in his cowboy hat

    Better take it easy on Liz. Daddy Dick might invite you to go quail hunting!! :)
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    Hatch Chile Wrapped Shrimp

    Happy wife, happy life!! :)
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    Hatch Chile Wrapped Shrimp

    Girls only wanted leftovers, so I got to have hot and spicy tonight. Got out a package of Hatch chiles from the freezer, sautéed up some shrimp, then wrapped, egg washed, and rolled in Panko. Threw them in the air fryer for 8 minutes. Perfect with cucumbers salad, Spanish rice, and a rum&Coke.
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    Thoughts, Opinions and Nonsense!

    The little Frenchies are worthless, but cute as heck. Just like kids, after a few days - send them home. No reason to ever have a cat!!
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    Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream

    I love peaches in any form. These were pitted and then skinned and grilled. If they aren't perfectly ripe, you can microwave an additional 30-60 seconds. Chop up and mix with ice cream! One of the best fruits of summer!!
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    Dude gets my vote for "Hold My Beer" award

    My defensive load in the motorhome when traveling is my 10 ga, 3.5" with copper plated #2's. Handguns in the house.
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    Grilled Peaches and Ice Cream

    Topping off the food coma!!!
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    Prime Rib Racks Tonight

    Tony (OW) would be proud. We were always buying big rib roasts, and saving the racks for later. Whether we cooked roasts or made ribeye steaks out of them, they didn't go to waste. Found a pack in the freezer today, and they were perfect for dinner. The girls liked them a lot!!
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    More to Worry About than Grizzlies!!!

    Feel sorry for them. What a way to end a trip!!
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    Thoughts, Opinions and Nonsense!

    My Grand dogs "Dumb and Dumber"!!!
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    Thanksgiving in August

    Man oh Man, I love sweet potatoes, any way-shape-or form!! Especially with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon tho!! Grilled the veggies, had cukes and tomatoes in red wine vinegar, and watermelon for dessert. Oh yeah, the ribeyes were good too. :)
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    Better than Subway

    ...and no line. Smoked turkey, pepper jack, LTO, and banana peppers. Yum!!!
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    Beer Batter Shrimp and Armadillo Eggs

    First ones I ever made, just thought of it the night before. I did like the taste and softness of the avocado, with the cheese but a whole one with the fried shrimp was almost too much. I really do like the Texas style eggs better, where they stuff the jalepenos with cheese, pack sausage around...
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    Another day, no grizzly fatalities

    Some guys have all the luck!! :)
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    Texas Drawn Hunts catalog is now on line

    Today is first deadline. Probably draw for alligator tomorrow. Next deadline Aug 15th for archery hunts.
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    Beer Batter Shrimp and Armadillo Eggs

    Large fried shrimp and armadillo eggs (chopped shrimp and cheese stuffed avocados). Sweet chili dipping sauce and iced tea.
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    Another day, no grizzly fatalities
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    A silly Wife dispute

    ICM: next you're gonna tell us you have a unicorn in the corral too, but at least that's believable!! :)
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