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  1. philthy

    Green Chile Crabcake Sammich

    Picked up a pound of lump blue crab meat and threw together some sandwiches with butter lettuce and tomato. Sure was good with a cold cerveza on a hot day! A little green chile mixed in the crab kicked it up a notch. We'll toss the leftover cakes in the air fryer later.
  2. philthy

    RIP OW

    This sucks. God bless and thank you Tony for making our world a better place! You will truly be missed.
  3. philthy

    Birds on the grill

    We got a jar of mango habanero glaze and Japanese bbq sauce from Costco, so I did a little experimenting. Spatcocked a corninsh hen and brined it and a couple duck legs for 24 hours. Marinated the duck in the bbq sauce for 30 minutes and threw everything in the GMG pellet smoker for 2 hours...
  4. philthy

    Once-in-a-Lifetime Trophies Photo Contest

    My 2020 rocky mountain bighorn from the Taos Gorge in NM.
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  6. philthy

    Once-in-a-Lifetime Trophies Photo Contest

    My 2016 desert bighorn from White Sands Missile Range, NM
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  8. philthy

    Chimayo Red Chile Elk

    It's a New Mexico chile, pretty similar to Hatch. I guess it's an heirloom thing and a nice day trip for us lol. I've made this with whatever dried red chile I've had on hand and it's been great. Forgot to add we add more garlic because that's the way we roll and we also run it through the...
  9. philthy

    Chimayo Red Chile Elk

    In the mood for red chile this evening since it was a little cool after the wind storm yesterday. My better half had a smotherd burrito and I went with it over rice and cheese. Doubled the recipe for 3 pounds of meat. Sorry about the white spots on the's well used! 🤣 The red wine...
  10. philthy

    New Mexico wild fires , looking bad for many elk units

    I didn't see anything west of Albuquerque today, other than the fire in the Jemez 6A/6C, and obviously the area northeast of Santa Fe. Haven't been south in a few days. Even though I didn't draw this year, I'll try to keep you guys updated on what I see. Keep in mind, the FAA still tells us...
  11. philthy

    Grouper fish and chips

    Not sure how to describe it, lol. To me, it's not fishy but really firm and flakey. Really mild flavored. It's flakey like a walleye (my favorite!) but not as sweet. Probably my favorite salt water fish! Pretty hard to find and it's a little spendy, but non fish lovers usually like it. Not near...
  12. philthy

    New Mexico wild fires , looking bad for many elk units

    This is from this afternoon when I was flying back from lunch in Amarillo. Hermit Peak/Calf Canyon. $65M and counting on this fire alone!
  13. philthy

    Grouper fish and chips

    One of those rare times we agree on something for dinner! For the batter, I used 1 cup of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1 teaspoon of salt. Pat the filets dry and lightly coat in the dry batter. Then I mixed in half a bottle of Corona into the batter and dredged the filets.
  14. philthy

    Fires in New Mexico

    Hermit Peak fire flying back from Amarillo this afternoon. Seeing it from the air is a whole other thing! I read this afternoon that the bill is $65M and counting for this fire alone.
  15. philthy

    Didn't feel so chipper...

    Some green chile on it would have "chippered" you right up, Tony! Hope you're feeling better!
  16. philthy

    Seafood Porn

    My future son in law works at a seafood wholesaler and brought over about 8 pounds of grouper filets, so I had to pull out all the stops! Pan seared filets with blackened seasoning. Coconut rice and a mango coconut salsa. Used a jalapeno according to the recipe, but I'm gonna add some diced...
  17. philthy

    Question for fellow Veterans .

    Nothing for me this year, but I've had a couple elk tags and both species of bighorn were under the reduced price.
  18. philthy

    Shows/Bands you’d still go to see!

    My fiancee got us tickets for my birthday last September to see Eric Clapton and Jimmy Vaughn in Houston. 20th row, center stage. Fantastic show!
  19. philthy

    Post up your draws

    I guess a bunch of us are going duck hunting!!! 🤣🤣🤣 All red.
  20. philthy

    Post up your draws

    Excellet! Welcome to the club and I hope you get a cranker!
  21. philthy

    Draw must be getting close

    With all the duck dynasty wannabes in this state, that's cruel and unusual punishment!🤣
  22. philthy

    Crusted Halibut and Dessert

    Parmesan and panko crusted halibut, hashbrown and cheddar casserole, plus a little fresh fruit. My fiancee made an apple tart that was begging for a little Blue Bell French Vanilla!
  23. philthy

    Draw is happening

    Resident here. Cow elk, oryx, pronghorn and BHS ewe. Hope a few people on here get a BHS ram tag. I'm retired from that game, so you guys have at it! 🤣
  24. philthy

    Rosette Pasta

    Tried to replicate my fiance's dinner at Ristorante Limoncello in Boston and it was damn close. Rosette pasta stuffed with panchetta and parmesano reggiano. Tomato cream sauce with crimini mushrooms and white truffle oil. First time making pasta with the new Kitchenaid pasta attachment and I...
  25. philthy

    Lamb Chops Sous Vide

    I was the same way and finally took the plunge! Set it for the internal temp you want and let it ride. My war department decided she wanted to eat 30 minutes later. Add 30 minutes and it maintains the temp. No cold food or boot leather. Can't wait to try it on pork chops since they dry out if...
  26. philthy

    Lamb Chops Sous Vide

    Made extra thick lamb chops sous vide for dinner tonight and they were amazing! 128° for 2.5 hours, then seared on the stovetop with butter in a 130+ year old Erie #6 cast iron skillet. Baby bella mushrooms sautéed in butter, garlic infused olive oil and red wine. Mashed Yukon gold taters. I'll...
  27. philthy

    Low Tide at Coney Island...

    That looks great! I bought a Green Mountain Grill Daniel Boone pellet grill last year and got the pizza attachment to go with it. Set the grill to about 275 and inside the attachment it gets up to 600-650°. A pizza is done in about 4 minutes! It's great for the grandkids to build their own and...
  28. philthy

    Son in. Law got his desert ram

    Excellent! Unless he shrinks a TON, he'll make the lifetime book! That's a beautiful ram.
  29. philthy

    Sheep mount help

    Here are both of mine. My desert is going uphill like yours and it doesn't have near the bend. Did I notice a "crease" in front of the hind leg, or is it just my old eyes? My rocky is pretty smooth there. I had a ton of offers to do my sheep, including a LS for $3500 and a 6 month turnaround. I...
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  32. philthy

    Alaska Today!!!

    Great job! That's a pretty ram.
  33. philthy

    Is It True?

    Oh, I don't know about that here in NM. If they come up with more money to sit on the couch, more people will apply. I wouldn't put anything past this "government" the loonies voted for!
  34. philthy

    NM Bighorn

    You're right, Paul. I got a message from someone in Las Vegas who's son drew a desert tag in the Caballos this year, but that's all I've heard about. Draw odds are miserable everywhere, but NM at least gives everyone a chance from the first year. I drew my desert tag after 3 years and the rocky...
  35. philthy

    Parmesan crusted halibut

    Fired up the pellet grill this afternoon for parmesan crusted halibut, served with wild rice and cucumber salad. 1/2 cup shredded parmesan 1/4 cup salted butter, softened 1 tbsp mayonnaise 1 tbsp sour cream 3 tbsp chopped chives Halibut filets Preheat grill to 375. Cover a grill safe pan...
  36. philthy

    Spatchcock Chicken

    Here ya go! I stumbled across this recipe and I think it's a keeper. I also used a little Kinder's Buttery Steakhouse and Stubb's chicken rub before I threw it on the grill.
  37. philthy

    Spatchcock Chicken

    First time making spatchcocked chicken the other night and it's the most amazing yard bird I've ever eaten. To spatchcock, simply cut down both sides of the backbone and remove it. Cut through the breast bone, but leave the chicken halves connected with the skin. Pound it out a little so it lays...
  38. philthy

    Deer shanks

    Oh man, that looks good! I've got a couple bighorn shanks in the freezer that I may try that way.
  39. philthy

    results up. all red!

    Got a 51 cow tag and feel damn fortunate to get that! Hearing from friends, it sounds like a real blood bath this morning. Congrats to everyone that drew!
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