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    SOLD Pew pews for sale

    Got a few guns that need new homes 1. Smith and Wesson M&P Shield .40 Holster wear and some rust from sitting in my sweat 😂 $250 multiple mags and a bunch of rounds go with it. 2. Christensen arms custom 325 WSM ona browning a bolt action 4-12x44 swaro glass on top box of rounds power point...
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    Wanted Remington uml primers

    Looking for these if anyone has them
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    Participating in the committee meetings for the upcoming utah elk plan has placed previously held opinions in stark reality. Currently, 90,000~ applicants are vying for 2200 LE elk tags. If we stopped taking applications this year it would take 43~years to clear. Monroe mountain would take 100~...
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    Finally. Wade’s toes are getting warm…
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    Who doesn’t love kill shots?

    Cause who doesn’t love kill shots?
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    ISO late season Bull elk/whitetail guaranteed tags

    Flexible on dates and state. 2021 season Looking for possible cancellation hunts or just something available.
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    ISO guaranteed landowner late season elk tags

    Flexible on state and dates
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    In person RAC?

    Thinking about going to the RAC tonight but forgot that it might not be an in person meeting. Anyone know if it is or online?
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    ISO large rifle primers

    Me and everyone else obviously, but I’ll buy if you’ll part with them. Willing to drive anywhere within 2-3 hrs of Heber Utah for pick up cash or Venmo
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    Post season ‘snatch is in the tank’ thread

    Hunters from mid 20’s to 81 yrs young. Couple 1st ever bulls one 1st ever animal. Struck out on the archery, 0-3 hunted harder then we can ever remember. Bulls from 320”-373”. Excited for next year!
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    Time for my annual 'the wasatch is just fine' post.

    I keep seeing the 'snatch is in the tank' narrative. While it presents its own unique challenges as a LE hunt, here's a handful of bulls from the last two seasons that suggest the sky is still up. These are across all seasons, with a range of hunters with varying capabilities. 320-380+.
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    $1000 bucks

    BLM offering $1000 to adopt a wild horse....I smell a dog food business about to start Adopt horse, shoot horse, sell horse for dog food.
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    Why? Yelum?

    I gotta ask, while both of the island deer were slammers and truly one of a kind amazing in their own ways, I've seen several pics of deer that looked better too me. So why these bucks? Any insight??
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    Another Henry's buck

    My dad got the buck he wanted. It was truly a once in a lifetime hunt, we were blessed from start to finish. Everything came together from stumbling into Doyle while scouting and his generous offer to help us out, to hunting together as a family for the first time in a long while, I can't say...
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    first day henry's buck or no?

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-26-15 AT 04:40PM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p]Whatcha think founder?? big enough for you?
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    Arizona gov tag

    436" tank
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    why cant i post?

    Everytime I try it says forbidden page? Have I been banned??
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    My card got hit

    Last night at 12:05 for a deer tag....
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    couple of freaks and a guess the score video...

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-05-15 AT 08:53PM (MST) by Founder (admin)[p]Pulled a camera from last year yesterday and these two 'spikers' are on it. What say you, good genetics? freaks? twins from birth? interesting to have two in the same area at the same time though! I am sure they are different, it...
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    Looking for a good deed

    I'm just testing the water here wondering if there's anyone who might have an avenue to take. Learned about a fella last night that has been recently diagnosed with MS and lost his dad. The guy wants to do an elk hunt because it was his favorite thing to do with his dad. I and a couple other...
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    Looking for a good deed

    I'm just testing the water here wondering if there's anyone who might have an avenue to take. Learned about a fella last night that has been recently diagnosed with MS and lost his dad. The guy wants to do an elk hunt because it was his favorite thing to do with his dad. I and a couple...
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    AZ question

    I'm new to putting in as of this year yesterday, mostly just found out that it was still open and went out on a limb and put in. So my question is, I put in for 23 late general. I'm hoping that means any weapon in utard speak?? And is this unit worth a darn?? I don't care to draw immediately...
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    application dates?

    I'm curious to know if its possible to get a permanent thread that has the year to year application dates and reminders on here? One that residents or good Samaritans could throw a reminder into now and again about upcoming deadlines and such?
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    Had a pretty good month

    LAST EDITED ON Nov-18-14 AT 06:56PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Nov-18-14 AT 03:39?PM (MST) Just killed my best buck And a pretty good Wasatch late bull!
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    basin standard And people wonder why basinites hold such a special place in utahn's hearts....
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    wasatch cow tag debacle is ending....

    Sounds like the cow tags on the snatch are out or on the way out for a couple few years....Greg Sheehan finally got one too many calls and put the foot down...
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    BCB, ELKASS, whatever you are...

    Thought I saw you in vernal last night, was you at that rip roarin hoopla???
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    fess up....

    can everyone else see the ad for the game 'league of angels'??? How many of you are playing right now?? All the jiggle that is in that ad has snared a few of you I know it! Slammy want's no part of it he doesn't like girls with that much curve real or not but I know Bessie, Fdude, and dryboob...
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    Dirty dogs!

    anyone seen this? stumbled across it on facebook, news stories and original poster claims that the dogs were 'ripped apart' by wolves.....those are the cleanest dang ripped apart dogs ever!
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    wasatch bull

    Can't remember if i ever put this one here it is last day wasatch bull!
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    nother couple snatch bulls

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    350 wasatch bull

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    most demeaning insult??

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-29-12 AT 10:13AM (MST)[p]the list of terms and phrases one can use to demean or insult is long, what ones would top it?? if you happened to need to pull out the worst what weapons will you throw out?? My personal fav, for intelligent situations only The most useful thing...
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    Biggest D bag on the forums.....

    LAST EDITED ON Aug-05-12 AT 06:53PM (MST)[p]So throwing offense out the window just an honest statement of opinion who would qualify for biggest D bag award on the forums??? my vote is for myself first and then STINKBUG hands down after..... ok i had to alter this a bit, SLAM AND KILO take the...
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    strawberry rainbow rush!!

    Contest on the Berry starts May 26 there will be 300 tagged Rainbows. 6 Cash Fish: 1 $25,000 2 $10,000, 3 $2,000 3 Camp Chef Grand prizes 100 Camp Chef Prizes to be won for the 1st hundred caught. If you catch a tagged fish turn it in to one of the four marina's on the lake, the number goes...
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    beav seniors bull.....

    LAST EDITED ON Oct-07-11 AT 01:59PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Oct-07-11 AT 01:56?PM (MST) Beautiful bull killed the second to last day on the rifle hunt.... For all the score junkies out there here are some hints put your best into it and THOSE THAT ALREADY KNOW PLEASE DON'T POST...
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    Zeke, Patientlywaiting, others.....

    I know you just PM'd me Zeke but i'm curious how all the wasatch hunters did..... In my estimation it was an incredibly tough year, just too kill a bull was an accomplishment let alone to kill a good one..... My rifle hunter killed a 290-300 bull on the last hour of the last day, my muzz...
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    Wasatch HELP?????

    My cousins half dead twice removed uncles left nut drew the tag and needs help...... We have been in the area before but haven't scouted much this year for any number of the following reasons No time, gas is too expensive, too lazy, a friend of a friend has offered to help us but now can't...
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    hey horsecreek.....

    I hear someone in your neck of the woods done smoked a famous bull that hung out in your back yard all winter...... 394...... The one with the giant thirds, i guess he regrew the double second this year if you are familiar with the bull i speak of.... Hmmm first two bulls i hear of dead in UT...
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