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  1. Orion_23

    DIY South Dakota and Nebraska with OTC archery tags

    2021 harvests in Gregory
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  5. Orion_23

    DIY South Dakota and Nebraska with OTC archery tags

    Success rates vary depending on whether a guy can shoot, hunts the wind, and in general knows what they are doing. If you’re a good hunter then I would say you will see great deer and have a good chance at killing one. I can give you a couple MM members that have hunted these properties in the...
  6. Orion_23

    DIY South Dakota and Nebraska with OTC archery tags

    Still looking for a pair of guys to hunt Whitetails on 600 acres in Gregory Co, SD. Would be the only two for the year. Up to 4 guys to whitetail hunt a 6000 acre Gregory County ranch the last week of October. Archery mule deer and WT in West River (Mellette County) and East River (Hughes...
  7. Orion_23

    DIY South Dakota and Nebraska with OTC archery tags

    Tripp County, SD and NE hunts are full. Mellette County, SD mule deer/whitetail hunt for 2-3 archers still open Gregory County, SD 6000 acres can take 3-4 archers the end of October. Also, 600 acres on Ponca Creek in Gregory County open for 2 archers (only ones all year on this place/archery...
  8. Orion_23

    Secondary draw Hunting statistics.

    Where can you find the link to secondary draw odds?
  9. Orion_23

    DIY South Dakota and Nebraska with OTC archery tags

    Update to what’s available. Mule deer hunts in Jackson County are full. If you want to chase mule deer with a bow there is still the opportunity to chase them in Mellette County on 2300 acres. Good deer numbers of both species and a place to stay. Irrigated corn fields with cedar draws just...
  10. Orion_23

    DIY South Dakota and Nebraska with OTC archery tags

    Several opportunities here for those still wanting to hunt mule deer or whitetails this fall. Plenty of MM guys for references and pics from properties. 10,000 acres in Western SD with both species present. Corn/alfalfa/wheat along the White River with a place to stay. 150 plus WTs and 160...
  11. Orion_23

    DIY Turkeys and Deer

    Update on an antelope hunt on 7500 acres in Jackson County. Only one hunter for the year. You will need at least 1 preference point to draw the tag. Lodging/UTV included. $1200. Also, there are a couple Gregory County archery hunts still available. Lots of ground to hunt and limited numbers...
  12. Orion_23

    DIY Turkeys and Deer

    The turkey hunts are taken. DIY archery mule deer and whitetail hunts still available. You would be the only archers for the season on these properties. For SD residents, I have an East River rancher looking for two gun hunters. MD and WT along the breaks in Hughes County. He would also...
  13. Orion_23

    Private Land, Unguided Elk Hunts in Colorado

    Click on the link. It’s under “hunting rates” From what I can read most are otc units but of course 1st and 4th elk/muzzy or deer would be a draw. States most of time a 0-2 pt tag.
  14. Orion_23

    DIY Turkeys and Deer

    The turkey hunts could be any dates that fit your schedule. I have a father/daughter hunting May 7-12. Im only looking for a pair of hunters on each 3000 acre parcel so there will be plenty of room and opportunity. Some of you have asked for deer pics. These are from the Gregory Co ground.
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  20. Orion_23

    DIY Turkeys and Deer

    Turkey hunt near Springview, NE. 2 separate 3000 acre parcels taking 2 hunters each. $1250 includes 2 birds and lodging. Mellette County SD archery deer. Mule deer and WT present. 2300 acres. Any 6 days up to Nov 8th. $1800 with lodging. Gregory County SD archery deer. Whitetail hunt. 6600...
  21. Orion_23

    SD turkey, antelope and deer opportunities

    Hello everybody, I thought I would throw this out for a late season last minute opportunity. December archery hunt on a ranch in Jackson County, SD that most of the deer hang in the two miles of White River bottom. 40 acres of winter wheat just coming into its prime. The harvest this year...
  22. Orion_23

    2021 Success

    I appreciate your posts and love following your adventures. good luck at the end of October
  23. Orion_23

    SD turkey, antelope and deer opportunities

    If anyone has interest in hunting a Merriam in the badlands of SD I have two spots available. You would need to grab a preference point which is available now for $10 to get a tag in 2022. Cabin on the river with electric/hot shower/stove/pellet grill The hunters have gone 5 for 5. References...
  24. Orion_23

    2021 Trailcam Photos Contest

    Should be a fun year
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  27. Orion_23

    Colorado Eastern Plains Archery Vouchers

    The WT hunt has been taken. The 5 day guided archery mule deer hunt with tag/lodging is still available.
  28. Orion_23

    Colorado Eastern Plains Archery Vouchers

    An outfitter I have known for a couple years let me know he has two vouchers available. They are the unit 122 vouchers which let you hunt most of the units directly north and south of the Arkansas River. He wants $4k for a 5 day fully guided bowhunt for mule deer/tag/lodging. The other...
  29. Orion_23

    Nebraska Mule Deer Hunting

    Similar experience here. Hunted Pine Ridge years ago. Cool country but there isn’t a place you could get more than a mile or two from a road. Was great from what my buddies tell me 10 years ago. Until they start limiting tags a bit it will just be an enjoyable time with friends but not a great...
  30. Orion_23


    I tried to attach a short clip of this guy on the hoof from the first night of my hunt in Colorado. I passed him on day 1 and got lucky and harvested him on day 5. If the video won’t post I’ll try to get a still shot of him to do so. I would guess he was over 300. I have never been one to weigh...
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  32. Orion_23

    A couple good bucks back.

    You sure get on some good ones! Congrats and keep the pictures coming!
  33. Orion_23

    SD turkey, antelope and deer opportunities

    This makes the ranch 3 for 3 with hunters fulfilling their hunt for Merriam’s. For anyone that has interest in a very reasonably priced hunt for a Merriam’s Turkey in South Dakota please PM me. One point will guarantee a tag for a NR. Two points and you will have a 50% chance at a second tag.
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  37. Orion_23

    SD turkey, antelope and deer opportunities

    We have never harvested one off the ranch. I saw two nice bucks in 2019 and last years hunters saw quite a few. The herds come on and off the ranch. The rancher leases the grazing rights and has good access to thousands of acres north of the ranch. I believe there may only be one Jackson...
  38. Orion_23

    S. Dakota

    I have hunted SD for years. What Stillwater says is spot on. I have hunted both public and private. I tend to hunt with some older fellas, including my father, that can’t cover the ground that I can and I want to enjoy the experience with them so have leaned towards the private ground trespass...
  39. Orion_23

    Deer Hunts unit 127 and 126

    Outwest Adventures. I’ll jump in here as I know Rob. The Eastern Plains can be the wild west at times. Big name outfitters along with some small hometown operations. You don’t know what you are going to get at times. You can pay 5k or you can pay 12-15k. I hunted a large parcel for a healthy...
  40. Orion_23

    SD turkey, antelope and deer opportunities

    The only opportunity from above that is still available is a spot for two archery hunters to be the only ones on a 600 acre lease in Gregory County SD. High deer numbers. The pic below was killed off the lease last year. A couple ladders stands already hung and you can bring a stand or blind...
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