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  1. Orion_23

    DIY South Dakota and Nebraska with OTC archery tags

    Several opportunities here for those still wanting to hunt mule deer or whitetails this fall. Plenty of MM guys for references and pics from properties. 10,000 acres in Western SD with both species present. Corn/alfalfa/wheat along the White River with a place to stay. 150 plus WTs and 160...
  2. Orion_23

    DIY Turkeys and Deer

    Turkey hunt near Springview, NE. 2 separate 3000 acre parcels taking 2 hunters each. $1250 includes 2 birds and lodging. Mellette County SD archery deer. Mule deer and WT present. 2300 acres. Any 6 days up to Nov 8th. $1800 with lodging. Gregory County SD archery deer. Whitetail hunt. 6600...
  3. Orion_23

    Colorado Eastern Plains Archery Vouchers

    An outfitter I have known for a couple years let me know he has two vouchers available. They are the unit 122 vouchers which let you hunt most of the units directly north and south of the Arkansas River. He wants $4k for a 5 day fully guided bowhunt for mule deer/tag/lodging. The other...
  4. Orion_23

    SD turkey, antelope and deer opportunities

    I had posted some of these hunts last year and met a great group of hunters though the site. Thank you all for the quality conversations over the last year. There are several opportunities here. I have included some pics. I can be more specific if you PM me. On an 8k acre ranch in Jackson...
  5. Orion_23

    Western Kansas Whitetail and Mule Deer

    First off, thanks to all of you that responded to a post I had a couple months ago in response to a ranch I leased in South Dakota. I’m hoping everyone will have great hunts in the years to come. I mentioned at the end of the post that I may be needing some hunters on a Kansas lease and I am...
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