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    Rokon Package deal
  2. deerhuntr4885

    Looking to buy Recreation Land N. Idaho?

    Guys, I could really use your advice. My wife and I are looking to buy some land with or without a cabin in North Idaho. If without, we will build one. I do not usually hunt North Idaho but I know there is good WT and elk In some areas. The wife wants lake front, I want something a little...
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    Wyoming land owner tag questions

    Hello all, I am thinking of trying to buy some property in WY. I am a non-resident, I know that you have to own at least 160 acres to qualify for landowner tags. I heard that you are eligible for 2 tags per species found on your property. With those tags, can you hunt the state land in the...
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    Showstopper prints are awesome

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-24-18 AT 10:49PM (MST)[p]Hey guys, I am not one for advertising someone's product but I think this product is special. I sent a bunch of pics to Showstopper Prints (advertised here on MM) from my 2017 antelope hunt with my 5 year old son, the antelope was no trophy but the...
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    Looking for a late season elk guide

    Well, I think my friends and I are finally going to break down and book a guided elk hunt. It has nothing to,do with our skill levels. One is an elk,guide in WA and my buddy and I have horses and have packed into WA, ID and MT backcountry many times. We just want a relaxing hunt where someone...
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    Thinking of hunting Unit 28 in December

    I still have an ID deer tag and I am too addicted to quit for the year. I was looking at Unit 28. Does anybody have any info they would b willing to share AND does anybody want to hunt it with me? I would most likely just hunt a few days from a motel. Mike Henne
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    Is anybody hunting wolves?

    I would think a year like this would show a lot of hunting success. Anybody hunting them? Any success? Pretty quiet around here. I have been thinking of making a trip over to take shot at it. Any thoughts? Mike Henne
  8. deerhuntr4885

    Looking for company on a late season elk hunt

    I am headed to Unit 23 later this week for an elk hunt. I was there earlier and by buddy killed a bull. I am going back until the end. Was thinking that if someone familiar with the area wanted to tag along it would probably help a lot. I will be staying at the lodge in Alcova and heading up...
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    Any suggestions for butcher and taxidermist in Rawlins area? Thanks Mike Henne
  10. deerhuntr4885

    Come on WY!

    Come on! Hurry up and draw already! 😩😀 Mike Henne
  11. deerhuntr4885

    Need a hunting partner

    I have a trip planned to unit 19 on November 10th for 5-6 days but my partner cancelled. Anybody interested in hunting with me for muleys and whitetails? I have had good luck meeting some great guys on here over the years and made a lot of friends, once again, I am hoping to get lucky. Bucks...
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    I know we are all pretty much in the same boat as far as heat but how are the muleys doing in your areas? Do you think horn growth is suffering? Mike Henne
  13. deerhuntr4885

    Hoping for some hospitality and a new friend

    Hoping for some hospitality and a new friend LAST EDITED ON Jul-27-14 AT 10:51PM (MST)[p]I am headed to Fort Collins October 20-24 for a seminar. I am a cop in WA state and an experienced deer and elk hunter. Non-drinker or smoker. Hunted MT, ID, WY and WA before. I was hoping I could tag...
  14. deerhuntr4885

    Missing 2 horses Pasayten Wilderness

    We are missing our 2 horses after a lightning/thunderstorm that passed through the area earlier this week. 1 sorrel mare (brownish red with blonde mane and tail) and 1 paint white brown/black with one blue eye. Believed to have broken their hobbles according to earlier tracking this week. If...
  15. deerhuntr4885

    Need partner for deer hunt

    I have had some really good luck finding good partners on here to hunt with. I am again in need of a partner. This is really short notice but is anybody interested in hunting Dixie, ID this Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues? It is mule deer in the rut. It is an OK hunt. I have killed one nice buck...
  16. deerhuntr4885

    I need a partner this weekend- Idaho

    I have had some really good luck finding good partners on here to hunt with. I am again in need of a partner. This is really short notice but is anybody interested in hunting Dixie, ID this Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues? It is mule deer in the rut. It is an OK hunt. I have killed on nice buck...
  17. deerhuntr4885

    Funny story!

    I have never been prouder of my 6 year old nephew! Last weekend I was telling my family about a dream I had the night before. I told them that I had dreamed that I was hunting two really big bucks. They were across the canyon from me and no matter what I did I could not get into range for a...
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    Late elk success?

    Anybody having any luck since they extended the season? What's going on? Any elk movement? Snow? I hope you guys are slaying em over there. Mike Henne
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    My 2008 MT Elk hunt (part three)

    So my elk was in the bag. Bob still had a cow tag to fill and I had a deer tag. We were both pretty tired. We decided to take it easy the next day. We went for a drive around the area and took some photos. We located a Block Management ranch completely by accident. We saw two hunters...
  20. deerhuntr4885

    My 2008 MT elk hunt (part 2)

    The next morning Bob and I headed back up the trail in the dark. It was really clear and cold. As I rode in the dark I kept glancing up at the crystal clear sky admiring all the stars. At times we could just barely see the moon coming up over the horizon through the trees. Moonrise was...
  21. deerhuntr4885

    My 2008 MT elk hunt (w/ pics)

    October 21st found me sitting in front of my computer feeling sorry for myself because my hunting partner cancelled our trip to Montana. Believe it or not it took us four years to draw the big game combo! I know....impossible. But it happened to us. Anyway..I was reading everyone else's...
  22. deerhuntr4885

    Rut activity?

    How is the rut going? Are the bulls still active? Hoping to head out this weekend and was just wondering how it was going. Mike Henne
  23. deerhuntr4885

    Marsupium packs?

    Anybody out there use the new Marsupium back packs yet? Sounds good if it works as advertised. If you have used it is the water bladder attached to the harness system or is it connected to the main pack? Mike Henne
  24. deerhuntr4885

    Marsupium packs?

    Anybody out there use the new Marsupium back packs yet? Sounds good if it works as advertised. If you have used it is the water bladder attached to the harness system or is it connected to the main pack? Mike Henne
  25. deerhuntr4885

    Unit 316 MT help

    We finally decided that we are going into unit 316 this year for elk and deer. We are going to Buffalo Creek from the Boulder River. I know there is an outfitter in Hellroaring Creek so we are going to try to stay out of their way. Any suggestions/advice for this area would be greatly...
  26. deerhuntr4885

    MT unit 151?

    Well, I finally drew the big game combo on my fourth attempt. I am looking at unit 151. I have four horses and was thinking about packing in somewhere. What do you guys think? Would this be a good unit for a mixed bag hunt? I have not narrowed it down to a specific destination yet. I have...
  27. deerhuntr4885

    Good WA buck

    LAST EDITED ON Apr-09-08 AT 06:24PM (MST)[p]I finally got permission from my friend to post his 2006 buck. It was killed on an archery hunt, general season tag, near the tri-cities. You gotta love the mass! Lucky bast@#d! Mike Henne
  28. deerhuntr4885

    Long or short stories?

    I have never been accused of being a man of few words. If you remember some of my stories on here, especially my Alberta saga a few years ago. I was just wondering what most people on here prefer for stories? I will start with what I like to see when I open a post: The first thing I look...
  29. deerhuntr4885

    Wahoo! got a 30/378

    I just bought a Weatherby Accumark 30/378. I bought it used topped with a Leupold 4.5X14. Had only a couple boxes shot through it. It looks brand new. $1495.00! Can't wait to shoot it. (once I can afford to buy a box of ammo. HAHAHA) Mike Henne
  30. deerhuntr4885

    Non res question?

    Can a non resident go to MT and buy an OTC tag to hunt this extended season? Thinking about going if that is the case. I have applied for three years and can not get a tag in the drawing. Mike Henne
  31. deerhuntr4885

    Depression sets in

    Is it just me? I like to hunt just about everything but right after deer season I go into a funk. It is over sooooo dang fast. I dream about deer hunting all year and then you blink and it's over. I keep looking for cheap hunts I could go on out of state but that is just dreaming. All I can...
  32. deerhuntr4885

    Exterior fogging

    I have SWARO 10X42 SLC's. Every time I put them to my eyes on a cold morning they fog instantly. How in the heck can I stop this from happening? What good is a $1300.00 pair of binos if you can't look through them for more then 5 seconds at a time? PLease help!! Mike Henne
  33. deerhuntr4885

    My 07 deer pic and story

    We left for Idaho on Oct. 18th. We arrived at the trail head about 3:00 PM on the 19th. I have two horses and we had planned on packing in about four miles and hunt higher from there. We got one horse loaded and was working on the other when I heard what sounded like a freight train coming up...
  34. deerhuntr4885

    Elk in Unit 17

    I'm thinking about doing a hunt in the wilderness in unit 17 some time in the future. What do you guys know about the area? Thinking about flying in to a wilderness airstrip and hiking out from there. Have no solid plans or specific areas picked out just toying with the idea. Any advice or...
  35. deerhuntr4885

    WA Cougar is new youth record!

    Well Chad took the Cougar to the Game Department and to the Taxidermist. They measured the skull and it is now unofficially the new state record for a youth hunter. I guess it crushed the old record by over and inch. BY the way it was a tom. Chad apperantly does not know how to have...
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    WA cougar photo

    Here it is.....I hope.
  37. deerhuntr4885

    Big Washington Cougar

    My hunting partner and his step-son went out last night looking for a bear. My partner Chad got out of the truck and walked to a cliff to glass below. Donny (the boy) was still getting his gear together at the truck. He started hissing to Chad and pointing into the brush. Chad could not see...
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    WA results posted!!

    LAST EDITED ON Jul-13-07 AT 07:13PM (MST)[p]LAST EDITED ON Jul-13-07 AT 07:07?PM (MST) Well they are up... Struck out again on everything! Good luck to all Mike Henne OK..>>wait a minute. It says results for 2006 but they choices are the same as last year and it lists me as a party...
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    First off...Congrats to all of you who are going to Montana. I have been applying for four years now and have private ground to hunt if successful but I can not get drawn! I hate this state! HAHAHA.. Seriously though... This really sucks! My hunting partner said that if we did not get drawn...
  40. deerhuntr4885

    Best .300 Weatherby factory round

    I'm thinking of buying a .300 Weatherby. I am looking for a good deer/elk round that holds together well and is good long range. I do not reload so I'm looking at factory loads only. All input will be considered. Thanks guys. Mike Henne
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