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  1. 257roberts

    SOLD RCBS universal hand primer and calipers.

    Just cleaning somethings up, RCBS universal hand primer and digital calipers. I live in Cache valley Utah, if you want any more pictures or have any questions please call or text. 1-435-760-5343 Calipers $55.00 shipped Universal hand primer $55.00 shipped
  2. 257roberts

    SOLD K&M Arbor Press

    Older model, but works great. If you want more pictures or have any questions please call or text me at 1-435-760-5343. Thanks $80.00 shipped
  3. 257roberts

    SOLD L.E. Wilson Micrometer seater Die

    This is for a 28 Nosler, in great shape. It also comes with the the VLD drift. I live in Cache Valley Utah, if you have any questions please call or text 1-435-760-5343. Thanks $95.00 Shipped
  4. 257roberts

    SOLD 7MM Weatherby Mag Brass

    50 brand new Norma brass 49 once fired 85 twice fired $95.00 Shipped I live in cache valley Utah call or text with any questions. 1-435-760-5343
  5. 257roberts

    SOLD Lieca 1600 B rangefinder

    Works great no scratches on glass. The coating is coming off on one side (see pictures). I don't know if it's because of being in the case, while I have been hunting. Live in cache valley Utah, if you want any more pictures or have any questions call or text 1435-760-5343. ASKING $300.00 shipped
  6. 257roberts

    SOLD Swarovski 12x50 EL with outdoorsman's stud

    These binoculars are in great shape. No scratches, dings, or nicks on glass or body of binoculars. I've always had the cover on the lenses. Used them for an elk hunt and antelope hunt this year. These are the newest model of EL's, they have the outdoorsmans stud put on them and comes with the...
  7. 257roberts

    SOLD Icon Pro 5200 ( BAG ONLY)

    This pack was used on one hike and has no stains, rips, or tears. All the zippers work and all the straps are there too. I think you would have a hard time telling that I even used the pack. I live in Cache Valley, asking for $160.00 ship to your door. 435-760-5343
  8. 257roberts

    Wanted 7mm 175 gr. Long Range AccuBond

    I am looking to do some load testing, I was hoping I would not have to buy a whole box. I thought I would check with you guys. Does anyone have any they would want to sell? 435-760-5343 Thanks guys.
  9. 257roberts

    SOLD Two Burris Scopes

    Fullfield II $200.00 I sent it in to have a turret put on it and then never put it back on the gun. The glass and scope are in great condition. C4 Plus $300.00 This one comes with Burris Signature rings and it does have two small scratches. (See picture) Also a neoprene scope cover. The glass is...
  10. 257roberts

    SOLD 7MM Weatherby Dies & Brass

    RCBS 7MM Weatherby Mag Dies, 49 once fired brass, 85 twice-fired brass, and 50 brand new Norma brass.The fire brass has been tumbled and cleaned just needs primer pockets cleaned. Asking $200.00 located in Logan Utah. Any questions or want more pic. call or text 1-435-760-5343.
  11. 257roberts

    Matthews Reezen 6.5 RH

    I have this great right hand bow package up for sale. It has a 28 inch draw and 70 lb limbs, but I have another cam that will make it a 29 or a 29.5 draw. It comes with 5 Gold Tip XT Hunter 5575 arrows with muzzy 100 grain broad heads, Matthews quiver, G5 Optix sight, Trophy Ridge rest, Scott...
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