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  1. Servehim

    Northbound tomorrow ( deer in 121)

    Scouted 121 in July, didn't see a lot in the heat of summer. Praying this trip is more bountiful, getting some weather and cold temperatures now. Planning on focusing in on the SW corner of the unit. Appreciate any words of wisdom from those in the know. I'm typically a bow/Muzzy...
  2. Servehim


    Question for MM faithful. Anyone used a glunking call to help bring in a bull? I've used an old bugle tube cut down to mimic a bull glunking ( pounding it on my leg or stomach) Curious if somebody might have a better way to reproduce that sound .
  3. Servehim

    Cleaning my breach plug

    Looking for some wisdom on the best solvent and techniques to clean my CVA breach plug guys . Also after how many shots using 777 do you recommend I pull it and clean it. Thanks in advance for your guys help.
  4. Servehim

    Is it worth 16 points?

    My brother and I drew the late archery tags for deer ( NR) in 121 . Applied because the dates worked for our calendar. Love chasing them with our bows but now questioning if the quality in 121 is worth our once in a lifetime hunt . Please help give us guidance MM faithful. Pm probably best ...
  5. Servehim

    Late deer unit 27

    Greetings, last year I had penciled in burning my deer points for the rut hunt, sadly they pulled that hunt out of the mix. Would anyone have a clue if it will be an option this year? Thanks MM faithful.
  6. Servehim

    Tripod for the 15's

    Greetings MM, any words of wisdom on an affordable lightweight tripod for my new glass. Have a nice one for my spotter but would like a backpack type tripod. Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.
  7. Servehim

    Solid Red

    Anyone have insight as to when the leftover tags go on sale ? Called NMGF and message stated still closed due to MLG .
  8. Servehim

    Well shucks, any ideas?

    Greetings guys, looking for words of wisdom on burning my 20 nr deer points this year. I was seriously considering the December rifle hunt in unit 27, that might seem crazy to a bunch of you but I've seen a few whoppers on the NM side. Burns a few years back intrigued me BUT that hunt...
  9. Servehim

    Thousand Lakes fishing

    I drew a muzzy deer tag and planning a scouting trip. I will be taking my canoe with trolling motor, hoping someone might steer me into a good small lake to fish . Any pointers on where to park my RV that would provide a hub to scout deer country. I hunted the unit several years back and focused...
  10. Servehim

    Wanted Searching for Tikka Wideland 6.5

    Anyone have any idea where I can find one ?
  11. Servehim

    New Traeger

    Well my wife and kiddos just bought me a new 32" smoker/ grill. I am pumped!!!! Couple of general questions. 1. What are you guys favorite brand of wood pellets ( does it make any real difference) ? they got me a bag of Traeger brand ( Premium? ) ,think its a blend of different woods. 2. I...
  12. Servehim

    Christian Hunters

    Greetings fellow believers, I know many on MM are devoted Christ followers. Jesus Christ changed my life dramatically in 1997 , I'm reaching out to you all asking you to support a program I stumbled across recently. It is called Limitless Outdoors and is shown Friday's 10:00 mst on Pursuit...
  13. Servehim

    Chasing the wind?

    Greeting MM guys, I would greatly appreciate any words of wisdom on a family deer hunt. Here is my situation, I'm going into 2019 with 16 pp , my son has 9 , and my brother 0 . I'm brainstorming on unit / units where my son could draw a 3rd season and I would draw a 4th season tag in the same...
  14. Servehim

    Kissing Cousins ?

    I see amazing similarities in James Comey standing before the microphones listing point after point of Hillary's reckless behavior , the list went on and on. Shocking everyone listening with his personal conclusion , no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute her ...WHAT????? Followed recently...
  15. Servehim

    Leftover tag status

    Solid Red for both my brother and I this year. Anyone have a guess when leftover tag information will be available ? Thx Jim
  16. Servehim

    32- 1 tag in hand

    I would appreciate some input from MM guys, decided to go hunt this year rather than continue to hold out for a 124 tag. I don't regret that call in the least, at this point anyway.Some of the input I received prior to my putting in for 32 was that there were tons of roads and lots of pressure...
  17. Servehim

    Unit 39 deer Muzzy?????

    Buddy of mine who now lives in Nevada ( NM native) Is totally bummed. Put in for some quality units but appearently plugged in the 4th choice option for SE quadrant. He drew 39 and is crying crockadile tears. I told him that there is the potential for some good bucks around Rowe, think it was...
  18. Servehim

    Black Canyon powder

    Going through my dads gun cabinet and found a container of "Black Canyon Powder" , it has to be 20+ years old. Is this dumpster material?
  19. Servehim


    Not sure how to handle this great dilemma . My brother and I each drew Great goat ( antelope) tags this year as NR but in different units. We love hunting together and need to figure out how to best utilize our tags. Both are any weapon tags 8-22 / 9-7, he drew 035 and I drew 065. Question to...
  20. Servehim


    My brother and I both drew Nev Antelope any weapon tags, problem is we love to hunt together and drew different units. He drew 035 and I drew 065 , any words of wisdom from MM team on wether it would be feasible to both hunt our tags as its a relatively long season (8-22/ 9-7) I think or should...
  21. Servehim

    Deer GMU 68/681

    Heading up to start scouting these units end of this month and hoping for a little wisdom. It will be a 3rd or 4th season tag , I'm hearing Trickle Mtn in 681 is a good starting point. I'll be reaching out to Biologist and Game Warden but nothing like a bit of MM Team advise. Thanks guys.
  22. Servehim

    Scoping my Muzzy

    Drew a couple of deer tags with my Muzzy this year, both NM and Utah allow scopes , so I'm plugging in one on my White. I'm shooting 100 gr Triple 7 with 480 gr bullets. If I want it zeroed in at 100yds where should I get it started at 25 yds? Thanks in advance guys. Plan on using a Leupold...
  23. Servehim

    Camping Question

    Hoping for a little help from Colorado locals in MM family. Taking family on a camping outting first week in June . I'll be starting out solo scouting GMU 68 for what I hope to be a upcoming deer hunt. Just hoping for a nice spot or two I could get into that early . Don't want to stay in any...
  24. Servehim

    Unit 60

    Can someone help me understand why unit 60 is such an easy draw? I know there is a good reason but looking from afar I see lots of public and located in between 61 and good units in Utah . Looking at 2nd choices and this appears to be something to explore. Thanks in advance MM Team. Jim
  25. Servehim

    Dems New Slogan

    I expect to see Hillary and Bernie out any day now with baseball hats trying to Trump the Donald. Hats will read " Making America Greece , Yes we Can"
  26. Servehim

    RNC Debate

    Logged in tonight expecting to see some dialogue . I thought the group overall was extremely impressive . I was not overly impressed with Trump or Paul but really liked Cruz,Rubio, Huckabee, and Kashich. Thought Walker, Bush, Christie,and Carson did very well but didn't excell. Walker though...
  27. Servehim

    ATV question

    Heading north to scout next week. Have my Atv registered and current in NM but curious if Nev requires and additional permitting to use up there . Anyone have knowledge if the requirements?
  28. Servehim

    Left over tags

    Any info on when they will be available ?
  29. Servehim

    Colo Antelope 81

    Hey guys, the Colo MM forum has much to be desired with their participation. Any NM guys have words of wisdom on 81. I drew with 14 NR pts and have maps in hand and potential starting points but know very little. I will be reaching out to Prime Beef as he has already helped me. Thx Jim
  30. Servehim

    Muzzy Bull 072...pumped

    I didn't draw squat but even better my Brother pulled a Great tag. I'm happier he drew than me getting it. Prime Rut, Great Genetics, and extended range as we are typically bow guys. HF says the wilderness is best.....hope they're wrong as no funds for outfitter plus not our style. Have a good...
  31. Servehim

    Antelope tag Co unit 81

    Hey MM team , drew the tag with 14 NR pts. So looking forward to hunting this unit, I have all the maps and starting points in mind as I've waited a long time. Choose this unit as its close to home in NM hence easier to scout. Appreciate any words of wisdom so I'm less likely to learn as I...
  32. Servehim

    Goat hunt in 58

    Looking at drawing a 58 antelope this year as I live in NM ( long drive) and my passion is deer/elk. Will use the time and effort to scout unit 30 for elk and 101 for deer , not that the antelope will be a sidebar but trying to make the most of a 2 week trip . Any wisdom on my chances at a good...
  33. Servehim

    Why are Primary Elections flawed?

    I live in NM and continue to be frustrated in the fact that I basically have no barring on who will be the nominee of my party. By the time June primaries arrive in NM it's a done deal. I sometime question why I even listen to all the media on the horse race. Why can't we rotate the states...
  34. Servehim

    Trail cams w/ wifi?

    What a great innovation if it's not to complicated for an ol geezer. I'm full of dumb questions once again , so here goes. Almost every area I hunt doesn't have cell service, would these wifi cams work there? I saw one advertised that said it worked with AT&T but I have Verision. Need clarity...
  35. Servehim

    Hunting action cam

    Probably the wrong forum for this question as I'm not a tech guy.....but seeking Input. I want to get a small camera to mount to the bill of my cap to use in hunting . Looking at Go-pro and Sony action cam. Obviously need one that doesn't make noise when you turn it on and preferably no lights...
  36. Servehim

    Need a Goat

    I know Big antelope are not numerous in Colo but have 14 NR pts and have to make the best of my time and $ ... Hopefully I'll get good news and draw elk tag in Wyo on Friday and given the situation of traveling from NM thought about applying this year in 161 or 3/301 and combing the hunts. What...
  37. Servehim

    Reloading for 6.8 spc

    Probably a dumb question guys, I just wanted to verify if there is any concerns using .270 Speer 115 gr bullets I have on the self to reload for my 6.8 spc AR as both are .277 cal. ? While I'm asking .... Any words of wisdom on combinations that work well. Have some H322 and R10x here. Pretty...
  38. Servehim

    Bosque Del Oso

    Any help from MM guys in finding someone that could do a drop camp into 851 for a deer muzzy hunt.. Sadly 😪 Getting to old to climb out of the bottom every day.
  39. Servehim

    Muzzy Deer

    Good Evening guys, long time reader but recently retired and now have the time to figure out how to post...Yea. Loving Retirement !! Live in NM and have 12 (NR) pts for deer. Leaning towards 2 options , Bosque Del Oso as my son drew an elk tag several years ago and saw a couple of 170 class...
  40. Servehim

    Utah bugles

    Good Evening guys, new to posting at MM but have read for years. Recently retired and now have time to figure out how to post. Love being retired!! Have 14 elk pts (NR) and want to spend them wisely. I'm from NM and hunt the Gila where we can get the bugles starting up 1st week in Sept normally...
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