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  1. Lhedrick1

    We are looking for a nudist/clothing optional resort.

    Natty Light is like sex in a canoe.... F$@kin close to water!
  2. Lhedrick1

    For Sale Winchester model 70 30-06

    Still available. Need to buy a house. Guns have to go :(
  3. Lhedrick1

    Favorite Bourbon?

    Pendleton is excellent for the price.
  4. Lhedrick1

    Guns dont kill people.....

  5. Lhedrick1

    Nice rack

    But I don't understand the transporting game from Ohio and other states part. Did they capture live animals and relocate them in their hunting areas? Or was it transporting illegally harvested animals to other states...
  6. Lhedrick1

    Alright whose wife is the getaway driver????
  7. Lhedrick1

    Stealing Christmas

    Elk where'd you get pics of my wife????
  8. Lhedrick1

    Deceiving Hunting Pics

    Nice whitetail? Guess again!
  9. Lhedrick1


    Beat me to it Eel. Dee Snider had them Xmas tunes down pat lol
  10. Lhedrick1


    Where you at DH? I'm in Chardon.
  11. Lhedrick1


    Satan's lettuce= marijawanna eel??????? Don't you know that'll make you wanna have sex????
  12. Lhedrick1


    Dad and I hunted OTC archery elk up above Trappers Lake in 2008. Had a ball. Tons of elk and only saw a few hunters hundreds of yards away. Sent a buddy up there 2 years ago and it was the worst hunt he's ever had. Never saw an elk and the only thing he called in was other hunters. Times they...
  13. Lhedrick1


    Toasty warm near Cleveland Ohio @ 27°
  14. Lhedrick1

    This any of you jerk offs????
  15. Lhedrick1

    SOLD Glock 17 NIB

    This sold on Gunbroker for a measly $300 and change
  16. Lhedrick1

    Nuclear secrets, anyone???

    Ahh come on Wiz.....just think of the things you could do to he/she/it in exchange for the launch codes :ROFLMAO: :sick:
  17. Lhedrick1

    Utards in Wisconsin?

    And more than likely rocking a 6.5 CM or 6.8 Western?
  18. Lhedrick1

    Another Utah outfitter pinched?

    "Clearly identifiable" I hope the game warden in bumblebees case goes to the spot the elk was shot and doesn't see a no trespassing sign for 100 yards and let's him go. Landowners play games. I've watched them drive side x sides on public land to drive game back on to private, I've seen no...
  19. Lhedrick1

    Utards in Wisconsin?
  20. Lhedrick1

    Another Utah outfitter pinched?

  21. Lhedrick1

    Welp. If theres blood I hope theres lots of it.
  22. Lhedrick1

    Same deer?

    Notice dates.....18 days apart. Other than the obvious 50 lb weight loss, the 2nd buck appears to have more of a Roman nose. Though their antlers appear to be almost identical.
  23. 95290.jpeg


  24. 95283.jpeg


  25. Lhedrick1

    Ryan Hatch

    Your're a good Christian SS :p
  26. Lhedrick1

    SOLD Glock 17 NIB

    Reduced to $475 delivered
  27. Lhedrick1

    Ryan Hatch

    Word around the campfire is he missed the "Welcome to Utah" sign in front of a monster muley :unsure:
  28. Lhedrick1

    SOLD Glock 17 NIB

    This is a Gen 3 BTW
  29. Lhedrick1

    the perfect bullet

    Bess it doesn't count when you hit them with a pickup :rolleyes:
  30. Lhedrick1

    potential World Record Typical Muley harvested (Wyoming)

    Me thinks PT Jeffers = SS on mushrooms
  31. Lhedrick1

    SOLD Glock 17 NIB

    New in box. Won at an auction, I already have 2. Located in NE Ohio. $525 delivered
  32. Lhedrick1

    Anyone have relationships ruined during a hunting trip?

    Ya.....just so you can't get the clap from gutting a deer. Lesson learned 🤷‍♂️
  33. Lhedrick1

    Who runs a suppressor for hunting?

    I've shot 6mm, 7mm and 300 win suppressed. The pro is reduced "felt" recoil and reduced noise. The con is that when you pull the trigger it feels like you have your arms wrapped around a kangaroo as he begins to hop. I couldn't stay on target with the 7mm mag let alone anything bigger. But maybe...
  34. Lhedrick1

    Bars in foreign countries

    I mean no doesn't mean no if you can't understand it right???
  35. Lhedrick1

    Define irony

    That's the bad thing.....I dunno if that's good for her or bad for her 🤔
  36. Lhedrick1

    Define irony
  37. Lhedrick1

    Name says it all
  38. Lhedrick1

    caliber 9mm for sale

    I'll trade you two of my best sheep 🐑
  39. Lhedrick1

    Whats the hype about???

    100 Fps and $20 more a box
  40. Lhedrick1


    Once. This mother %$)@"&/ Cardinal would peck at my two windows. He would peck at the window above my bed and fly to the other an peck away. I tried putting stuffed animals up there, opening the window you name it. A couple times a week he'd wake me up pecking away. So I dumped about 20 bbs...
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