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  1. buckhorn

    Jan. 6th

    Yes, I watched the Tucker Carlson show and saw the tapes. Hopefully everyone sees them. Also should be more tape released tomorrow on Tucker Carlson.
  2. buckhorn

    c.o.c.k. with a violent past kills a man.

    I prefer watching Roosters fight each other!
  3. buckhorn

    What’s your shed collection look like

    These two in the house are pretty cool!
  4. 119BD014-3917-4580-87AD-989FD24FBC9E.jpeg


  5. buckhorn

    What’s your shed collection look like

    I have a few around the outside of my house.
  6. buckhorn

    Don't Miss the Nevada Guide Draw!

    If I was looking for a Guide for a Nevada big game hunt , I would definitely give Chris a call. I met him when he was a guiding a hunter in Nevada. I was hunting on my own and we crossed paths several times. Seems like a decent hard-working fella that I would be happy to hunt with.
  7. buckhorn

    Don't Miss the Nevada Guide Draw!

    Chris Welcome to MM There are some really good hunters and decent folks here on the site!
  8. buckhorn

    Custom Weaver .264 win mag

    What is the barrel length? Do you have a picture of it showing the muzzle brake?
  9. buckhorn

    Idaho Lifetime Hunting License

    I just renewed my lifetime license for three years at no charge
  10. buckhorn

    2023 Unit 44 mule deer

    +1 Gypsum Creek Outfitters. I met one of the guides out there hunting this year. He seemed like a decent hard working fellow. Very polite also!
  11. buckhorn

    Late Season

    Congratulations that’s a brute!
  12. buckhorn

    Late Season

    Wow, good one! Can you share what state?
  13. buckhorn

    So, what does he score?

    How about this giant?
  14. buckhorn

    Famous Founder!

    Now I see how he stays so fit….
  15. buckhorn

    Antelope Island 2022?

    I just noticed there’s a topic on the Utah forum discussing the decline in quality and quantity on antelope Island.
  16. buckhorn

    FCFS changes

    I would have gotten one of those but unfortunately I’m not eligible for deer or elk now. That sheep tag would have been nice with zero points but I wasn’t looking at the time lol.
  17. buckhorn

    Antelope Island 2022?

    I agree 100%. If those were the two biggest bucks on the Island looks like quality is down compared to years past. What could be the cause of the decline?
  18. buckhorn

    Poached buck

    Some folks out coyote hunting can’t resist the temptation. No way I’m saying everyone does it but I’m sure there are a few
  19. buckhorn

    the perfect bullet

    I have also killed several bull elk and a bull moose with Core Lokts. None of those animals would agree that Core Lokts are junk. I am not saying they’re the perfect bullet but they are a proven reliable killer.
  20. buckhorn

    the perfect bullet

    All the bucks in my trophy room were killed with Core Lokts. And most of the other big game I’ve taken. Have you seen them? Please don’t let the secret out that Core Lokt is junk. Wouldn’t want all those dead animals to come back to life or something lol. I have been loading Bergers lately in...
  21. buckhorn


    Yes you are right I stand corrected. I was kind of bummed out the day I made that post. In hindsight I wish I would have a applied for the rifle tag. I did go down to the Oak Creek this year scouting and did some serious hiking. That unit can kick a guys butt in a hurry.
  22. buckhorn

    Rifle Paunsagaunt Deer Hunt Help

    Got it PM returned thanks
  23. buckhorn


    Yes you’re correct 25 points was enough for the alw tag. I applied for Muzzleloader. Sorry if my post was misleading. Good job on catching that. Also there was an additional nonresident bonus tag on the alw this year. That’s how the 24 pt. guy got in.
  24. buckhorn

    Rifle Paunsagaunt Deer Hunt Help

    Do you got any pics of those 40 inch bucks you seen?
  25. buckhorn

    Northbound tomorrow ( deer in 121)

    Stick to your plan and prepare for winter weather. I’ve been over Robinson Summit 4 times in the last 2 weeks and there’s lots of blood on the pavement.
  26. buckhorn

    Archery or ML 131-134 reports?

    There are actually 80 ALW tags in that unit group this year counting resident, non-resident , resident juniors and non-resident guided tags. That’s still an extremely drastic cut from the last year’s quotas.
  27. buckhorn


    Not sure how I got thrown into this but I do like the pics!
  28. buckhorn

    Gunnison- Dropping a trailer

    That’s a generous offer. Tomichi is a great guy he did the same thing for me when I did my hunt. he let me leave my quad and trailer and some camping gear at his place while I stayed in a motel room
  29. buckhorn

    221-223 Antlered Mule Deer

    What’s the name of the buck they are after lol
  30. buckhorn

    221-223 Antlered Mule Deer

    Homer you know the saying. If you can’t beat them join them. In my case it’s if I can’t join them I’ll try to beat them.
  31. buckhorn

    221-223 Antlered Mule Deer

    Yes I get what you mean it is hard for an individual guy to compete with all the guides and spotters. I know the area has produced some quality bucks in the past but not sure what to expect this year.
  32. buckhorn

    221-223 Antlered Mule Deer

    The success rate in this area has been low the last few years. This year NDOW finally cut the quotas by about 75% which should help. And there will be no full moon so I am excited about that. Anyone else have any recent experience? Thanks
  33. buckhorn

    221-223 Antlered Mule Deer

    Yes I got the info you sent. It’s very helpful and much appreciated. Thank you!
  34. buckhorn

    221-223 Antlered Mule Deer

    So are you saying DIY guys should just give up or what exactly is your point? Outfitters are over hunting all of the good units everywhere. I feel like they need to be on limited quotes just like regular hunters. Thanks for your input. Do you have any other useful info I may be able to use?
  35. buckhorn

    221-223 Antlered Mule Deer

    I just picked up a mid season tag on first come first serve. Anyone been out there lately or have any recent info you could share? Thanks
  36. buckhorn

    GMU 67 - Mule Deer - 2nd Season - Camping

    I meant to say you (can) get it with the sidewalls
  37. buckhorn

    GMU 67 - Mule Deer - 2nd Season - Camping

    I highly recommend this one. You can’t get it with the sidewalls. I have it in Forest Green but there are lots of colors to choose from
  38. buckhorn

    GMU 67 - Mule Deer - 2nd Season - Camping

    That camp set up should do the job. Only suggestion I would make is a pop-up canopy with sides over the table and entrance to the tent.
  39. buckhorn

    Paunsaugunt Muzzle Buck

    This may be your Buck
  40. D681E39F-B604-4E9D-B5A8-30FE98F695EE.png


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