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  1. TheOneRidgeRunner

    2023 Cc hits post.

    Drew a moose tag for the unit. Keep an eye out for me please🙂
  2. TheOneRidgeRunner

    new way to get rid of coyotes

    Nevadas coyote population would be eliminated within a few years.
  3. TheOneRidgeRunner

    The wyoming whipping boy

    I don't have a dog in the fight, rarely visit beautiful Wyoming. Are all the new laws going to hurt Wyoming's economy? Seems all those non-residents spend a little bit of money in the state, maybe the $$ in sheds they leave with creates a deficit that other wise might stay in the state
  4. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Shed Season thoughts and questions

    The shed season and lack of people following the rules is very thought provoking. With the amount of illegal pick ups it makes you wonder how many animals are truly poached with the same mind set. You're able to see antler laying there until picked up yet assume the big bucks and bulls moved...
  5. TheOneRidgeRunner

    The REAL way to get muledeer numbers to go up!!

    How many elk are on the Pine Valley unit, the Henry's, the Oak Creeks, hell lets throw Antelope Island in there also? Whats killing the elk on those units going to help???
  6. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Anybody hunting lions now?

    Anybody taking advantage of the open season on lions which started May 3rd?
  7. TheOneRidgeRunner

    How’s the closure going?

    Yep, not a professional in that arena. I have my ideas of methods but they're more in line with and 'eye for an eye' type of law, kinda frowned upon in today's world.
  8. TheOneRidgeRunner

    How’s the closure going?

    Thats the dumbest sh** ever thought up. What we need is enforcement of the laws. Nevada and Colorado are always cleaned out before the opener as well unfortunately. Have no idea how a state could actually enforce the law, too much open country to wander.
  9. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Letting Out More Tags Than Existing Bucks?

    Thats the problem with basing tag allocation off success rates.. They TYPICALLY go unfilled but in the off years with early storms etc, the success rates skyrocket any you're left with decimated buck numbers. Then the low buck numbers are followed by doe hunts to get ratios back in line.
  10. TheOneRidgeRunner

    How’s the closure going?

    Bet it was gone within 48 hours.
  11. TheOneRidgeRunner

    How’s the closure going?

    Getting picked up as soon as they drop. Have seen guys out everytime I've went to look at animals and see their movement. Vehicles always in the normal shed hunter parking spots along every road ive traveled this spring.
  12. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Boning out meat, what do you consider quarters?

    Yes I save the shank. Slow cooked on the BBQ is amazing
  13. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Winter kill 2023

    Green up is often the worst time for deer after eating woody vegetation for months. Very similar to colic in a horse. They get clogged up from gorging on all the green
  14. TheOneRidgeRunner

    AZ folks....

    Pretty easy to find out about it via Google. Not going to open the link due to being on FB. Sounds like they're getting everything for basically nothing.
  15. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Hard turn elk shoulder mount examples

    Ross with Tall Timber taxidermy done it for us
  16. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Hard turn elk shoulder mount examples

    Wife's 2017 bull. Kinda customized mount
  17. 16802204327387996940191126379848.jpg


  18. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Ammo transfer

    Don't know what you mean by "ammo transfer", I live in America so I buy and sell whenever
  19. TheOneRidgeRunner

    BESSY! Here is your chance: Fix the Henry’s

    Might have to start with a simpler question for him. How would you bake a batch of chocolate chip cookies? Elkass, your whole rant you never gave a an awnser.... A few you hinted at #1 Predator control. Yet you seem to have a problem however with lion control. #2, Bringing in mixed gene's to...
  20. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Here Kitty Kitty

    Amazing work as always
  21. TheOneRidgeRunner


    Done. Lions Unprotected
  22. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Cache meadowville early rifle

    I know your saying that area, but how did you get a tag already in a draw? Expo??
  23. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Cache meadowville early rifle

    Where did you DRAW a tag?
  24. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Ut trap

    To all those opposed to setting up a sting, do you also hate deer decoys in your spot light?
  25. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Ut trap

    They doing a contest to see who gets it first?? Maybe its like Scout To Hunts giveaway.
  26. TheOneRidgeRunner

    House Bill 469

    Please voice your opinion on the matter @
  27. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Year Round Cat Hunting And No Trail Cams Period! 😲

    Please voice your opinion whether FOR or AGAINST @
  28. TheOneRidgeRunner


    I'd have to guess its a sense of entitlement and selfishness and greed. They more than likely need the release of endorphins from having the bragging rights by possessing a high caliber animal.
  29. TheOneRidgeRunner


    Had a lab get snared close to a bever pond, thought he'd been caught on someone's broken off fishing line until I tried cutting it off. Have great respect for skilled trappers
  30. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Provo Canyon Bull

    Shouldve stopped the cow hunts that pushed them around until Jan 31st. They used up all their reserves to make it this long, and not all in the last 17 days.
  31. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Road tally 02-08-2023

    Hwy 6 is a slaughter house in the low country. Deer, Elk and surprisingly Turkeys are dead everywhere. Doubt you go 200 yards between carcasses or chunks of whats left.
  32. TheOneRidgeRunner


    It isn't about the speed, want speed, buy a snowmobile. They're geared low, you end up going about 2/3 what your speedometer says you're going.
  33. TheOneRidgeRunner


    Not sure, I dont have power steering
  34. TheOneRidgeRunner


    I was in the same boat as you, needed a work horse rather than speed. Sold the snowmobile and haven't looked back. I can install them in about an hour and take them off in 30 minutes. I've ran 2 different sets for the last 15 years, and haven't had any breakdowns due to the tracks. Can they go...
  35. TheOneRidgeRunner


    Got away from the snowmobile 15 years ago
  36. TheOneRidgeRunner


    Did Muley Crazy have a booth?
  37. TheOneRidgeRunner

    $20 million for wildlife/vehicle collision mitigation—contact please

    Not sure how all these go into effect yot the money doesn't add up. Supposedly SFW, MDF all put money into it along with the states. Then there's this..... Ryan Zinke, then secretary of the U.S. Department of Interior, traveled to Salt Lake City in 2018, where he signed a secretarial order...
  38. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Extraordinary Expo Thread

    Heard a guy win a hunt in a raffle.. Seemed pretty surprised even though it was rigged
  39. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Expo Coupons $10 off?

    Don't forget the white ear buds
  40. TheOneRidgeRunner

    Shed Hunting-WY Resident Head Start

    Wyoming residents are like those kids in special needs classes in school, get all the extra help and special attention yet end up being behind the other kids academically.
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