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  1. 505Outfitters

    Oryx off range guide

    Pm sent
  2. 505Outfitters

    2 day minimally guided option

    Thanks guys we appreciate your business!
  3. 505Outfitters

    !!New Mexico Public Draw hunts!!

    New Mexico draw deadline is March 22. Take advantage of all the great hunting opportunities New Mexico has to offer! We have free application service to get you into the best units utilizing our outfitter number for all species!
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  13. 505Outfitters

    New Mexico private land Mule Deer

    All hunts are sold thanks guys.
  14. 505Outfitters

    New Mexico private land Mule Deer

    The hunts in Rio Arriba County northern New Mexico. Pm your number or call me and I can answer any questions you have.
  15. 505Outfitters

    New Mexico private land Mule Deer

    September 15-19 is booked. All other dates are still available.
  16. 505Outfitters

    New Mexico private land Mule Deer

    We are offering for the first time 3-4 rifle tags, November 10-14; 3-4 muzzleloader tags, September 27- October 3; 3-4 archery tags, September 1-5 or September 15-19. These hunts will be conducted from tower blinds and ground blinds looking over water, transition areas, and seasonal food plots...
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  21. 505Outfitters

    New Mexico Outfitter Pool 505 Outfitters

    @Hunter53 our success rates for mature animals is the same off range or on range. Range hunts are the core area so you will see more animals daily but we do just as good on both hunts. If you are interested in discussing options call me anytime. Pete vigil 505-239-1531
  22. 505Outfitters

    New Mexico Outfitter Pool 505 Outfitters

    You definitely have a chance if you apply. I’m happy discuss options if you are interested? 505-239-1531 Pete vigil.
  23. 505Outfitters

    New Mexico Outfitter Pool 505 Outfitters

    @billc i left you a voicemail and text message. Call me when you have time. Sorry for the late response I’ve been guiding Barbary sheep hunts.
  24. 505Outfitters

    505 outfitters?

    This is @whitetailrick friend (Verns) bull. I really appreciate positive feed back guys! We all share the same passion and I’m very lucky to do it for a living. My word to me is worth more than any amount of money I can make from guiding. I don’t guide for the money or to prove I’m better than...
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  26. 505Outfitters

    505 outfitters?

    Joe, I never said Muley bashed me. I was simply replying with my side of the story. They booked a 2x1 hunt for (two days). I only offer two day or five day hunts it’s always been that way. I’m not trying to take credit for Muleys harvest I’m pointing out the fact they were on deer both days and...
  27. 505Outfitters

    505 outfitters?

    Kenneth, sorry you were not satisfied with your hunt. You and your father booked a 2-day, minimum guided, 2x1 hunt. We hunt just as hard as we would on a 5-day hunt but unfortunately we can’t control the weather and 2-days can be a tough time frame to harvest a big deer. Dominic put you guys on...
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  30. 505Outfitters

    New Mexico Outfitter pool

    Take advantage of the great draw odds in the Outfitter pool. We offer a free application service in units of your choice or one we recommend. Bow, Muzzleloader and rifle hunts available for Deer, Elk, Antelope, Ibex, Big horn, Barbary sheep and Oryx. No fees are due unless you draw your tag...
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  36. Happy Young Hunter with Trophy Ram

    Happy Young Hunter with Trophy Ram

    Cool photo that 505Outfitters shared in an ad they posted in the Hunts & Tags Classifieds. Here...>>>
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