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    What is the best .300 wm long range ?

    Savage ultralite 110 300wsm 185gr Berger hunting VLD 66 1/2 gr H4831sc group #4 shot at 200yds
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    Valles Caldera 2nd Archery Elk!

    Pretty awesome hunt to say the least here is the one I got a few years back
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  4. Fantastic Valles Caldera Bull

    Fantastic Valles Caldera Bull

    Community member, Kooper1021, shared this archery score in a good thread called, "Valles Caldera 2nd Archery Elk!"
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    I had the same thing happen to me. Jmighty contacted me as well with the same story about his uncle. I contacted founder and he deleted him but apparently he resurfaced under a different user. His uncle was Jeremy Wilson so changed that name as well
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    NM Oryx Opportunities

    Why don’t you two mind your own business
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    NM Oryx Opportunities

    I sent you a PM the other day but have not heard back from you
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    Texas is not made for the cold

    That is sad
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    Texas is not made for the cold

    Don’t have any water just got power back on an hour ago. And I hear ya blank I grew up in Wyoming
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    Texas is not made for the cold

    How's Lubbock? My kid might be in school there soon. So, I guess I might be hunting out there soon, too. Lubbock is nice I am about 100 miles south in midland right now.
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    Texas is not made for the cold

    No power no water been out since 3:00am camper life out on the road is not for sissies
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    ttsx 168gr or accubonds for 300wsm

    Yes I have like a box and a half I believe I am working out of state right now so I will have to look the next time I am home
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    ttsx 168gr or accubonds for 300wsm

    If you end up going with the Barnes let me know I have some not sure how may but won’t screw you over like they are doing everywhere else. I am shooting 190 gr long range accubond out of my 300wsm and love them.
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    I was in a local store in Farmington this weekend. Asked about some 6.5 ammo said they have not had any for months which I know for a fact is bulls**t. Was told they are taking that ammo which I was getting for $35 a box and selling on GB for over a hundred. Greedy bastards.
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    Wanted 190gr accubond

    I’m still looking
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    Antelope Hunt

    JFWRC also does a lot of antelope hunts has multiple ranches
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    Wanted 190gr accubond

    I am looking for some 190gr 30 cal long range accubonds if anyone has some they would part with Thanks
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    SOLD 7 MM Ultra Mag

    Would you be will you sell without the scope
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    Savage 110 ultralight

    That is pretty awesome grouping
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    Savage 110 ultralight

    I currently shoot a 300wsm tikka just looking for something a little lighter. I also shoot suppressed don’t mind recoil but hate the noise
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    Savage 110 ultralight

    Thanks CF
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    Savage 110 ultralight

    Been looking at getting the savage 110 ultralight in 300wsm. Does anyone Have first hand experience with one? Thanks
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    Savage 110 ultalight

    Been looking at getting the savage 110 ultralight in 300wsm. Does anyone Have first hand experience with one? Thanks
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    Danner Boots

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    Spot the Buck.....

    I did spot the shadow from the cliff that looks like a lion head
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    Unit 57 guide

    Looking for recommendations on guides /outfitter unit 57 October rifle deer hunt
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    Outfitter camps

    You can go down to the area forest service office and they can help you out
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    Off-Range success

    Nice congratulations
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    Omega stuck primer

    Look at the previous post I have shot this load and always used the CCI 209 primers no problem
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    Omega stuck primer

    Shot sorry
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    Omega stuck primer

    Have **** this load before and have always used 209 CCI primers. I will try a different primer Thanks
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    Omega stuck primer

    It is shiny clean zero resido
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    Omega stuck primer

    I was shooting my omega this weekend and my primers are sticking in the breach plug. Not sure what the cause is or how to fix it. I am shooting 150gr 3 pellets of Pyrodex with the 300gr powerbelt areolite. Has anyone else had this problem. Thanks
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    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    Yes I replaced it in both guns now has 2.5 lb pull
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    Out of box most accurate hunting rifle.

    Call me crazy but I have bought 2 one for myself and one for my son T/C compass in 6.5 creedmore threw on vortex scopes trigger spring kit and Boyd stock shooting Hornady 143gr eldx . I also shoot a tikka in 300wsm and love it. Had a Browning hell’s canyon speed in 26 Mosley and hated it could...
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    Got it done finally

    After hunting a total of 8 days in 100+ heat was able to finally get my off range oryx
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