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  1. flycrewsupe

    What hunts did you put in for? pc

    Just applied as a N/R for the first time. We moved out of CA in April to Montana. I have 21 N/R deer points to use. Who would have thought I would apply for deer in CA as a N/R. 1 last try for G3 then its off to 1 of the late season muzzleloader tags for 2024.
  2. flycrewsupe

    Neveda results in 7 days!

    I hunted the first 7 days and didn’t find a buck i wanted. Came back for the last 5 days and found 2 Shooter bucks. The weather at the beginning of the hunt was hot and dry. Snow and cold happened during the 3rd weeK. Deer movement definitely changed in that 2 week time period. I shot a 181 6x6.
  3. flycrewsupe

    What hunts did you put in for? pc

    I never got in the sheep game. I used my max elk points 5 years ago.
  4. flycrewsupe

    Neveda results in 7 days!

    I drew the rifle tag.
  5. flycrewsupe

    What hunts did you put in for? pc

    As crazy as it sounds. I just moved out of California. I have max deer points and will still stay in the game paying NR fees.
  6. flycrewsupe

    Neveda results in 7 days!

    Don’t give up. I drew a 231 deer tag last year with 23NR points. Someone has to draw it.
  7. flycrewsupe


    I retired last March after 36 years in the Fire Service. Retirement is awesome! That food looks great.
  8. flycrewsupe

    SOLD Swarovski 10 X 42 SLC

  9. flycrewsupe

    CC hits…let’s hear em

    No joy for early rifle. 27 NR points.
  10. flycrewsupe

    SOLD Swarovski 10 X 42 SLC

    They are not.
  11. flycrewsupe

    SOLD Swarovski 10 X 42 SLC

    Yes they are.
  12. flycrewsupe

    SOLD Swarovski 10 X 42 SLC

    TTT. Price drop $1000.00 Includes shipping.
  13. flycrewsupe

    SOLD Swarovski 10 X 42 SLC

    Swarovski 10x42 SLC. Excellent Condition. Glass is perfect. Routinely serviced by Swarovski. Tripod adapter included. Sitka Bino case included. $1100.00.
  14. flycrewsupe


    This will be my first time. Going Friday and Saturday.
  15. flycrewsupe

    Expo Coupons $10 off?

    Hush will to.
  16. flycrewsupe

    Application status

    All in. Early rifle. 27 points might get me in.
  17. flycrewsupe

    % of Hunt Success on LE Hunts

    AZ deer: 1-1 NM Elk: 2-3 WY Deer: 2-2 WY Elk: 0-1 WY Moose: 1-1 CA Elk: 1-1 UT Elk: 0-1 UT Deer:1-1 CO Elk: 0-1 CO-Deer: 2-2 NV Deer: 1-2 AK Caribou: 1-1
  18. flycrewsupe

    Nossler accubonds?

    I have had no issues with 180 Accubonds. The last moose, elk and deer i have killed the bullet preformed excellent.
  19. flycrewsupe

    Beav rides again. One of them hunt thread thingies

    Great buck Cam!! Congrats. Gary
  20. flycrewsupe

    30" Mule Deer Buck without cheater

    32 inches
  21. ADE3BC16-EC26-4B97-96FF-7FD32B62FB53.jpeg


  22. flycrewsupe

    Nevada results - what did you draw?

    231 deer.
  23. flycrewsupe

    CC hits

    Lucked out on a random Wasatch muzzy tag.
  24. flycrewsupe

    Outfitter Draw?

    As with all of you we have been waiting a long time for a Nevada deer tag. This tag only took 24 years.
  25. flycrewsupe

    Outfitter Draw?

    Mogollon Rim Outfitters.
  26. flycrewsupe

    Outfitter Draw?

    Got lucky with a 231 tag. Going to be fun.
  27. flycrewsupe

    CC Hits have Started

    Another year of not drawing. Just a bigger number with 27 NR elk points. Thank god I started this odyssey when I was young.
  28. flycrewsupe

    Best late season rifle elk tag?

    I'm in with 26 NR points. I'm in for the long haul. Early rifle or bust.
  29. flycrewsupe

    CO 4th season deer success?

    Nice buck and awesome video. Congrat.
  30. flycrewsupe

    How is the mule deer season going?

    Nice bucks. Congrats.
  31. flycrewsupe

    Daughter in Law's monster 5

    Beautiful Bull. What a stud 5 point!
  32. flycrewsupe

    LaPanza Tule Bull

    Those are true statements. I did check into a few outfitters. They were proud ($$$)to whack 1 on a ranch for a 2 day hunt. I opted for a DYI hunt. Hunted all BLM land and killed an elk in my home state 3 hours from my house. I was stoked. I would be glad to help anyone who draws this tag.
  33. flycrewsupe

    LaPanza Tule Bull

    I had the tag in 2017. You dont need private land to kill a bull. Just the patience to figure out their patterns. 1 bull tag is given on each hunt to the Fish and Game property thru a drawing the day before the hunt. I didn't get the G & F property tag. BLM plubic land.
  34. flycrewsupe

    Moose load 300 win

    I shot my Wyoming moose last year with a Nosler 180 grain Accubond out of a 300 Win Mag. Moose didnt go 2 steps and fell over dead. That might be because I blew his heart in half.
  35. flycrewsupe

    NCAA softball fans?

    Eel. I believe they play tomorrow at 1230 Pacific time.
  36. flycrewsupe

    non res point cost

    By next year at this time I will be a NR. I have max points for deer. I did check on how a NR can maintain and earn points. Pay full price for the NR hunting licence and full price for the deer tag. I believe that total is $308.00. If you do not draw you will get $279.00 back. That's if you ask...
  37. flycrewsupe

    Credit Card Hits

    25 N/R points. No tag for me. I applied for 10 and 3A/3C early rifle.
  38. flycrewsupe

    Powder Trade

    PM returned
  39. flycrewsupe

    Powder Trade

    I do have some Winchester primers. I'd be willing to buy the H-1000 from you. I can meet you somewhere,
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