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  1. BuckHntr13

    ISO Rifle landowner voucher

    Deer! Yeah I have. Just checking to see what’s out there first.
  2. BuckHntr13

    ISO Rifle landowner voucher

    Anyone have any 2nd 3rd or 4th season landowner vouchers they are looking to sell? Or know anyone selling some? Thanks In advance.
  3. BuckHntr13

    Northern Utah Bulls rubbed?

    almost all the bulls are rubbed pretty much everywhere by now
  4. BuckHntr13

    Scouting days vs hunting days?

    The unfortunate reality is that most guys say they’ll be there for a full 5-7 days or whatever and by day 3 they are DONE. I would say take one full day to scout and so you have more days with weapon in hand in case you do end getting burnt out. Not saying you will but very few withstand the...
  5. BuckHntr13

    Idaho unit 45 elk

    That’s kind of the plan haha! Run fence lines and keep OnX tracker on 24/7😂
  6. BuckHntr13

    Idaho unit 45 elk

    Yeah I knew there was a lot of private but I just don’t have any other times to hunt for myself this year other than September. We killed a 340 bull out of there years ago on the late rifle. It sounds like that hunt has really effected the age class unfortunately. I will be fine eating tag soup...
  7. BuckHntr13

    Idaho unit 45 elk

    Drew the archery elk tag in 45. Anyone willing to give me their thoughts on the hunt? Have some places in mind to go check out in the coming weeks and would love to run those by someone that has hunted it before. Thanks in advance.
  8. BuckHntr13

    Your biggest buck while road hunting

    Nothin like a Colorado road buck
  9. 392E31C2-0F71-4234-AE12-D30EBF35B93F.jpeg


  10. BuckHntr13

    Idaho 66a moose

    I just found a big bull here in 66a. Pm me
  11. BuckHntr13

    Unit 25/26

    Anyone have any private land trespass permits available in this area? Willing to pay obviously. Asking with deer in mind. TIA
  12. BuckHntr13

    Nevada buck down

    Area 6
  13. BuckHntr13

    061 thru 068

    Here’s an area 6 buck we just took
  14. BuckHntr13

    061 thru 068

  15. 09C5EB24-A9F3-46EA-80F8-406E85F63372.png


  16. BuckHntr13

    Nevada buck down

  17. 6AFE6522-15BE-420B-83A6-04D9E3526A3E.png


  18. BuckHntr13

    Nevada buck down

    Thanks for everyone that reached out with advice on units 061-068! My dad killed a buck day 4 of the hunt. Very much appreciated. Pic below
  19. BuckHntr13

    Unit 52 Elk

    You poor soul. Turn it back
  20. BuckHntr13

    Nevada 061-068

    my father drew a nevada October rifle deer tag for unit group 061-068. I have already made 2 scouting trips to learn the country and road systems. (Obviously not looking for a particular buck) Can anyone with some previous experience in the unit pm me so I can go over areas I have scouted with...
  21. BuckHntr13

    ID 52A

    Hunted it years back. Glassing can be tough because the country is so flat. If there’s snow I suggest you drive roads and track the best you can. Low densities but potential for something giant
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