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    Son's Late Season Bull

    Great memories and a bull to remember as well. Father-son stuff; it doesn't get any better than that. Big congrats.

    Looking For Recommendations in Wyoming

    I'm really not sure there is as good answer for you guys. It is going to be a long time and no one really knows how long it'll be in western Wyoming. Here in eastern Wyoming, the best outfitters are full and pretty much stay that way. I do not know when we might have openings for mule deer...

    Grandson pronghorn success

    Great buck. Looks like a Booner to me. At least Awards. Big congrats to both o f you.

    Got him

    Great buck. Congrats. I also like the work you put in to find him early and then get him later. Well deserved. And yes, Please Dear's avatar is also outstanding.

    Colorado Governor’s Tag Buck

    I don't know, his right front fork looks weak. I think I'd have to pass and hope he grew a better fork there next year. Seriously, congrats to the hunter and Hill Guides and Outfitters. What a dream buck; a true giant.

    Buck behavior in high winds

    Deer do what deer do. They have to "get up and go to work" every day. They eat, drink, and sleep. They avoid predation. Deer in windy areas still have to eat, sleep, water every day (at least almost) and live their lives. In southern Wyoming, we are in the middle of a really windy area...

    Wyoming Cow Elk Hunts

    Thanks to all. We have a good record of success but it is always a fair chase hunt. We will hope for successful hunts and good memories.

    Wyoming 78-1 deer

    I hunted it 4-5 years ago and it was tough then. If it has gotten worse, you will struggle. I've heard the habitat is better after the fire, but it will take time for that herd to rebound. To answer your question. I would hunt the last 5 days and pray for some tough weather to move those...

    Wyoming Cow Elk Hunts

    Hunts are all sold.

    Wyoming Cow Elk Hunts

    We have booked a couple of parties but still have room for one or two more groups. These hunts are on two ranches totalling about 45,000 acres. It is rolling foothills in the Laramie Range. Not real rugged country. Mostly brush and grassland, so the elk are visible. Vehicle access and...


    This drawing date is coming soon. I still have not bought a Wyo general deer license. I doubt I will hunt mule deer in WY this year. My scouting has not been good and I have other opportunities. My question/concern is whether we could just send the license money equivalent to My. Key with...

    35 Years Of Awesome Conservation

    I read the article. I'd like to see more specifics about the roles and expectations of the MDF, FS and BLM if you have them. Questions on how decisions are made, local involvement, application processes, areas of emphasis and more come to mind. Seems like there should be a chance for...

    35 Years Of Awesome Conservation

    Where I live and mostly hunt, the habitat is pretty much unchanged in the 40-50 years I've been watching. Still big ranches and the same grazing. Maybe better alfalfa and a few more center pivots versus flood irrigation. All in all, better habitat. More waters developed too. We have 10X...

    Reviews of Eastman's On-line Mule Deer Course

    Glad you are chasing mule deer. As has been stated, lots of info out there, but there's no substitute for boots on the ground experience. Looks like you are going a few days early. Use that time wisely. Up early and on a glassing point before daylight. Same in the evening. Look way early...

    Made Me Laugh!!!!

    Also remember that thousands of people have application services take care of all their points. Could be that folks with all those points don't even know they have them. They just told someone to get points for all species and that is what's going on. I'm sure many people have points for all...

    That’s a strange one

    Funny he wanted pics of the hunting success. But not the $1800 ladies of the night. Gotta think about gathering more evidence.

    Best mountain man/Wild West books

    Crow Killer is the best. And the Jim Bridger book was also good. Another one I really liked was "The Boys of Company K." At the end of the Mountain Man era but still really good. I bought it at Fort Laramie in the visitor's center. Crazy Horse and Custer was another really good read...

    Wyoming Cow Elk Hunts


    Los Angeles

    Could people get a carload of guys together, come to Cali, steal a bunch of stuff over the weekend and be home by Tuesday? Do they get to keep the stolen stuff, or is there a need to give it back? Also, are sporting goods stores allowed to shoot you if you are stealing about 10 rifles each as...

    Red Desert?

    Valid point. Sorry if we fell short on you. There were quite a few observations earlier in the post string. I'm a little keyed up because of the proposal for late season mule deer seasons and the meeting next week. I won't be through that country again for a week or two. Last time I was...

    Red Desert?

    Maybe we can get G&F to treat the antelope like mule deer. Get the herd down to about 1/3 of objective. (Might have already accomplished this.) Then have a general season followed by a late season hunt to ensure we kill all the mature bucks. Couple that with a three month doe season and you...

    POLL: Will "The King" go down this Fall?

    They know where he was last summer/fall, so assuming he made it through the winter, he is in deep trouble this year. I'm hoping I don't accidentally hunt in the area where he lives. I'd much rather avoid the craziness and look for a buck elsewhere. But I do hope he lives long enough to die...

    How many bucks reach 4.5?

    I would like a definitive answer too. I have heard it explained both ways.

    How many bucks reach 4.5?

    I've also heard that fawns are counted as part of the buck ratio since it is taken after the season. So if you have 60 fawns per 100 does, you have 30 bucks per 100 does even though every buck is still a fawn. (Assuming that half of the fawns are male.) Crazy way of doing biology but it makes...

    How many bucks reach 4.5?

    Funny thing is our lead biologist says no bucks in our area live to be 4 years old In the next breath, he says the average age of bucks killed is 4.5. Explain that to me. ???????? Our buck/doe ratio is in the 30 or 40 bucks to 100 does range. About 10% of those bucks are 4 years or older...

    "Big Red" - My Heavy WY Typical

    That's a great story and a fine buck. Congrats. You earned him. Nice taxi work and you'll have a lifetime to look at him and think of the great adventure Big congrats.

    % of Collared Deer Alive

    I specifically asked that CWD samples be taken and that we get samples to test for genetic resistance. Both request were denied. The reasons were lack of funds and they also said there would need to be a graduate student involved to analyze that data. Didn't seem that costly or difficult to...

    CWD in Wyoming

    That Seabury study is a good one. I have the Seabury research quoted in my power point I presented to G&F, as well as some of the CO info that counters the current Wyo G&F position. There's also a Nebraska study that showed up to 8% of the Laramie Range deer had genetic resistance in 2005...

    CWD in Wyoming

    I should also mention that the data presented by G&F is incorrect. Their slide (and data) says the herd infection rate for CWD is 19.5% in 2022. That is NOT TRUE. Bucks harvested were 19.5%. Does harvested were right at 8%. If the buck/doe ratio is 30-40%, then the overall infection rate...

    CWD in Wyoming

    I'm trying to fight this insane management. The G and F late season justification for killing the older bucks in November is not based on sound science or successful precedents. It is bad management. The G and F Commission is meeting in Wheatland on July 18-19. The late season hunts are in...

    Used Remington 700 7MM REM Mag

    I follow that website and have my FFL. You'll end up paying a commission on top of the sales price. Then often a fee to someone to come and get it. Then shipping. And a transfer fee if you don't have an FFL. Sometimes you have to pay sales tax, even if you have a license and should be sales...

    % of Collared Deer Alive

    There are other studies. I don't have all the data in front of me, but 89% of the collared bucks in the Laramie Range telemetry study were alive 2.5 weeks ago. Not sure how you can get current updates on that study, though. We had a tougher than normal winter, but the critters did pretty...

    Best time for one and only scouting trip ?

    If they aren't going to migrate, go when they are in the velvet. They are easier to see then. The bucks will usually go down more into the timber in Wyoming and other high country areas after they shed their velvet. But they usually stay close to where you;ll see them until weather or the rut...

    Studies that show buck harvest does not limit herd recovery

    Here's some data on lions from Dr. Charles Kay: •Most estimates are 1 lion kills 50 deer per year •Estimate 36,000 lions in Western U.S. •Kill at least 1.2 million ungulates each year •In 1960, hunters took 764,000 mule deer •By 2000, hunters took only 287,000 •Fewer today •Quote from Kay...

    Studies that show buck harvest does not limit herd recovery

    Just another note on lions....... A rancher friend of mine in the Laramie Range has a 20,000 acre ranch. He has owned it for 44 years. Never saw a lion until 20 years ago. Now sightings are a regular occurance. He has about 100 trail cameras on his place. They now get pictures of 3-4 lions...

    Studies that show buck harvest does not limit herd recovery

    There are several things that could be done: 1. Make lion season year round and eliminate quotas. The lions are a huge issue in our area. Some states allow trapping of lions. I'm for that as well. Let's admit we like deer and do what's best for them. I'd even be an advocate for lions and...

    Studies that show buck harvest does not limit herd recovery

    Kinda like the old story about the two bulls that got turned out into the big breeding pasture with the cow herd. They came to the top of the hill and looked below to see a huge herd of cows. The young bull says "Let's run down there and breed one of those cows!!" The old bull looks at the...

    Studies that show buck harvest does not limit herd recovery

    As a guy who ran research centers for decades, I'd be a little cautious with blanket statements about research results. I've been doing a lot of reading on some of the CWD studies lately and can honestly say there is so much bias and misinformation in those studies I am embarrassed for the...

    Anyone draw Wyoming ?

    Type 3 whitetail (good for any whitetail) and a cow elk. Both near 100% in the draw. No bull this year and I will also go general for a mule deer. But the only things I will probably shoot this year are a cow elk and maybe a whitetail. I'll also hunt a couple of other states, maybe a mule deer...

    Anyone want to go deer hunting this year?

    I think it will take more this year than last. Everything I know and hear says people are burning points before the price increase on the special licenses. People may see it like Founder and me. Fewer bucks but perhaps fewer hunters too. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.
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