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  1. Servehim

    Popcorn Shrimp and Tots, wife's Steak

    Dinner of Champions
  2. Servehim

    Thank God

    Miss you Cory, so bummed NM politicians pushed you and yours out of NM . Blessings and SHALOM to you and the family. Get the fishing spots figured out in Florida cause I'm heading your way with an empty ice chest or two ...
  3. Servehim

    Small Filets

    Yup, got all the food groups covered with that meal.
  4. Servehim

    Snack Stix (Deer)

    Don't think you can purchase those guys on Amazon or Cabellas. Awesome, im envious.
  5. Servehim

    Rockin' the Ribs!!!

    That's more like it Blank, well done...I mean medium well done . Can under cook that pork . Blessings sir
  6. Servehim

    Easy $3 Fried Burrito Dinner

    With all that delicious topping sir no doubt you made a $3 burrito edible. Now let's move on to the amazing RV meals you are fixing up. I made some chili beans tonight that also would have worked on those burritos. Blessings buddy.
  7. Servehim

    Easy $3 Fried Burrito Dinner

    Are you lowering the bar Blank? I kid !!
  8. Servehim

    Miss the Family, but RV Life is Good

    Copy that, I spend a lot of nights in the RV but certainly enjoy my time at HOME.
  9. Servehim

    Miss the Family, but RV Life is Good

    So happy for you and your bride Blank. If I didn't love where I lived in NM so much I'd give the RV lifestyle a shot.
  10. Servehim

    Carne Asada Fries

    Looks good, did you cook the asada and fries separately then combine? Homemade Guacamole is always the perfect topping. Well done sir!
  11. Servehim

    Deer Tacos

    Well done, those are a staple around my casa .
  12. Servehim

    Wife’s first Barbary sheep.

    That's awesome, congrats to the team in pulling that off . Memories of a lifetime for sure!!!
  13. Servehim

    Colorado Bull Down!

    Well done, memories with your buddies that last your lifetime.
  14. Servehim

    Toyota Tacoma or SxS?

    No brainer for me in my quest to chase critters. I pull my small trailer ( not expensive) with my atv. We camp as close to our hunt area as reasonable possible, then cover county 3x as fast on the quad as any pickup. I can dress for the weather and don't beat the crap out of an expensive truck.
  15. Servehim

    Unit 89 deer

    Keep us posted SS. Love hearing about your adventures up north. Wanna go but all those pics with swarming mosquitoes....maybe I'll grow a set someday and give it a shot.
  16. Servehim

    Down to the last second

    Awesome Paul, you guys keep getting er done !!! Congratulations sir.
  17. Servehim

    Prayers for Zeke

    Zeke i unfortunately have never met you but the folks who do Shouts loudly to the quality man you are. Im so very sorry for your loss and heartache. ElkhunterUT brings up something for you and all of us to remember, if I had a life verse in scripture its John 16:33. It's Red Letters and says...
  18. Servehim

    I'm So Full It Hurts!!!

    Once again Blank...well done. We did a crock pot meatloaf tonight it was a hit. Wish I knew how to post pics.
  19. Servehim

    Any Luck?!?!

    I used the Sevr 2" on my Wyoming deer, its a lethal broadhead. Never a fan of expandable but might be shifting my opinion on the technology of this one. Jury still out of id go that route on elk.
  20. Servehim

    Dads Bookcliffs muzzleloader hunt

    Making memories that last a lifetime, hats off sir
  21. Servehim

    Corner Crossing Update

    Yup, Jesus just wants Righteousness. Do what's right to you fellow man. Not complicated.
  22. Servehim

    How many days for scouting 2nd season CO

    I'm retired and am blessed with an understanding wife, a big plus as getting time off work isn't an issue anymore. I always spend 3- 4 days maybe a month before the hunt, I'll drive every road and track that on my OnX. So much of the data on topos and OnX isn't correct. I'll go home and study...
  23. Servehim

    Corner Crossing Update

    Denominations are all man-made...not of God. Moe, imo you are taking scripture out of context in order to promote your personal views or just wanting to sow discourse. Jesus taught a multitude of lessons in the Sermon on the Mount. It's mostly about not putting our trust and faith into the...
  24. Servehim

    Creamy Taco Soup

    My remnants are heading to the chicken house. They are a bunch of piglets. Still laying more eggs than we can eat so supplying to friends.
  25. Servehim

    Sunday Leftovers

    Where's the beef? Just kidding Blank, no doubt delicious
  26. Servehim

    I can't recommend Wildgame Innovations Trail Cams

    Wrected kitty. They kill a deer a week...ugh
  27. Servehim

    Unit 89 deer

    Thanks SS, I appreciate that. Next adventure is to Texas for whitetail. Wishing you the best in any fall adventures left on your calendar. Know the days are growing short up north. Yes , I like cut off shirts and slider shoes...guess I'm just weird. The smile doesn't go away very often!!!
  28. Servehim

    Unit 89 deer

    Wow JB, guessing you're trying to surpass SS in your disrespect for those of us on MM that love and reveer God and His goodness.. living in the darkness of this world is not something any of us should hang our hat on.Thanks again to Jeff for posting pics for me and the many comments and texts I...
  29. Servehim

    Corner Crossing Update

    Show me Mr Bible scholar where it says that... nothing at all illegal or immoral jumping from public to public sir. BLM/ National Forest is taxpayer owned land , for landowners to block access to public property is the illegal/ immoral viewpoint imo .
  30. Servehim

    Unit 89 deer

    Thanks Jeff, I appreciate your assistance. Not the biggest buck on the mountain but my best with my bow. Great hunt and memories that will last my lifetime.
  31. Servehim

    Unit 89 deer

    I went to G/F and turned my tag in through Point Guard. I couldn't find anything in 2A/ 2B worthy of my points. Spending time now in another Az unit looking around for a future hunt. I like what I'm seeing here.
  32. Servehim

    Do you hunt for more than meat or trophy?

    Bro, I was not raised in a Christian home, wasn't taught what the gospel meant. I was 37 years old when He moved in my life.I praise Him for His mercy and grace when He chose to reveal Himself to me. Transformation in my life !!!! Thank you Jesus
  33. Servehim

    Do you hunt for more than meat or trophy?

    Time is short, our life is but a vapor...quickly vanished. But our eternal being lives forever as we are/ were created in God's image hence we do live forever. It's just a matter of where you make the choice to live in the afterlife. I choose to live in heaven, your call on where you choose to be.
  34. Servehim

    Do you hunt for more than meat or trophy?

    So happy to see JB that you sir are in the minority of those on MM. Most folks I run into in the woods respect and acknowledge His creation. He actually said that we will see Him in His creation. Praying that happens for you and SS. He is real ....He loves you and if you make the Decision to...
  35. Servehim

    15 Min Taco Salad

    Great idea again Blank, I just happen to have all those ingredients in the camper and YES I'm tired .
  36. Servehim

    I can't recommend Wildgame Innovations Trail Cams

    Lol, that's funny. Might need to relocate that inferior camera.
  37. Servehim

    Do you hunt for more than meat or trophy?

    Amen, my time in the woods is special. I've had amazing time with the Lord as I am silent enjoying His creation. He said He will give us the desires of our hearts, He knows my heart, Super blessed right now as I am in AZ scouting new country. God is So Good.
  38. Servehim

    Corner Crossing Update

    If I find myself in a position hunting where I jump a corner from public to public land and get prosecuted for it.... I'll hire a big time lawyer to defend my rights. This is a battle worth fighting.
  39. Servehim

    Unit 89 deer

    By the way SS the thumbs up far outnumbered your view. I'm overwhelmed at how many believers I run into out in the woods chasing His critters, some of the most precious times I have with the Lord are in the woods. Praying for you to see His light.... I didn't expect it in 1997 when He showed...
  40. Servehim

    Unit 89 deer

    Sorry guys, my kids call me techtarded and rightfully so. I'm not skilled enough to post pics on MM. Maybe a quick lesson from someone on here or PM your phone number and I'll text them to you. Heading out tomorrow on another adventure as I drew a unit 2A/2B elk tag in Az.. Been out twice...
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