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  1. HIcountryman

    Hunting Field Photos

    I hate it when folks have their guns pointed straight at their heads while it leans against animal! Especially kids
  2. HIcountryman

    Nebraska Public Land Success

    Congrats on a cool buck. Special with that gun too. I hunt turkeys with my Dad's Browning Gold Hunter. It was retirement present from long time employer. He died one year later = super bummer. I love thinking about him holding that gun.
  3. HIcountryman

    2023 Alcatraz

    JJ's trophy room is busting at the seams... (offering up the lob for someone else to smash down...) Seriously I bet it is amazing! I ll take a free whiff of that
  4. HIcountryman


    Thanks. I will prob shoot whatever I see first, take the normal precautions while butchering (gloves, avoid brains and spinal fluid), submit for testing, and eat some while waiting for results. Not sure what I ll do if results are positive
  5. HIcountryman


    I don't like fish... never mind. Should have known this would be the response. Never wasted any game meat, except when evacuated gor fire and electricity turned off for days. Thanks for your thoughtful response
  6. HIcountryman

    2023 Plains Deer

    Congrats on some nice bucks guys!
  7. HIcountryman


    Fourth choice from the draw. I would love to hunt elsewhere... just got this tag bc I used to live there and have knowledge and access. It is prevalent in many areas. I am worried about it because it has a high prevalence rate and my friend's deer from last yr tested positive. I know this...
  8. HIcountryman


    So I called cpw and asked about high prevalence of cwd in front range unit, whether or not it would be preferable to shoot a younger buck to reduce my chance of harvesting cwd- positive deer. I know to stay away from brain and spinal column/fluids... but I like to eat ribs and shanks. Anybody...
  9. HIcountryman

    Iowa buck

    Nice buck! Congtats
  10. HIcountryman

    Son’s first bull

    Congrats on a cool bull!
  11. HIcountryman

    Opening Day Big Buck

    Great buck. Congrats! His body does make antlers look small. Had a nice racked 4 pt with a huge body on nephew's hunt but couldn't get a shot. Makes me really wonder how big rack was now!
  12. HIcountryman

    Double Trouble

    Gorgeous work on a great buck! Thanks
  13. HIcountryman

    Paunsagaunt rifle deer

  14. HIcountryman

    Success! Big bodied buck for my daughter

    Congrats on a great buck. She is a much better shooter than I! Looks like an awesome hunt and thanks for the great video.
  15. HIcountryman

    Will’s first buck

    Congrats to the young man and dad!
  16. HIcountryman

    My daughters biggest

    Congrats! Great buck and great memories made with family!
  17. HIcountryman

    Big two points

    Posted this before... crappy pic bt giant 2 pt
  18. 20160107_094000-1.jpg


  19. HIcountryman

    Colorado Bull Down!

  20. HIcountryman

    Grandson got it done on the last day

    Congrats. Nice buck
  21. HIcountryman

    Down to the last second

    Great bull! Thinking about trying the "post" insert on front globe site instead of the crosshairs. May be better especially in low light situations.
  22. HIcountryman

    Daughters first bull

    Congrats! Sounds like an awesome hunt!
  23. HIcountryman

    Come on!

  24. HIcountryman


    Awesome pics. Some bruisers in there!
  25. HIcountryman

    Sportsman's Bull on KSL Outdoors

    I used to frequent MM just to look at pics of big bucks: the yearly contests , pics of sheds, the Good Ol Days and the pro photographer 's pages. I sure love looking at big mule deer! (Remember why this site exists?!) Then i got on the forums - mainly to ask questions about muzzleloaders and...
  26. HIcountryman

    Hunting, fishing & trapping in Heaven?

    Hopefully we are blasted into a state of eternal bliss that transcends any happiness ever known by hobbies, identites, and even intimate romantic love we have ever experienced in the mortal life. Thus, probably no hunting in heaven. But the feeling you get from the things you love will be what...
  27. HIcountryman

    Dads Bookcliffs muzzleloader hunt

    Congrats on a fun hunt. Nice buck
  28. HIcountryman

    Tagged out in Wyoming

    Congrats. Very nice buck!
  29. HIcountryman

    First time processing

    I have a first batch of meat to grind then a second pile of "less trimmed" that I keep separate and label as "grind 2." I also keep a third pile of grind 3 that is anything that has a bit of meat that I feel bad throwing away but don't have time or feel like trimming. This is to mix with dog's...
  30. HIcountryman


    Cool rain cloud and fun elk mount at a lodge where I played some music this summer
  31. HIcountryman

    Best buck to date ??

    Congrats to you and your friend Huntful! Looks like you guys had a blast
  32. HIcountryman

    Elk tenderloin

    Tasty dinner!
  33. HIcountryman

    Best headlamps

    Energizers work for me. Petzel or Black Diamonds are prob better at 2 or 3X the price
  34. HIcountryman

    2023 bull

  35. HIcountryman

    2023 bookcliffs

    Thanks for the video. And nice buck!
  36. HIcountryman

    Chuck eye steak

    Anybody leave a piece of rib bone on backstrap like a "tomahawk" cut?
  37. HIcountryman

    ATLs and Fake ATLs, Lets see'em

    ATL. Late find! A few minutes after a close encounter with very stinky black bear
  38. 20230611_153459.jpg


  39. HIcountryman

    Sunglasses while turkey hunting? Face paint or veil?

    I was skunked as well. Only got out 4 or 5 days. Called up hens twice but never heard a gobble. Saw one gobbler track
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