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  1. The_Coloradoboy

    Elk Archery Equipment Question

    I’ve always been a fan of a heavy arrow; 500 grains and up for elk has always been the recipe for me. With a lighter draw weight a heavier arrow is even more crucial.
  2. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Wolves

    Not the same but they can vote the same
  3. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Wolves

    Bottom line is anti hunting communities or those who are non hunters always have a soft spot when it comes to predator hunting and the management of predators
  4. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Wolves

    We will loose cat hunting.. I dont have a doubt in my mind. Just like we did spring bear 30 years ago .
  5. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Wolves

    That’s my point being. Colorado is very over populated and doesn’t have the large expanses of land like that of Wyoming, Idaho or Montana.
  6. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Wolves

    I think Colorado is a much different dynamic than states like; Alaska, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana etc.. I think the improvement in places like idahos elk hunting as of recently can be much attributed to their aggressive management on wolves over the last decade. However I think Shiras moose are the...
  7. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Wolves

    Our only hope is they all head for Utah and get dealt with…
  8. The_Coloradoboy


    Never weighed him obviously but this is one of the bigger bodied deer I’ve put hands on.
  9. IMG_1062.jpeg


  10. The_Coloradoboy

    What Happened To Coloradoboy?

    Sorry I’m late to the party here. My old account just vanished years ago when Founder updated the site or something if I remember right so i had to make a new account/handle.
  11. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Governor’s Tag Buck

    Came out of the unit you’ve grown up in
  12. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 76 vs 40 non resident elk.

    Not exactly the case… pretty common to see a lot of bulls on public land come November it’s more a matter of being willing to pay the price of getting to them and packing one out of where the bulls will be come November
  13. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 76 vs 40 non resident elk.

    Unit 40 would my pick.. if you can swing it go guided. DIY 2nd or 3rd can be solid hunts if you’re willing to climb in and out of some of the nasty canyons. 76 is a fun hunt but realistically killing a 300 inch bull is a tall order much anymore. Unit 40 is on average a 300 to 340 bull type hunt...
  14. The_Coloradoboy

    Third season buck

    Great buck Greg! Not many like them running around these days
  15. The_Coloradoboy

    3rd season heat

    Bucks started acting right this morning.. found one the client liked and we were done by 7am. Saw another 2 solid bucks on the does driving out.. one that was bigger than the one in the back of side by side unfortunately ??‍♂️
  16. The_Coloradoboy

    3rd season heat

    Been semi slow here in the Gunnison basin. Finally starting to see some bucks checking does. Very few mature deer sightings thus far
  17. The_Coloradoboy

    Hunting Rifle

    I have too many at this point… My two favorites at this point are a 6.5x47 lapua I built 6 years ago now and my newest build; 7mm Saum
  18. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 21

    Dad was there for the whole season with some family friends who had buck tags who applied for them even after we advised them not too… ended up killing one 170ish type deer and the others went home empty. Typical unit 21… decent numbers of 2.5 to 3 year old type deer and very very very few...
  19. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 66 outfitter

    44 second season would be my advice
  20. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 66 outfitter

    Honestly a pretty sad time to have 15 points in Colorado. It’s honestly not getting any better so you might as well burn them… I have a client that burned 15 points to hunt with me this year in the Gunnison Basin and I’m doing my best to keep his expectations realistic
  21. The_Coloradoboy

    Where’s the 1st Season elk thread excitement?

    We ended killing 5 bulls out of 7 clients. Wasn’t as good as I anticipated but we dug them up.
  22. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado units 30, 40 and 70

    Unit 40 it’s not even a contest
  23. The_Coloradoboy

    Where’s the 1st Season elk thread excitement?

    Think it could be a barn burner with how late things have been this year with the rut. Spent the the last couple days on the mountain guiding a moose hunt and the bulls were absolutely going nuts..
  24. The_Coloradoboy

    Binoculars: Which do you prefer?

    I debated switching to the 115 but it takes up a lot of room in the pack versus the 95
  25. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Unit 54 3rd Rifle Season

    Patience and covering a lot of ground is the key. The later into the season you can hold off the better. There are very few mature age class bucks left here in the Gunnison Basin. Majority of the age class is sub 4 years old at this point. It’s basically the same story every year; guys come out...
  26. The_Coloradoboy

    Binoculars: Which do you prefer?

    Best 3 grand you’ll ever spend when it comes to hunting
  27. The_Coloradoboy

    Binoculars: Which do you prefer?

    Best set up money can buy in my opinion. NL 12s and a ATX 95
  28. The_Coloradoboy

    Binoculars: Which do you prefer?

    Sell the ELs get the NLs and never look back
  29. The_Coloradoboy

    Which Swarovski binoculars??

    I personally run the NL 12x42. Ran the EL 10s up until I got my hands on the NL 12s back in 2020. Personally I don’t think there is anything better on the market than the NL12s in my opinion
  30. The_Coloradoboy

    Binoculars: Which do you prefer?

    Swarovski NL 12x42 is my go to now days. Used to run the EL 10x42 before upgrading back in 2020
  31. The_Coloradoboy

    Which one?

    150 inch whitey for me
  32. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Governor’s Tag Buck

    Clay Hill did
  33. The_Coloradoboy

    Colorado Governor’s Tag Buck

    Not the gov tag deer but might as well be
  34. The_Coloradoboy

    Mt. Blue Sky

    I demand we rename Mountain Democrat to Mount Liberal
  35. The_Coloradoboy

    Fierce rifles

    Just that and a supressor
  36. The_Coloradoboy

    Muzzy Observations

    Saw more people in the west elks/Gunnison basin (where I guide) than ever before. Was able to take 4 bulls with muzzy hunters but it didn’t come easy. Elk were silent for the most part and the numbers seem to most certainly down. Just a few small groups scattered around that took a lot of miles...
  37. The_Coloradoboy

    Binoculars with or without a rangefinder?

    Without… Swaro NL 12x42s paired with a Sig Kilo 5000 I’ve owned both the Zeiss RF’s and the EL ranges and they are solid but I can’t live without the NL pures at this point. Never have I found it personally to be a disadvantage switching from my binos to my range finder whether I’m guiding or...
  38. The_Coloradoboy

    Unit 40 or 61 1st rifle?

    Aren’t you going guided?
  39. The_Coloradoboy

    Is OnX looking at way points, stealing spots?

    Gonna start marking all my spots as “Chitty spot” from here on out
  40. The_Coloradoboy

    CO 4th season 35,36,361

    It’s an absolute crime what has been done to 35/36 over the years. Would be absolutely incredible with limited tags as would the units in grand county would be also.
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