061 071 cow tag

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Hey y’all long time hunter and Nevadan. Somewhat new here but have helped a few people out. I enjoy the forums.
Got lucky and grabbed a fcfs cow elk tag.
I have hunted 061 for deer. Familiar with the lower 6-7k feet stuff on the south side of merit Mt. I’m going the last full week, Sunday - Saturday. Hoping for some cooler weather later early season. I enjoy hunting during the weekdays. Plenty of hands and tools to get away from roads.

idea is to hunt the north west side of merit Mt. Kinda in the corner of the Owyhee res, Merit Mt and Idaho. And work East from there. if we need to we can go into 071 coppers. Kinda like everyone’s plans but I’d rather start with what I know and work east. I’ll try hiking to hard to access timber stands on top of merit.

I’ve searched and researched the units on elk herd movement and locations. There’s a lot of info. Would anyone like to share or offer any advice of the area for elk? I won’t take your bull. It’s a cow tag. But I may find some bulls for intel before their season starts.

I can share intel on deer/lope 043-046
Deer/elk in the 10s
Deer/lope/elk in 051
Lope in the 156s
Deer in 061

Appreciate your time!

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I spend too much time on the fcfs webpage… lol
My wife hates me. Ha
I just wanna hunt. To be with Mother Nature and get away from the civilized chaos.


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I spend too much time on the fcfs webpage… lol
My wife hates me. Ha
I just wanna hunt. To be with Mother Nature and get away from the civilized chaos.
Agree.... I've been watching. Couple Muzzle deer tags came up for area 15 but I don't want to go that far north again.

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Do I dare say I picked up a Muzzy deer tag for 071 for the same time as the cow hunt..: don’t hate lol. Going to be opportunistic. Why not.. you know you’ll see a monster buck at spitting distance if you didn’t have a tag!! We will see what what Mother Nature provides.
Keep up the search. You know there’s a lot more tags that will be popping with the thousands of any legal deer tags coming up. You’ll find a good tag down in your area!!

Simple man

Update oct 3rd back from the hunt.
First and foremost special thanks goes out to these MM members-
For reaching out to me with intel and updating me on specific information in real time during our hunts. Amazing experience with MM members!!
Truly appreciated!!

During our trip we experienced a nice cold front and snow sleet for mid week hunting. We were there from Saturday to Saturday. We saw lotsss of animals deer, antelope and elk!
We were fortunate to fill all three tags.
Two cow elk tags and a muzzy buck tag with a smallish 4x4. The very next day I got within 60 yards walking down a ridge to glass of this old white 4x4 buck!! He was beautiful! He stayed until dusk then left to feed.
Helped my buddy get his first ever big game animal using his grandpas old 60s rem 06. One shot and dropped. Very proud of him!
Wonderful trip as always into the mountains!
Simple man
Oh and a bull skull we found that someone cut off his antlers and left.






Simple man

I was able to retrieve the 270 140grain federal accubond round. It broke apart the front shoulder in large pieces continuing thru vitals to rest just underneath the far side skin.
It held up incredibly well. Shot was shortish at 150 yards.



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