10 years old and getting it done.


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My 10-year-old girl loves hunting. Unfortunately, I never had any boys. She's no tom boy, but she isn't afraid to get a little dirty. After a successful goose hunt with my brothers and dad on Friday. I took My 10-year-old out on Monday. Just her and her 20 gauge. Proud dad moment. The dove was her first. I was in the middle of telling her it was out of range when she shot and down it came.



That’s great! My little one is 1.5 and I’m hoping she wants to join dad hunting. With the girl thing though, I think it’s almost better. No huge amount of pressure for them to be big into the outdoor pursuits, but if they are, it’s a huge bonus
I have had quite a great experience hunting with my daughter. In Idaho you can hunt big game at age 10 (something to think about). I'd rather her shoot than myself, more enjoyable. Good luck, and Congrats.

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