15 deer Points for 2016


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LAST EDITED ON Dec-14-15 AT 04:58PM (MST)[p]I heard Colorado may possibly increase the deer tag numbers in 2016. Also, in 2015 there were quite a few new 4th season deer hunts that I'm assuming will happen again in 2016. With both of these combined, will the number of points needed to draw the better tags decrease in 2016?

I've got 15 points and I don't have a clue what to do with them. I'm fine with keeping them for another few years if it gets me a better hunt, but it looks like with 15 points I'm starting to be in the running for a few good units.

Anyone have an idea on how many points it took to draw some of the 4th season hunts in 2015? I'd also consider an early season/high county muzzy tag. Also would consider a trespass fee in a quality unit.



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LAST EDITED ON Dec-14-15 AT 05:14PM (MST)[p]I would not assume points will go down at all. Even if tags are added, which would be a small amount if they are, points will still increase. It's just a matter of how much.

Lots of guys will apply next year due to favorable later dates in 2016, so points will most likely go up even more.

As for where to apply, I guess that would depend on your expectations. It sounds like you are not bent on applying, so what do you expect after 15 years?

Lots of guys will point to the gunny basin, the colorado river basin, or the NW corner units. All have r3asons to look at them. If I had 15 and was willing to pay a trespass, I'd look at 10.


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>AT 05:14?PM (MST)

>I would not assume points will
>go down at all. Even
>if tags are added, which
>would be a small amount
>if they are, points will
>still increase. It's just a
>matter of how much.
>Lots of guys will apply next
>year due to favorable later
>dates in 2016, so points
>will most likely go up
>even more.
>As for where to apply, I
>guess that would depend on
>your expectations. It sounds like
>you are not bent on
>applying, so what do you
>expect after 15 years?
>Lots of guys will point to
>the gunny basin, the colorado
>river basin, or the NW
>corner units. All have r3asons
>to look at them. If
>I had 15 and was
>willing to pay a trespass,
>I'd look at 10.

I'm sure you're right. I'll bet there's a handful of point holders that have been waiting for 2016 to apply for the Gunni hunts.

As for what are my expectations...I'd like to have a hunt where I will see a lot of deer, but with the decent potential at a 180" buck. I have no expectations of coming to CO and seeing multiple 190"+ bucks. My dream hunt would be a rut rifle hunt or an early season muzzy hunt. I had a late season muzzy rut hunt this year and had a blast. I passed on a lot of bucks before settling on a good one, which wasn't the biggest I saw on the hunt.

What would a trespass fee in unit 10 run?


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I don't know what a trespass fee would run there.

It looks like you'll have a tough time drawing as a nonresident with 15 pp.2nd took 16 last year.


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points will definitely jump in 2016!!!! no doubt about it.

As for adding tags, that is unit dependent, some units will likely have tags cut, others stay same and some add. It changes every year.

"Hunting is where you prove yourself"


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>As for what are my expectations...I'd
>like to have a hunt
>where I will see a
>lot of deer,
but with
>the decent potential at a
>180" buck.

I don't have any good suggestions for you, but I don't think unit 10 meets your criteria above. The post-season population estimate for unit 10 last winter was 930 deer...in the entire unit.


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I guess it's a moot point now since he most likely will not draw 10.

It's a good point, probably not the area to see "lots of deer". I would not put much stock in the CPW pop estimates.

I'm not sure of an area where you'll see lots of deer and a potential for a 180. The Gunny Basin has been purported to be son magic pill the further we become removed from the 2007/08 winter, but it's just not. . .


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>I guess it's a moot point
>now since he most likely
>will not draw 10.
>It's a good point, probably not
>the area to see "lots
>of deer". I would not
>put much stock in the
>CPW pop estimates.
>I'm not sure of an area
>where you'll see lots of
>deer and a potential for
>a 180. The Gunny Basin
>has been purported to be
>son magic pill the further
>we become removed from the
>2007/08 winter, but it's just
>not. . .

Yeah I would not put much into the DOW estimate either. I would say they are high on that count having spent years in the area.

For the OP you need to hit the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Website go trough the list of all tags that you can draw then start narrowing the search. Almost every unit in Colorado will have good deer populations and every unit will have some 180s. Do not count out units taking 1/2 the number of points you have, as those units are still really good units.


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> What about a 4th season
>unit 44 hunt I think
>that's around 12 or 13
>pts but alot of nice
>bucks that time of year
>in that unit.

4th season took 20 points for a non resident and 3rd season took 18


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LAST EDITED ON Mar-15-16 AT 02:13PM (MST)[p]"The post-season population estimate for unit 10 last winter was 930 deer...in the entire unit."

That is very sad, but the post-season estimate in 2011 was 630!

And if that doesn't make you cry, the 1994 post-hunt population estimate for Unit 10 was 7,251, yes, seven thousand two hundred fifty-one! I have the 1994 Big Game Harvest book.

Here are some others: 2011 1994

Unit 1,2,201 1,780 12,263

Unit 7,8,9,19,191 7,960 17,600

Unit 15,35,36,45 14,760 13,094

Unit 54 4,380 4,906

Unit 61,62 16,320 20,544


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k22hornet I absolutely believe the numbers are down in those units compared to back in 1994 but believe the 1994 numbers are inflated a lot. Back then the DOW was using a different method of estimating herd populations.

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