17 Colo deer pts


Getting an early start. I really want to hunt deer this year. Im not getting any younger or skinnier. Lol. I take the "huntin fool". But sometimes I think there are some better units that I could have enough pts for. Oh forgot Im a non-resident. Anybody got a secret they might share. Looking for 180+. Prefer self guided but open to a guide thats reasonable!


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I know a unit that doesn't take any points that has some monsters. But I am not sharing.

Very familiar with Unit 21 and I don't like it anymore. To many tags being given out. If you a medium sized buck go for it...

If you do decide on Unit 21 let me know.

Good luck.


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I am not so certain it is too many tags, the range absolutely sucks in unit 21 between the horses, weeds etc. The deer are just not there... I agree it maybe time to start cutting tags, but the only real result in that case will be decreased opportunity and point creep. I do agree that 21 was my target unit and I am no longer looking that direction. There really are not any secrets in hunting anymore dig and research and you will find it someplace.

I am not really sure what to tell other than almost every unit has a 180 buck some have more than others. I would start with the DOW stats page find out what units I can draw and then start asking specific questions. Look at license numbers as well as seeing if the unit is limited or OTC elk.

>I know a unit that doesn't
>take any points that has
>some monsters. But I
>am not sharing.
>Very familiar with Unit 21 and
>I don't like it anymore.
> To many tags being
>given out. If you
>a medium sized buck go
>for it...
>If you do decide on Unit
>21 let me know.
>Good luck.


Thanks guys, I didnt expect a honey hole. But I appreciate you evaluation of unit 21. Seems like about 4-5 yrs ago I was looking at unit 40 I think and then the big winter kill. Since then Ive not had a specific target. Ive got 17 elk points also.


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I have a honey hole in 21 that few know about, it is hidden, most hunters drive by it and we have seen some super good bucks in. Nothing like having a 30" plus buck just standing there looking at you, at 50 yards. He has never ever been shot at... No other hunters either, plus some other better scoring bucks, what a morning that was. It was a few years ago but I would try it a couple days and the first day.

Send me an email...
Okie, tough call. It really all depends on what you want to do and what expectations for the hunt you have. I have 16 Colorado points, drew unit 10 many years ago with 2 points. We figured our plan was simple, draw unit 10 every 3 years for Mule deer and wait to 5 or 10 years for a bull tag. Wow do things change. Since I'm not sitting on many points for other states, and am 54, I've booked 2017 with Garvey Brothers for Mule deer. I will never draw unit 10 for elk when I can hunt a self guided hunt which if i had the points I'd do. Will probably book an elk hunt either side of that also outfitted. I live too far away and have waited too long to draw so i'm improving my odds at a cost. Probably not much help other than if you want to pm me I'd tell you why I picked Garvey Brothers. I'd also guess everyone has there own logic which may sound similar but with different conclusions. Good luck, its a great time of the year to dream!

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