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Here is a quick question for you mule deer hunters..

Would you expect to kill a high country archery buck w only 2 days to hunt? Feel free to comment what percentage or in 2 days there is a 70% chance or a 20% chance - of putting a respectable buck in the pack.

So high country, archery gear, and 2 days.. Yes or no what’s your answer?



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In Utah? Hunt is over unless you have something spotted and patterned/baited with apples on a tree stand.

spot and stalk where I hunt turns into a spot and walk because of wind swirl. So 1% chance.


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You’ve made me think.
Hunting just one particular buck found scouting with just two days to get it done, I’d say chances of getting it done would be less than 5%.
Now if there are multiple “respectable” bucks you’d take in the area, then maybe it’d increase to 10% or so in two days.
To answer your Yes or No question, I’d have to say no, but also would say go get after it hard and prove me wrong.

Good question. Fun to think about my hunting past and come up with an answer. Going one on one with one particular buck with archery gear is a true challenge. No spotters, no apples.....just one on one after that one buck is a true challenge when it comes to hunting big bucks.


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It largely depends upon what you consider respectable. Either way, the odds are low, really low. Those high country bucks are a tough archery target for many reasons and it is a tough task just to kill one, much less in 2 days.

Thanks for the good question.


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This really depends on the quality of deer in the area you’re hunting. It could be 0% in some areas because bucks that size simply don’t exist.


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2 days to hunt after spending 20 days of summer scouting, patterning a buck from feed to bed, bed to feed. I'll take two days with my bow, and say my chances would be better than depending on weather/rut for a 3rd or 4th season gun hunt to kill a buck of the same caliber in 2 days.


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Interesting thread and no worries to the op as it is a good question.

I am the one who took the pic of the buck at the top of the page and if I were hunting him my chances would be pretty good 60/40 or better but he got the pass this past year as he was juat too young and had too much potential to hunt. I also started a very similar thread w the same pic on another forum = full disclosure.

The way I hunt - for a single targeted,
most years 200” buck, solo, w no radios, until I kill him, the season ends or he is dead. It takes me a bit longer. In 2019 it took the longest or I got lucky and killed hard horned on the last day of the year.

He was worth it tho 32.5” wide to that kicker..

As most times with bucks that big you can count on a outfitter as well as other all star hunters chasing the same buck. First 2 days it can get western the buck usually gets bumped so takes more time..

This year I got my buck in my first stalk in the past 2 stalks I have killed 2 bucks 😂🤦🏼‍♂️... Under the normal conditions I am hunting pry give myself a 20% chance. Below is 2020 buck..


I know of only one guy getting it done on monsters w a bow above timberline on day 1-2 w a bow and that guy is not me lol.

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