2 Lions Plus Elk Mount


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Today Ugh ..I’m trying to figure out this double lion mount with a European elk skull killed by one of the loins...This is going to be pretty sweet when it’s done ... I wish I had a little more room for this piece might have to go in the basement 😂😂😂
Will post again later




will be interesting to see when done, not sure what the whole scene is about maybe you could explain your idea.
Any stories on here of the hunts.


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@BSD I will give it a Go.
You asked for it hahaha....

I had always been interested in hunting mountain loins but never run into the right person.So one morning back in 2016 after sleeping in. I had a knock at the door from a houndsmen.. He said we found a fresh track that goes on to your place, the quota is full but we would like to run are dogs to keep them trained..
No problem I said, but why don't you guys ever show up during hunting season LOL.. I would love to get a cat.... His reply was lets exchange #'s and if you ever cut a fresh track call me.
Fast forward 2 years later 2018 Elk season last weekend of general my uncle and I are tracking 1 fresh Bull track for about a mile when a cat track emerged on the Bull track.. **** I said the cat will probably find him before we do so we turned an went home..I then remembered the houndsmen and called him to tell the story...
The following weekend with fresh powder and a tag in my pocket I cut 3 different tracks the same morning by are place, called him up and the chase was on!!! We treed this small female that day but passed on her..
12-11-18 my 1st cat hunt I was hooked from this day forward!!!

Then got a shot at one on the last day after the 48 hour pending closure in my district.. The bonus was about 150 yards from the tree where I harvested the cat we found this bull elk buried in the snow. 1-27-2019 These are some true killers



Now comes 2019 loin season and 1st day looking I found this one hiding in a old homestead barn 100 yards from my front door.
But the cat took off and went up the mountain behind are place where later that afternoon I was able to harvest my 2nd cat of 2019 on 12-29-19 about 1/2 mile from the 1st one


I have made some awesome new friends
and have been fortunate to harvest 2 trophy loins in the same year...

Hope you all enjoyed the story ,this story is a memory that will last me a lifetime and this mount will tell the story forever.
Still trying to fill my 2020 tag...
Thanks will posted final pictures when there in the house


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Why are cat mounts always angry? Every cat I've ever seen that wasn't being harassed was inquisitive with ears forward. Paying attention, they are very careful critters.


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WOW!!! Very impressive mount there. Congrats. I have seen so many cats that look terrible, but them two cats look awesome and natural.


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That mount is beautiful. I would love to have something like that but we're a bunch of pussies here in Cali. I can't even go to another state to kill one and have a mount in my home....regardless of where it is killed.

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