2017 Florida public land turkey


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My 2017 started off great with this NW Florida public land bird.

17lbs, 10.5" beard, 1" spurs!

To make it even better, this was my first long beard!
I started turkey hunting last year and killed 4 jakes, so I was dead set on a long beard this year!


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Congratulations Bud, that is a special awesome bird, great pic, memories , better taxi that bad boy..just my Op.



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Nice work I just started getting into turkey hunting glad I did called in 2 toms last night with no shot. Holy crap what a rush it was though I'm hooked now.


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>Nice work I just started getting
>into turkey hunting glad I
>did called in 2 toms
>last night with no shot.
>Holy crap what a rush
>it was though I'm hooked

Thank you!
You nailed it, turkey hunting is such a rush!!!!
This is my second year hunting them and I am addicted. :D

It's how I keep myself from going crazy until elk season starts.
Good luck to you the rest of the year.

>Congratulations Bud, that is a special
>awesome bird, great pic, memories
>, better taxi that bad
>boy..just my Op.

Thank you!
If I wouldn't have had such a big hunt year ahead of me (with a potentially large taxidermy bill) then I would have loved to mount it!

It was a great time and like you said... great memories!

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