2017 Kentucky turkey hunt. Tagged out!


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I just spent this last weekend in Kentucky for the opener and I had such a ball!

Saturday morning's hunt ended at 7am with this nice bird!
23.5lbs, 9" beard, and 7/8-1" spurs



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Sunday morning went off with a bang as well!
I was able to crawl up on a VERY nice bird and pick him off at 20 yards in a corn field.

He is my biggest bird yet!

25lbs, 10" beard, and 1 1/4" spurs!

I had such a great weekend!
Kentucky is beautiful and I love chasing turkeys :D


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>Congrats on some nice birds!

>Congratulations! Those are some great birds
>and it sounds like you
>had a great time.

Thank you both!

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