2019 Muzzy Buck - Back from Taxidermy


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If any of you are looking for a quality taxidermist at a reasonable price, that has a great turn around time, Above Camp Taxidermy in Lehi Utah is awesome. I had three animals from 2109 in to be mounted. All would have been done by Christmas if I would have had the funds to have the work progress. Instead, I had to stagger which animal I had mounted first. I shot my velvet muzzy buck on 9/25/2019 and turned it into the taxidermist on 9/26/2019. I told Travis at Above Camp to wait to mount the buck because there were two OIL tags at my house. I turned in my Rocky Mountain Goat on 09/11/2019 and said lets wait to mount this one until we see if my son gets a Ram. We turned the Ram in on 11/03/2019.

Not bad to have all three mounts home by April 2020 after having the taxidermist delay starting on the first two turned in.

Here's a link to my Muzzy hunt story.
Here's my buck back. I love the detail in the face. My farovite hide phase is the short shiny hair right after the sumer red is gone.

After a little debate with my wife, I ended up with the mounts in my partially finished basement. Here is my temporary work from home office during the COVID19 work from home.

Here's a few more pics,


IMG_3988 (1).JPG

Finally here is how my sons ran sat while we were building a pedestal.
Story Here: https://www.monstermuleys.info/xf/threads/making-a-ram-pedestal-habitat-base.179436/


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I wish I would have done my goat like that instead of full body. Looks good.
I had plans for a half body with rock habitat but I didn't shoot the bigger ones I was after, so I went with the wall pedestal. It turned out great and I'm now satisfied with my hunt.

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